About Us

I am gamer who made this site to relate to other gamers since many of the people behind this website have played games .


In general I have played every old game console on record more less such as

  1. Snes
  2. Megadrive
  3. gamegear
  4. Panosonic
  5. Amiga 500
  6. Amiga 300
  7. Amiga CD 32
  8. Does games
  9. Neo Geo
  10. Atria Jaugar

I play more modern games like Halo 3 and Fallout games  I am just as into old games as new ones overall I am very big fan of Super Mario games or Sonic ones or Final Fantasy I have played all the other older ones even the first ever one called Mystric Quest which was the first ever verion of Final Fantasy and the gameboy ones I have played as well so in general if you are after a older game or gamessole feel free to ask me about one.


All the Best from Blair