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Why should you play this over something else? The main reasons for why it can allow you to play older games on hand held console with good quality screen and also good games to play for most of them and good battery life if you remember the Gamegear had like the world worst Battery life over you needing more batteries every 2 hours or so which was annoying but none of these problems exist here in regards to that area.

Product Features

  • D Pad controller common on many types of gameconsoles all around the world but inbuilt into the console here
  • 4.3 inch screen but you will be able to see all the things easy by the quality of the screen.
  • HDMI port so you can connect up to your TV which in are thoughts is very cool add like features to this system.
  • Namo Collection has rubbish games

I found it weird that in the starter pack you have all rubish games I am big fan of many games normally but all the games which came with like the world worst games such as for me Pacman one of the most boring games ever made I have honestly no idea why anyone would spend ages playing it since once you complete basically same game every time for me pong way better than this game overall.

The driving games are okay overall only ones I could stand playing for more than 5 minutes to me they should had added in Slaughterhouse 1 since the other two in the other Namo and at least one good game be on it instead of overall games more less no one would like much overall the mouse games for example like really boring version of Super Mario for how it works.

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