Irish Coffee Liquor – Loved by Coffee Lovers

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Whether you are a huge coffee fan or not, there is a very good chance that you can find an Irish coffee liquor infused beverage that you not only like, but actually love. This is due to the fact that while Irish coffee liquor is created with coffee, it has the distinction of being made with crowd-pleasing and versatile Irish whiskey as well.

Indeed, this particular type of liquor is well suited to mixing into dozens if not hundreds of delicious and satisfying mixed beverages, both hot and iced. While you can search out the perfect recipe time-tested to suit your needs, it is also very easy to create your own Irish coffee liquor mixed drinks simply by modifying your current favorite drink to include the distinctive and delicious flavor of Irish whiskey. Definitely, with very little trial and error, you can create drinks that are more in demand than any other signature drinks you can find at most bars and clubs.

While Irish coffee Liquor can be utilized in beverages both hot and cold, the majority of hot drinks that is it associated with involve adding the liquor (and potentially one or more additional ingredients) to a cup of hot coffee. If you are a coffee buff and the weather is cool, or you are just looking for that soothing hot beverage to help you wind down at the end of the day, this may be the perfect beverage for you.

Many people prefer to add their Irish coffee liquor to hot coffee that has already been mixed with cream (or milk) and sugar at a ratio of about 1 part liquor to 4 or 5 parts hot coffee mixture. Be aware, though, that like any liquor, the alcohol in this Liquor begins to evaporate when heated to boiling, so while you want your coffee to be hot, if it is too hot you take the risk of reducing your buzz potential.

In addition, many people like to top their hot Irish coffee beverage with whipped cream and either chocolate topping or cinnamon sprinkles, despite the fact that traditional Irish coffee recipes explicitly state that the coffee should be topped with un-whipped cream. If you are like many people and prefer your designer coffee beverages on the cold side, Irish coffee liquors can help you out as well. Indeed, a shot or two of this particular type of liquor can add an oft greatly needed splash of alcohol to any iced or iced and blended coffee concoction that you can possibly think of.

This is because the unique and distinctive taste of Irish whiskey is highly compatible with most sweet beverages, especially those that also incorporate the bold and rich taste of coffee. One of the most delicious variations of this liquor infused exotic iced coffee I have ever tried involves adding two shots of your favorite brand of Irish coffee liquor to your favorite iced mocha latte beverage. Using high-quality espresso in your latte really balances out the flavor of the Irish whiskey and makes for a high-end tasting treat.

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