Shows the brand for the video game for Raid Shadow Legends with orc man and woman knight and elf with bow and arrow and somme other kind of monster here

Why is Raid Shadow a terrible game?

Only fairly good graphic Terrible storyline Really boring game Just obsessed with making money Works like being a drug dealer for how it makes money The graphic to me are fairly good so I guess that’s okay but… Read More

Picture of the Panasonic 3DO computeri in the tradional black colour they were in

3do video game console review

Is it really as bad as many people claim? No, it was actually for the time period a console which made impressive quality games for some of them it did had bad games as well but decent ones… Read More

Sega Game with TV adpator attached to it with wood base and next two products

Game Gear Review

The biggest problem of this system was the battery life you needed all the time to play it like a unlimited supply of batterry and it did not help much it took 6 Double aa battery so if… Read More

Review of

Why should you play this over something else? The main reasons for why it can allow you to play older games on hand held console with good quality screen and also good games to play for most of… Read More

Shows example of Salvia the game robot about to jump from one platform to another with 1990 style of kind of colourful background with clouds as well

Review of the Adventure of quick silva

It was brilliant platformer I would go as far saying it was one of the best ones I played to date it had an impressive quality to the game for something free with a magazine and it was… Read More

Tale of Yandere Dev

Here where I stand on him his personality first Socially bad Can’t manage well To controlling Did not understand about branding Did not understand how big this project would get Possibly can’t code well Employ someone to help… Read More

Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana is an action role-playing video game developed by Square (known as Square Enix now). It was released in 1993 and was one of the top video game hits of the era. It was originally released… Read More

Gaining Educational Necessities Within Video Games

There are several wonderful features that video games offer the youth of today that are often times completely overlooked by adults, who often feel that these games are simply a waste of time for children that would be… Read More

Shows images of mobile phone game pictures such as star wars or zombie one

How Mobile Is Saving The Video Game Industry?

These days virtually every video game manufacturer realizes that it has to have at least some kind presence when it comes to mobile. Even if they’re not actively supporting a mobile device they recognize the importance of developing… Read More

Popular Xbox 360 games

Popular Xbox 360 games Players will see the outline of their hands appear on screen as they pet and scratch beautiful, high-definition lion and tiger cubs that react warmly and fondly to the stimulus, rolling around on the… Read More