Make your Hockey Helmet a Part of You

Hockey photo

The hockey helmet is an irrefutable part of ice and roller hockey. It protects your head by hugging the bony protrusion at the back of your head. The helmet will efficiently protect you from head injuries if you choose the perfect size for your head.

The majority of hockey players will tell you that protection isn’t its only use. Wondering what is the other use of a helmet? Just as helmets protect your head, they also serve as your canvas where you can show your artistic abilities and make your helmet uniquely a part of yourself. Hockey is not just a type of contact sport. Art can certainly be used to show others what is your personality on the rink. Unfortunately, a good number of hockey helmets come in standard colors and designs. A dull appearance can definitely be seen when you buy one at the Sports Shop. You can change this dullness by just repainting it! In painting, you get to create your own design and pick out the colors you want. Go for brightcolors to set you away from the pack. Go for warm colors to convey intensity and passion. Make the logos of champion teams embedded on your helmet to give you that champion confidence. The possibilities are endless, you need only create your own design.

A can of spray paint, masking tape, cardboard and scissors, sandpaper with fine grit, adhesive with industrial strength, screwdriver, and the hockey helmet design you have chosen to create will be the objects you need to start the painting project.
1. Remove the chin strap and the cage or visor of your helmet by using a screwdriver. Interior pads are also removed. Check if there is any unevenness on the surface of your helmet and, using sandpaper, even it out. The clear coat is sprayed on the helmet and dried afterwards. This primes your helmet prior to painting.

2. Using a pair of scissors, cut out the desired shapes included in your design. Secure the cardboards using a masking tape onto your hockey helmet so that the areas which will not be spray-painted by a particular color will be protected. Use a color one after the other. Let each color dry before using another color.

3. Spray on the clear coat on the whole outer surface of the helmet and allow to completely dry.

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