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Secret of Mana
FAQ/Walkthrough by CaSPeR
Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/13/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               _     /________________________\     _
                     \                        /

                         ___   ___   ____
                        /  _| / _ \ /     \
                        |_  | ||_|| | |_| |
                        \___| \___/ |_| |_|

                         **G  U  I  D  E**
                               V 1.0
                             F I N A L
               _     /________________________\     _
                     \                        /

                               /|  __  |
                              / | |  | |
                             /| | |__| |
                            / | | |__| |
                           / /  /------/
                          /|/  /      /
                         /    / __   /
                        /|   / |  | /
                        |/ /||-|  ||
                        | / || |__||         {CaSPeR '98}                                    
                        |/  ||     |  ( feel free to gank this, )
                        ||  ||     |  ( but please give me      )
                        ||  ||     |  ( credit.                 )
                        ||  ||     |
                        || //------/
                        ||// /  / /
                        | / /  / /

                     SONG THAT ROCKS
                     'The Wretched'
        ARTIST(Nine Inch Nails) - CD(The Fragile) 


New Info
The Map
The Characters
Where do I get the Weapons?
Weapon Special Abilities
Location of the Weapon Orbs
Weapon List
Spell List
Item List
Derogatory Chest Effects
Monster List
Boss List
Special Thanks
Recommended Links
Author’s Word
Legal Stuff


[NR stands for Not Released]

V0.1 – I finally got off my ass, and decided
[NR] to make this FAQ. 🙂

V0.2 – Updated Tables
[NR] – Started the Walkthrough
– Fixed various spelling/grammatical errors
– Beginning stats for the characters
– Began boss list
– Began adding weapon damage
– Added where to find weapons section
– Added location of orbs section

V0.3 – First public release
– Changed Walkthrough format

V0.4 – Added special thanks section
– Major Fixes & Additions to walkthrough
– Changed walkthrough format again
– Update armour lists
– Added monster list
– Edited weapon list
– Added derogatory chest effects list
– Updated item list

V0.5 – Fixed walkthrough (I was calling Pandora, Potos) oops! 🙂
– Added help me section (Im stuck in Terranigma 🙂 )
– Updated walkthrough
– My guide finally got so big you have to use wordpad 🙂
– Changed boss list format

V0.6 – Added ‘quote of the version’ section
– Updated walkthrough
– Updated armour lists
– Updated monster list
– Updated boss list
– Now includes ALL boss stats
– Updated derogatory chest effects list
– The guide just broke 100K!
– New monster list format (now includes item it drops, in chest)
– Updated Bugs list (remembered the Colour bug)

V0.7 – Fixed various stupid errors
– Major update to Super Spell’s
– Updated derogatory chest effects list

V0.8 – Major update to armour lists
– Found 2 missing orbs (see 2nd para, Location of the Weapon Orbs)
– Majorly updated weapons list (found names of other Lv9 weapons)
– Found out all special effects for the weapons (see Weapon List)
– Fixed some major stuff ups (ie missed 1 enemy, 1 boss)
– Major update to Monster & Boss lists (now have all stats)
– Got bored of Quote of the version, changed to ‘Song That Rocks’
– Added another possible bug (Bee)
– Found a weird Neko Bug on Lofty Mts.(not the dissappearing Neko)

V0.9 – Early walkthru fix (Able to buy armour earlier than I said)
– Found another chest containg 1000G in the Fire Palace
– Found Watts in Northtown
– Included the ‘Double-Chest’ bug
– Found an easier way to defeat Aegagropilon in the Mana Palace
– Majorly updated walkthru (Its finally finished!)
– Updated general stats

V1.0 – Complete revision & checking of Walkthrough (150+ errors fixed)
– Completed all possible statistical information
– Complete overhaul of layout
– I now believe that the Double Chest bug, isnt a bug
– Removed all unecessary text (stuff left over from earlier versions
that wasn’t applicable anymore).
– Added more stats for each boss during the walkthrough
– Fixed some stupid stuff ups (Missing Weakness bar for Tropicallo)


  • Some people didn’t seem to read my note saying that the Map for the
    game only comes with the ZIP VERSION of my guide (Also on GameFaqs).
  • Notice that there is new information on each boss encounter now,
    anybody who has played a few RPG’s before would be able to figure it
    out, but for the newbies, I better explain it, it works like this,
    (HP-XX/MP-XX/EXP-XX/G-XX) (Replace X with approriate value). HP =
    Hit Points, how much damage the Boss can take before he dies. MP =
    Magic Points, this limits the amount of magic spells he can cast,
    different spells eat up different amounts of magic points. EXP =
    Experience, how much experience you will gain for defeating the
    boss, which goes toward gaining levels, and becoming more powerful,
    the stronger the boss, the more experience you will recieve. G =
    Gold, how much money you will gain for defeating that boss. If you
    knew what that meant and you just read all that anyway, you must be
    really bored :).


Welcome to version 1.0 of my Secret Of Mana FAQ/Guide. This is the final
version of it, and as far as I am aware, it is the most informative and
complete SOM FAQ/Guide on the net. This version is a big improvement on
previous versions, and should be much clearer and readable. I have
attempted to fix up any formatting & grammar problems, that I could see.
Well, enjoy it, this has been the result of many hours of work, and
sometimes, I must admit, I did get very sick of it. On the whole though,
this has been a lot of fun. I have found FAQ/Guide writing to be very
rewarding (If a little time consuming 🙂 ). Judging from the response
I have recieved on this FAQ/Guide, and the enthusiasm thrown at me about
possible future projects, you can look forward to my future projects, I
am currently working on a Zelda 3 FAQ which should be out on GAMEFAQS,
sometime fairly soon (Preliminary version of course). I am extremely
sorry about this taking so long to finish, but after spending so long
making this guide, I didn’t particularly feel like fixing it up. After
this long, I finally got back my motivation to do it, I hope you enjoy,
I spent a few days working my ass off, to get everything up to scratch
for a final version.


I absolutely love Secret Of Mana, I have played it through so many times,
and I haven’t seen much in the way of guides etc for it on the net, So I
thought, Well why not make my own? Obviously since you are reading this, I
have actually gone out and done it!. What is Secret Of Mana you say? It is
a SNES RPG made by the masters at Squaresoft, It is one of the few
multiplayer “true” rpg’s. You can play with up to three players at the same
time, it kicks ass! In the game, you play a young lad, who, accidentally
pulls out the mana sword, and unleashes the forces of evil upon the land.
How long will it take me to finish? you may be saying, A seasoned pro
should be able to do it between 15-20 hours, maybe even 10-15, if you are
reasonably good at RPG’s, it shouldn’t take you longer than 25 hours, and
for beginners, the instruction book says up to 70 hours, but i’ll say 50
absolute tops. Anywayz on with the guide. Enjoy!


After the point in the game where you recieve Flammie (after fighting
Mech Rider for the 2nd time), it helps a lot if you have the map that came
with the game, it points out exactly where certain towns and places are,
I will have a picture of it (Assuming you got the zip file version, it is
available at GAMEFAQS) in this zip. Now I have THE actual map, yes, I have
finally managed to get hold of a perfect scanned copy :). I was getting
sick of that crappy substitute, I was forced to put in. However thanks must
go out to Joey Liaw, he sent me a much better version of the map, which
would have been included had I not found a scanned copy of the original


Here is the opening story from the Secret Of Mana instruction booklet,
entitled “Power Of Life”. I thought that it was pretty cool, so I included
it, ignore the references to the instruction booklet in it, you’ll live
without it if you dont have it.

My friends, I come to you today to tell you what you must know to fulfill
your quest and save our world. I have little time. Long ago, When the
ancient ones grew powerful and used the energy of Mana to threaten the gods,
they were struck down in violence and terror. A great hero wielded the
mighty Sword of Mana to destroy the civilization of the ancient ones. After
that, peace returned to our toubled world, and the mana energy that gives
life to us all was again in balance.

The Sword of Mana was buried in a rock and placed in a stream to guard a
nearby village. There, it patiently rested until the day it was pulled free
by you, young man. You are the one being who can release the Sword’s power
and restore the Mana to our once more endangered world. You have been born
to seek out our enemies, who threaten the eight Seeds of Mana. If they
succeed in breaking the seals that guard those Seeds, they will bend the
power of Mana to evil and ravage our world. It is Mana that fills us and
surrounds us, nourishing all life, balancing the good and evil forces of
nature. If it should be twisted and overwhelmed by dark forces, most of
our world would be annihilated. Whatever survived would be hideously warped
beyond recognition.

A vision has shown me that you are the ancient hero of our land, re-turned
to us again in our great time of need. On the pages that follow, I wrote
down all that I know. You must take this book with you as you travel, and
refer to it when you forget what i say.

Seek out the eight Palaces of our world. Long ago, one Mana Seed was set in
each Palace and its power used to seal the Palace off from all danger. But
now the forces of evil besiege the Palaces and are breaking down the seals
to steal the Seeds. You must find the eight Seeds and seal their power so
you can use it. When you touch a Mana Seed, its Orb transfers to you, and
you become stronger. Only then will you be able to wipe away the smear of
evil that darkens our world. Do not despair, and never give up hope. Combine
sword skill and magic arts. Return the Energy Orbs to the Tree of Mana and
restore balance to our world.

You must succeed, Or we are all surely lost….

Here is the text from the back of the box, I also thought that this was
pretty kewl:


There is one force in the universe that keeps good and evil in perfect
balance. It is called the tree of Mana. But a magic sword has tricked a
young warrior into upsetting this balance, spreading evil throughout the
land. Thus the warrior must undertake a dangerous journey to find the
seeds of the Mana tree which have been hidden for centuries. Only then
can perfect harmony be restored. In this incredible adventure, things
are not as they seem. Magic swords release evil as well as fight it.
Treasure chests hold booby traps. Monsters are friends and friends are
enemies. Potions give power, black magic takes it away. Dragons fly,
weapons change. It is a world turned upside down that you must help the
warrior make right. And the only way to succeed is to solve the Secret

Of Mana.


Hero – Young hero, you were marked by the gods at an early age when you
were guided to the ancient Sword of Mana. Your sword skill will become
unequaled. When a weapon is in your hand. You will be unstoppable.



STRGTH = Strength, AGIL = Agility, CONST = Constitution, INT = Intelligence,
WIS = Wisdom, ATK = Attack, HIT % = Hit Percentage, DEF = Defence, EVADE % =
Evade Percentage, MAG DEF = Magic Defence

—— —- —– — — — —– — ——- ——-
15 15 13 5 5 18 78 16 40 6

Ally – You are an active, young Sprite. The hero finds you soon, in the
Dwarf cave. You are aggresive, and will excel at casting attack spells –
especially when confronting the enemy lords.

USE MAGIC? – Yes (Offensive)

—— —- —– — — — —– — ——- ——-
9 11 13 7 15 11 77 17 39 17

Ally – You are a very gentle, but strong-willed, young lady and have spent
your life learning the healing arts and studying how to give strength to
others. When in the thick of battle, you will enhance your friends’
abilities and cure them of their injuries.

USE MAGIC? – Yes (Defensive/Aid)

—— —- —– — — — —– — ——- ——-
6 13 11 15 5 8 78 18 40 9


SWORD: In the river at the beginning of the game.

POLE ARMS: Sage Luka (at the Water Palace) gives it to you the first
time you visit.

BOOMERANG: The Sprite Child has it when he joins you, after you have
defeated Tropicallo. (Dwarf Village)

BOW: Given to you by the Mayor at Dwarf Village, just after the Sprite
Child joins you.

AXE: Sold to you (For 100G) by Watts, the Blacksmith (Dwarf Village).
Visit his shop after Sprite joins you.

GLOVE: Gotten from the Girl at Pandora, who joins your group.

WHIP: Given to you by Elinee after you defeat her pet, Spiky.

JAVELIN: Undine (the Water Elemental) gives it you after you defeat
the Biting Lizards (Boss) in her cave.


() = Distance weapon is used from, C = Close, M = Medium, F = Far.

SWORDS – Cut bushes, and grass (C)
GLOVES – None (C)
AXES – Break apart certain blockages, rocks, boulders etc (C)
POLE ARMS – None (F)
WHIPS – Grab onto poles, pull you across ravines (M)
BOWS AND ARROWS – Hit enemies on different levels of height (F)
DARTS – None (F)


(NOTE – All of the weapons start at Level 1, therefore there are
only seven NORMAL Weapon Orbs to find for each one not eight.) However
it is possible to find another one to power the weapon up to 8:99.

Apparently the places in the Axe and Glove lists, occur because their
are only 6 orbs for those two weapons not 7. So basically you have to
find 2 orbs for them not 1 (fun, I know!).


1 – Gained by defeating Mantis Antis (the first boss)

2 – After you have defeated the Evil Wall in the ruins south of Pandora,
return to Pandora Castle. Go to the King’s Bedroom (just above the
thrones). Talk to him, and a guard will be removed, Giving you acess
to the second Sword Orb and a load of cash among other things.

3 – You gain this orb, after defeating the Great Viper, while you are
looking for the White Dragon in the caves near Matango.

4 – This orb is found in the ruins east of Northtown, in a chest. The
chest is behind a door that is surrounded by spikes, After you have
figured out how to lower them, you can go in, and the Sword Orb is your

5 – Gained from the King of Tasnica after you have defeated the Dark

6 – A chest under the Grand Palace after you have defeated Kettle Kin.

7 – Gained by defeating Thunder Gigas in the Mana Forest.


1 – Gained by defeating Tropicallo in the Dwarf Village.

2 – Found in the Treasure Room in Pandora Castle after defeating the
Evil Wall in the Southern Ruins. (Same room as No.2 Sword Orb)

3 – Found in a chest in Santa’s house in the Ice Country.

4 – From a chest in the ruins east of Northtown. It’s on the roof of
the ruins, on the west side.

5 – From a chest in the entranceway of the Gold Tower (Light Palace),
north of the Gold City.

6 – Gained by defeating SHEEX (Aegagropilon) in the Grand Palace.

7 – Gained by defeating Mech Rider in the Grand Palace.


1 – Gained by defeating Spiky (Boss of the Witch’s area).

2 – Gained by defeating Spring Beak, after saving the Moogle Village and
‘walking the seasons’.

3 – Gained by defeating Frost Gigas in the Ice Palace.

4 – Gained by defeating Vampire in the ruins east of Northtown.

5 – Gained by defeating Blue Spike in the Gold Tower. (Light Palace)

6 – Found in a chest at the entrance to the path underneath the Grand

7 – Gained by defeating the Blue Dragon in the Mana Forest.


1 – Gained by defeating the Evil Wall in the ruins south of Pandora.

2 – Gained by defeating the Water Beast after you return the stolen
Water Seed to the Water Palace.

3 – Gained by defeating Boreal Face (a Boss) in the Ice Country, on your
way to the “tropical paradise” city.

4 – Found in a chest on the right side of the roof of the ruins east of
Northtown. (Similar to the Spear Orb of the same number.)

5 – Gained by defeating the Gorgon Bull in the Gold Tower. (Light

6 – Gained by defeating Kettle Kin (a robotic Boss) in the tunnels under
the Grand Palace.

7 – Gained by defeating the Snow Dragon in the Mana Forest.


1 – Gained by defeating Fire Gigas in the Underground Palace.

2 – Found in a chest in the Moogle Village after defeating the three
monsters there. Kill them and then try to leave the Village.

3 – Found in a chest in the Fire Palace, shortly after the first Crystal
Switch. Leave northwest/down from the room after the Switch.

4 – Found in a chest in the eastern tower of Northtown Castle after
escaping from jail.

5 – Found in a chest on the level after Blue Spike in the Gold Tower.
(Light Palace)

6 – Gained by defeating the Dragon Worm in the Mana Forest.


1 – Gained by defeating the Biting Lizards in Undine’s cave. (East of
the Water Palace.)

2 – Found in a chest in the Moogle Village after freeing it. (Same as
the Axe Orb of the same number.)

3 – Found in a chest in the Ice Palace.

4 – Gained by defeating Metal Mantis, after being captured in Northtown
Castle by the Emperor.

5 – Found in a chest behind a gate on ground level, at the front of the
Darkness Palace.

6 – Gained by defeating the Red Dragon in the Mana Forest.


1 – Found in a chest aboard the ship that stole the Water Seed. (In the
Dwarf Village area.)

2 – Jema gives it to you after you defeat the Water Beast and
return the Water Seed.

3 – Gained by defeating Gestar’s Airbike in the desert (after

4 – Gained by defeating the Evil Wall in the ruins east of Northtown.
(Yes, it’s a different Evil Wall.)

5 – Found in a chest in the eastern tower of Northtown Castle after
being captured by the Emperor.

6 – Gained by killing the Hydra in the path under the Grand Palace.

7 – Gained by killing Fanha (Hexas) in the Grand Palace.


1 – Gained by defeating Kilroy (the Water Seed-powered robot).

2 – Found in a room near King Truffle (in Matango) when you first meet

3 – Gained by defeating the Minotaur in the Fire Palace.

4 – Gained by defeating Geshtar’s Mech Rider on the roof of Northtown

5 – Gained by defeating the Lime Slime in the Darkness Palace.

6 – Gained by defeating the Snap Dragon under the Grand Palace, after
first defeating the robot (Kettle Kin).

7 – Gained by defeating Axe Beak in the Mana Forest.


I have decided to scrap the Damage Rating section, as it is completely
useless, proves nothing, and would be a pain in the ass to implement.
Sorry if anyone thought it was a good idea, but im scrapping it unless
somebody is prepared to do it for me. In its place I am adding an
‘Effective’ column, telling you what enemies that weapon works
especially well against, if any. This list is now complete, finally :).

(** NOTE ** – You cannot normally get to lvl 9 for each weapon, you can
only power them up to this level, if you find the Orb in a chest, from the
Mana Fortress usually, and this happens very rarely) If I know the name,
of the weapon, when it is powered up to the next level, I will list it here,
Certain weapon’s also have special powers, I will mark them down when I
find them.

SWORDS – The Sword of Mana can go through a transformation every time you
locate and collect an Energy Orb. As with all weapons, Watt’s needs to
reforge your old weapon to make a new one, its levels are:

—— ———– ———

  1. Rusty Sword – –
  2. Broad Sword Raise Agility/Evade % –
  3. Herald Sword – Morphs, Reptiles
  4. Claymore – Insects
  5. Excalibur – Undead
  6. Masamune Raise Critical Hit % –
  7. Gigas Sword Strength +2 –
  8. Dragon Buster – Dragons
  9. Mana Sword – –

GLOVES – Don this powerful handgear and punch your enemies into oblivion.

—— ———– ———

  1. Spike Knuckle – –
  2. Power Glove – Insects
  3. Moogle Claw Sleep –
  4. Chakra Hand Raise Intelligence/Wisdom % –
  5. Heavy Glove – Insects
  6. Hyper-Fist – Morphs, Reptiles
  7. Griffin Claws Poison –
  8. Dragon Claws – Dragons
  9. Aura Glove – –

AXES – You can use axes in many different ways. Attack venemous plants and
fishes with an axe, or break apart certain rocks.

—— ———– ———

  1. Watt’s Axe – –
  2. Lode Axe – Plants, Fish
  3. Stout Axe Constitution +2 –
  4. Battle Axe – Plants, Fish
  5. Golden Axe – Insects
  6. Were-Buster – Animals, Birds, Demons
  7. Great Axe – Plants, Fish
  8. Gigas Axe Strength +5 –
  9. Doom Axe – –

POLE ARMS – Wield a spear when you don’t dare get too close to your foe.
You will find spears helpful when fighting dragons.

—— ———– ———

  1. Spear – –
  2. Heavy Spear – –
  3. Sprite’s Spear Baloon –
  4. Partisan – Morphs, Reptiles
  5. Halberd Confuse –
  6. Oceanid Spear Sleep –
  7. Gigas Lance Strength +2 –
  8. Dragoon Lance – Dragons
  9. Dedaelus Lance – –

WHIPS – If you are being attacked by giant insects, arm yourself with a
whip. Also use whips to snag poles to cross ravines.

—— ———– ———

  1. Whip – –
  2. Black Whip Slow –
  3. Backhand Whip Raise Agility/Evade % –
  4. Chain Whip – Morphs, Reptiles
  5. Flail of Hope – Undead
  6. Morning Star – Insects
  7. Hammer Flail Slow –
  8. Nimbus Chain – Insects
  9. Gigas Whip – –

BOWS AND ARROWS – Shoot arrows over long distances and different levels –
the enemy can’t lay a hand on you!

—— ———– ———

  1. Chobin’s Bow – –
  2. Short Bow – –
  3. Long Bow – Animals, Birds, Demons
  4. Great Bow Confuse –
  5. Bow of Hope – Undead
  6. Elfin Bow Raise Intelligence/Wisdom % –
  7. Wing Bow Confuse –
  8. Doom Bow Raise Critical Hit % –
  9. Garuda Buster – –

BOOMERANGS – When you throw a boomerang, you have a better chance of making
a critical hit. It’s also a good distance weapon.

—— ———– ———

  1. Boomerang – –
  2. Chakram – Morphs, Reptiles
  3. Lode Boomerang Slow –
  4. Rising Sun – –
  5. Red Cleaver – Insects
  6. Cobra Shuttle Poison –
  7. Frizbar – Morphs, Reptiles
  8. Shuriken Raise Critical Hit % –
  9. Ninjas Trump – –

DARTS – Arm yourself with a dart, and then use it in battle to hit enemies
who are at some distance from you.

—— ———– ———

  1. Pole Dart – –
  2. Javelin – –
  3. Light Trident – Animals, Birds, Demons
  4. Lode Javelin Baloon –
  5. Fork of Hope – Undead
  6. Imp’s Fork Baloon –
  7. Elf’s Harpoon Raise Intelligence/Wisdom % –
  8. Dragon Dart – Dragons
  9. Valkyrian – –


If the cost of the piece of armour is marked N/A then it cannot be bought,
only found.

—- ———— —- ————–
Bandana 2 50G Hero
Hair Ribbon 3 55G Girl
Rabite Cap 5 45G Sprite
Head Gear 7 70G Hero
Quill Cap 10 220G Girl, Sprite
Steel Cap 13 180G Hero
Golden Tiara 17 350G Girl
Racoon Cap 21 550G All
Quilted Hood 26 700G Girl, Sprite
Tiger Cap 32 1100G All
Circlet 38 2300G
Ruby Armlet (???) ??? N/A
Unicorn Helm 55 5625G All
Dragon Helm 66 7500G All
Duck Helm 78 11250G
Needle Helm 140 30000G All
Cockatrice Cap 142 N/A All
Amulet Helm ??? N/A
Faerie Crown 145 N/A

—- ———— —- —————
Overalls 3 20G Hero
Kung Fu Suit 4 350G
Midge Robe 7 22G Sprite
Chain Vest 10 120G All
Spiky Suit 13 260G Hero, Sprite
Kung Fu Dress 17 350G Girl
Fancy Overalls 22 675G All
Chest Guard 28 1000G Girl, Sprite
Golden Vest 34 2250G All
Ruby Vest 43 4500G All
Tiger Suit 52 6375G Hero, Sprite
Tiger Bikini 64 7100G Girl
Magical Armour 78 11500G All
Tortis Mail 95 14850G
Flower Suit 115 21000G
Battle Suit 139 30000G All
Vestguard 240 65500G All
Vampire Cape 243 N/A
Power Suit 245 N/A
Faerie Cloak 250 N/A

—– ———— —- —————
Wristband 1 90G Hero, Sprite
Elbow Pad 2 90G All
Power Wrist 4 150G All
Cobra Bracelet 6 280G All
Wolf’s Band 8 400G All
Silver Band 10 525G All
Golem Ring 13 750G All
Frosty Ring 16 1200G All
Ivy Amulet 20 1875G All
Gold Bracelet 24 3750G All
Shield Ring 29 5100G All
Lazuri Ring 35 8800G All
Guardian Ring 41 N/A All
Gauntlet 90 37500G All
Ninja Gloves 91 N/A All
Dragon Ring 92 N/A All
Watcher Ring 93 N/A All
Imp’s Ring 94 N/A All
Amulet Ring 95 N/A All
Faerie’s Ring 100 N/A All


(** NOTE ** – Spells can only go up to Lvl 8 they will not go beyond 8:99,
when a spell is at lvl8 it will occasionally do a super powerful version.
This is very cool.)



—– —- ———– ———-
Speed Down 1MP Vines grip your enemy, Tangles enemy as well
slowing him down as casting Slow.

Earth Slide 3MP A large ball of mud Has a large smiley face
drops on enemies on the ball of mud.

Gem Missile 2MP A shower of sharp Large jewel, breaks into
jewels shred foes small ones.


—– —- ———– ———-
Energy Absorb 2MP Steals enemies HP’s Drains a ton of HP’s

Freeze 2MP Enemies temp frozen Lots of large ice balls
hit enemy

Acid Storm 3MP Corrosive rain falls Takes def down, rains
on enemies for ages, does damage


—– —- ———– ———-
Lava Wave 3MP Tide of molten rock Large pools of lava
drowns enemy hit emeny

Fireball 2MP Shoots blazing Three fire dragons
fireball at enemy circle around enemy

Exploder 4MP Blows up enemies Lots of stronger
explosions hit enemy


—– —- ———– ———-
Silence 2MP Confuses enemies ???

Air Blast 2MP Three gale force winds ???
blast enemy

Thunder Bolt 4MP Burn up your foes ???


—– —- ———– ———-
Lunar Magic 8MP ??? (not sure) ???

Change Form 5MP Randomly convert one ???
enemy to another

Magic Absorb 1MP Steals enemies MP’s ???


—– —- ———– ———-
Dispel Magic 4MP Halts enemies magic ???

Evil Gate 8MP Wave of night sweeps ???
over enemies

Dark Force 2MP Orbs of darkness attack ???


—– —- ———– ———-
Sleep Flower 2MP Send enemies into deep ???

Burst 4MP Ultraviolet rays crisp ???

Mana Magic ??? Awakens the mana sword ???
(note – this is a
special magic that you
only get at the end of
the game)



—– —- ———–
Defender 2MP Ups parties Def pts

Stone Saber 4MP Party’s weapons turn
enemies to stone

Speed Up 3MP Ups Hit and Evade pts


—– —- ———–
Remedy 1MP Cures a person who
has been poisoned

Ice Saber 2MP Party’s weapons turn
enemies to ice

Cure Water 2MP Restores some HP’s


—– —- ———–
Blaze Wall 4MP Wall of flame falls
upon enemies

Flame Saber 2MP Party’s weapons toast

Fire Bouquet 3MP Drop enemy ATK power


—– —- ———–
Analyzer 1MP Finds traps and enemy
weak spots

Thunder Saber 3MP Party’s weapons strike
with thunders power

Balloon 2MP Immobilize enemy


—– —- ———–
Moon Energy 2MP Make party critically
hit more

Moon Saber 3MP Your HP’s increase when
knocking enemies down

Lunar Boost 2MP Allies focus on attack
not defence


—– —- ———–
Lucid Barrier 4MP Protection from
physical attacks

Light Saber 5MP Party’s weapons gain
power of light

Lucent Beam 2MP Enemies get hit by
blast of pure light


—– —- ———–
Wall 6MP Makes barrier to
ward off magic

Revivifier 10MP Restores life, some HP

Mana Magic ??? Awakens the mana sword
(note – this is a
special magic that you
only get at the end of
the game)


Every item that can be bought, can be bought at two prices, one cheaply,
and one at double that. It depends which shop you buy the item at.

—- ———- —————– —-

Barrel Invincible for a while, Y 900G
Cannot attack though (I cant rem ever seeing it at 450G)

Candy Restores 100 HP Y 10G/20G

Chocolate Restores more HP Y 30G/60G

Cup Of Wishes Restores characters life, Y 150G/300G
some HP’s regained

Faerie Walnut Restores 100 MP Y 500G/1000G

Flammie Drum Summons flammie to you, N N/A
(cant be used in dungeons)

Magic Rope Escape from the dungeon you N N/A
are in

Medical Herb Cures poison, moogled etc Y 10G/20G

Midge Mallet Cures shrunk status N N/A

Moogle Belt Cures moogle status N N/A

Royal Jam Restores 300 HP Y 100G/200G


Throughout the game, when you pick up a chest, their is a chance that it
will have a variety of negative effects. When you gain the Analyzer spell
for the Girl, if you analyze a chest, and it comes up with a flashing
OK!, you can pick it up, otherwise avoid it.

BOMB – Explodes when you attempt to pick the chest up, doing you damage.

POISION NEEDLES – When you pick up the chest, green spikes pop out, they
do you damage, and poison you, which does you one damage at a fairly slow
pace, wears off eventually.

PUNCH GLOVES – When you attempt to pick up the chest, two boxing gloves on
springs pop out and punch you for damage.

STONE TRAP – When you attempt to pick up the chest, a burst of gas comes
out and turns your character to stone. This can only be cured with a
Medicinal Herb, remember if all your party members become petrified it’s
game over.

RIOT GAS – When you pick this chest up, a cloud of gas is released which
pygmiyises your character, you must use a medical herb to get rid of this,
it won’t wear off.

MIMIC BOX – Looks like a normal chest until you attempt to pick it up, it
then becomes a live box, with teeth and can charge you for major damage.

DOOM TRAP – When you open the chest a Grim Reaper, will appear Sickle and
all, it will attempt to kill the character who opened the box, if it works
you are dead, it doesn’t usually work though, just leaves you with 1 HP.
Obviously you would want to heal yourself quickly 🙂

SHADOW ZERO – I know this exits, a little black dude, jumps out of the
chest, but I can’t remember what it does, if anything, so can anybody fill
me in?


During the course of this walkthrough, I will attempt to give away as
little of the story line as possible, so if my tips seem very vague, its
because I don’t want to ruin the game for you. I will also list events
which I see as important, besides the basic guide. When I instruct you to
buy a piece of armour, I will tell, you how much it will cost and how
it will add to your current defensive power. Obviously after I have told
you to buy armour, equip it. You can tell who you can equip it on, because
when you buy it, in the middle of the ring, you will see a picture of the
face of the characters who can wear it. Don’t forget to sell your old
armour to make some more cash. I usually have the hero equipped with the
Sword, the Girl with the Spear, and the Sprite with the Bow & Arrow or Axe.
Obviously it is up to you though, In addition I will tell you if a
particular weapon or spell is effective on a boss. I will also tell you,
the monsters found around that area. I will tell you what magic to use on
an Orb (no need to waste an MP casting Analyser to find out!). I recommend
that when I mention a specific enemy, you check it out in my monster list,
because I wouldn’t usually unless I consider it to be reasonably dangerous. I suggest that you only use this guide when you get stuck, as you will get more enjoyment out of the game, but of course, again it is up to you! I have specifically set up this guide, so that you can read it, while ruining as little of the game as I can manage. It doesn’t exactly do that at the moment, I am well aware of this, I don’t give away much of the storyline, but I feel that I have put too much detail in certain areas. That will be fixed up when I finish the guide, I figure you would rather have an imperfect guide now than wait extra time, while I fix it up.



When the hero says that he needs something to cut through some bushes so
that he can get back to town. Look around for a weapon to cut through the
bushes with. Cut through the bushes, and head to Potos. HINT – Head up and
to the left from the point where he makes the remark about needing something
to cut through the bushes. I got stuck here for about 10 mins the first

time I played SOM! 🙂


ENEMIES – Rabites

Try to power up to at least Level 3, and your Sword to Level 1 so that you
can kill the rabite’s with one hit. Try to at least fill up your number of
candy’s to max (4) from the chest’s that occasionally appear after you kill




Buy the Headband (50G +2), and fill up on Candy’s if you aren’t already
full. Then go and save the game at the Inn. Go around and talk to everyone
and then head up to the elders house. He will have a bit to say about your

adventures so far.

BOSS – Mantis Ant

WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-150/MP-10/EXP-10/G-100)

This boss is pathetically easy, you basically cannot die on him, if you do,
a man will revive you every time anyway. Just hold down the attack button
and power your sword up to Level 1 and keep attacking him, piece of cake.
Usually he barely hits you at all, sometimes everything hits you. But it

doesn’t really matter because, as I said, you can’t die.

After you have defeated him you will recieve a Sword Orb. The man (Jema),
will pull you out of the hole, he will then talk to you and give you some
advice. After this, go back to the Elder, the council and he are discussing

your punishment. Grab the chest downstairs and leave Potos.


ENEMIES – Rabite, Mushboom, Lullabud

There are two ways to get their, either by cannon travel, located near the
exit of Potos, which has been pre-paid by Jema, or you can choose to walk.
It’s up to you, but it’s a better bet, not to take the easy way. So walk
their. Along the way, you will find a Shop, buy a Wristband (90G +1). Just
below the Water Palace, you will run into Major Dyluck and his troops, who
are going to fight Elinee the witch. Talk to them and they will then leave

to the left. Head up to get to the Water Palace.



Jema will meet you at the entrance as he promised, you will then both go to
see Sage Luka. She will tell you about the Mana sword and Fortress, and
then will allow you to seal the power of the Mana seed with your sword. She
will tell you about the 8 mana seeds, and give you the Mana Spear. Head for
Gaia’s Navel as instructed by Jema, it is located south of Pandora, which

is south of the Water Palace.


ENEMIES – Lullabud

You will be kidnapped by a bunch of Goblins, and will be set up in a pot,
as their dinner!. The guards who were set to watch you, run down, to join
in the dancing, After a small exchange of words, You will be rescued by a

strange girl.



Rest at the Inn and save your game, buy any essentials (Candy etc) from
the store, but there is no Armour worth buying. Head to the castle, which
is in the top right corner of Potos, you will meet the girl there, the one
who saved you from the Goblins. she will join your party (NOTE – Press
select to be able to control different party members, this is very handy
when the computer controlled characters are being dumb. You can tell, who
you currently are, by looking in the top right hand corner, of the
characters pictures, you will see a ‘1’, which tells you that, that
character is currently controlled by controller 1) head up to the big
doors on the left to meet Jema, and be told to go to Gaia’s Navel. Exit
and go back to the shop, buy a Hair Ribbon(55G +3) and a Wristband(90G +1)
and equip them on the Girl. The Girl will not want to go to Gaia’s Navel,
and you will have to visit the Haunted Forest, to the north of Gaia’s
Navel first. I recommend equipping the girl with the spear as soon as you
leave Potos, as she is better with it than the weapon she comes equipped
with. Also edit her ‘Act’ option, in her command ring, and move her to
the bottom left on it and set her at level 0.

||||| Starts here —-
/ \ |

Move to here

If you do not do this, she will be excessively shy, and not attack much.
The book says that you should move them from bottom right to upper left,
in a diagonal movement, but I have found that to be insufficient. You will
also need to do this, when the next, and final party member joins your
party. Gradually move them up the left hand side as they become more
powerful. I will indicate when I think you should move them up to the

next square.


ENEMIES – Rabite, Mushboom, Lullabud, Buzz Bee

At the shop in Kippo Village near Gaia’s Navel, you should buy a Kung Fu
Dress(350G +17),Chain Vest(120G +10) and 2 Elbow Pads(90G each +2). Don’t
forget to sell your old equipment, and go to the Inn if necessary. You are
unlikely to have enough money to buy all of that, so run around killing
monsters until you can afford it. There isn’t anything else to do in Kippo
Village. Although you can visit one of the cannon travel men, and Major
Dyluck’s parents. By the time I was ready to leave Kippo Village, my main

character was well on the way to Level 6 and the girl was almost Level 5.


ENEMIES – Chobin Hood, Blat

The Chobin Hoods aren’t too hard to beat, just destroy some of the pink &
white flowers, around the area they are in to gain entrance. In the forest
you will meet Neko, he doesn’t have any armour worth buying, so just stock
up on Candies if you need to, he can also save your game if you want. After
you have gone through the warp point, head to the left and attempt to cut
down the skull statues, you will not be able to, you will realize that you
are in need of an axe to get through them, the girl has heard of a Dwarven
Blacksmith in Gaia’s Navel who may be able make one, so she now agrees to

go their first.


ENEMIES – Kid Goblin, Green Drop, Blat, Buzz Bee

Remember to kill EVERY monster along the way, wherever you go, it’s better
to be more powerful than necessary, than underpowered. So kill all the
monsters until you reach a Waterfall area with two caves, enter the one
on the left, as the one on the right is currently empty. When you get to
the area, where there is a small lake of Water and a bed of Lava below it,
head up to the room in the top-left, there is a switch on the top wall,
that looks like a skull, hit it. This will lower the rock, that is holding
the water in, and will therefore put out the Lava. In the next room, head
up to the top left, defeat the Green Slimes and enter the cave. In it you
will find the most missed special item in the game, guarded by two Kid
Goblins. Defeat them, to receive the ‘Magic Rope’, an item which allows
you to leave a dungeon whenever you want. When you get to the room, where
there is a cave in the top-middle, with two stairs but no way to get to it,
head to the cave at the top right and hit the skull switch inside, this

will drop a piece of rock down, allowing you to enter the cave and the…



Once inside the Dwarven Village, head up to the top, and enter the door to
the left of the store. Head down the left passage, you will see the Dwarven
Elder who offers to put on a show for you, for 50G, you will see the
‘amazing’ Rabite Man, and after that a Sprite Child, he is apparently
working of a 50,000G debt, he will ask you to donate 100G, so do this.
After this, exit the area, and enter the right hand passage. As you enter
the room, you will hear the Dwarven Elder and the Sprite Child, talking
about how they sucessfully ripped you off. Walk up to them and speak to
them, the Elder, will admit that they tricked you, but he is really trying
to get enough money, to get the Sprite Child back home. He will be ashamed
and give you your money back. Go to the store, stock up on candies, buy 2
Power Wrists(150G +4) a Spiky Suit(260G + 13) and a Head Gear(70G + 7).
Then go to the Inn and save your game. Head up to the top left and enter
the door, Watts the Blacksmith will look at your Sword, and remark at
how rusty it is, he will offer to reforge it for 100G. It will then become
the Broad Sword. As you leave the Blacksmith’s all of a sudden there will

be an earthquake, prepare to fight……

BOSS – Tropicallo/Brambler

WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-315/MP-0/EXP-80/G-132), WEAKNESSES – None –


This boss is not particularly hard to beat, just dodge the vine thingy,
that comes from Brambler. Power your sword up to maximum, and run in and
hit Tropicallo, when he comes out of his shell. As he moves around, there

is always at least one spot that you can hit him from.

After you defeat Tropicallo, you will recieve the Spear Orb, then the
Elder, will ask you take the Sprite Child with you, talk to the Sprite
Child to accept him, and then give him a name. The elder will give you the
Bow & Arrow that he found with the Sprite. He then tells you about the
Underground Palace just to the north of where you are in the Dwarven
Village, but you can’t go there until you get Elinee to remove the seal
she put on it. You will now have to travel to her Castle in the Haunted
Forest. He also tells you that the Blacksmith Watts is looking for you,
so head back up to his store. Don’t forget to edit the Sprite’s action
‘Act’ grid, can’t remember what you were supposed to do? Here you go
again: 🙂

||||| Starts here —-
/ \ |

Move to here

He has made an Axe and offers to sell it to you for 100G. It seems useless,
, but only until you hold it. It turns out that it is one of the Mana
weapons, and you are the only one who can wield it. Some of the Mana power
from your Sword, has seeped into his forge Hammer, so he is the only one
who can reforge your weapons. He opens up a passage, to the top right,
which leads into the cave that was previously empty, except that, now Neko
is in there. But don’t worry about that yet, head back to the Dwarven
Store, and buy a Power Wrist(150G +4), a Spiky Suit(260G +13) and a Rabite
Cap (45G +5). Equip them on the Sprite, I recommend buying 2 Cup Of Wishes,
these revive your characters from the dead. Head back out through to Watt’s
Workshop. Talk to him and power the Spear up to the Heavy Spear for 200G.
Then use the passage that Watt’s opened just before, ignore Neko, the stuff
he is selling is expensive and rubbish. By the time I had left Gaia’s Navel,

the main character and the Girl were Level 8 and the Sprite was Level 4.


ENEMIES – Chobin Hood, Blat, Mushboom, Eye Spy

Follow the section earlier on in the guide to the Haunted Forest, up until
the skull statues, equip the Axe and attack them with it, they will be
destroyed, and you now have passage to the area bellow. However don’t go
that way yet, as it will lead to a warp point, that takes you to a platform
with nowhere to go. Head down the passage to the right instead, eventually
you will come to a warp point. After stepping on it you will be taken to
an area, with a thing that looks like another warp point. Defeat the Eye
Spy and any Chobin Hoods that it spits out, then step on it. It is really
a switch, which moves, the two platforms above next to each other, now
warp back to the last area, and walk back to the place where the skull
statues were. Head down that passage and onto the warp point. You can
now walk to the right, and down a set of stairs, up the top of this area,
there is a platform, with a wooden pole on it, don’t worry about it, it
is useless to you at the moment. Head to the left and up onto the warp
point. In the next area, make your way through, to the warp in the top

left hand corner, this will take you to…….


ENEMIES – Werewolf, Eye Spy, Polter Chair, Chobin Hood, (BOSS = SPIKY TIGER)

Head to the right then up and around, you will come to the entrance of
the castle after a short way, watch out for the Werewolves, to beat them
charge up your sword and attack them, they can do a lot of damage. Once
inside the castle, hit the switch to get rid of the grate, go up into the
next room, there are 3 Polter Chair’s, then make your way up. In this room
there are two Eye Spy’s and two bell switches, kill the eye spy’s, then
press the right bell switch, and go in the room, to fight 3 polter chairs,
of course this is optional but all experience counts. Leave and press the
left bell switch and head into that room. You will come to a passage with
werewolves in it, be careful, they can do mega damage. Head left and you
will see a switch, step on it and it appears to do nothing. Head into the
room below, and talk to the guy in the left hand prison, the prison bars
will be removed, he will tell you that all three of you need to step on
the switch to make it work. In the right hand cell is Neko, here you should
fill up on Cup of Wishes, Candy & Chocolate. Refill yourself to full
health with the candies and buy some more. Save your game using Neko. Get
ready because in a minute you will be fighting Spiky. Go back to the
switch and all three of you will step on it, creating a passage. In the
next room you can choose from three doors. The one on the left contains
three blats, the one on the right contains three Polter Chair’s. The one
in the middle leads to the main passage. When you go through this, you will
see that the passage to the left, is blocked by a stone wall, head up and
kill the Eye Spy then hit the switch, this pulls up the stone wall,
allowing you passage to the left. Head up into the next room, and destroy
the two Polter Chair’s blocking the stairs, up the top over of the room,
over a large desk you will meet Elinee, after a short talk, she will walk
into the room above. Enter it, and after another short talk, involving the

heroes, Elinee & Dyluck, its time to fight….

BOSS – Spiky Tiger

WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-520/MP-21/EXP-210/G-288)

I would recommend that you have the Sprite equipped with the Bow &
Arrow at this point, as it is the only weapon that can hit Spiky when he
is on either of the higher ledges. Spiky is actually quite tough, I hope
you have been following my guidelines for what level you should be up to,
this is where most beginners get stuck, as you need to be at a reasonably
high level. If you are not I recommend going and killing some monsters.
By the time I fought Spiky my main character was Level 10, the Girl was
Level 9, and the Sprite was Level 8. I recommend that all your characters
are at least Level 8 or you will have a tough time. If you haven’t already,
go into the characters action grids, and move their weapon level up to the
maximum possible. When Spiky is on the ground charge up your sword and hit
him. Keep your characters health up, if they die use a Cup Of Wishes. When
he is up on the ledges, switch to the Sprite, and use his Bow & Arrow,
to shoot Spiky. If Spiky casts one of the fire spells, there is nothing
you can do but switch to another character and wait for it to wear out.

Good Luck!

After defeating Spiky you will recieve a Boomerang Orb, head back down to
the bottom of the room, and step on the warp plates, head down the stairs
and to the left, you will come across Elinee, she will turn back into a
normal old woman and apologize for her behaviour. She tells you that the
Orb in the Underground Palace, needs the power of Ice to be removed, but
she has no more magical power left. She gives you two chests, one
contaning 50G and the other containing the Mana weapon, the whip. Make
your way back out of the castle. As you leave the Girl remarks that she
is happy to know that Dyluck is alive. Then Luka contacts you
telepathically telling you to come to the Water Palace quickly, the Girl

and the Sprite decide to stay with you. Now its back too….


ENEMIES – Chobin Hood, Blat, Mushboom, Eye Spy

Head back to the platform that had the wooden pole on it, that seemed
useless before. To get to it, head back through the last section, and
just to the right in the section before it, you will see it. Equip the
whip, and move up onto the platform just up above the wooden pole, you
will know you are in the right place, because all three members of your
party will be pulled together. Attack with the whip, and it will grab
onto the pole on the other side, and pull you across. Head right and

down, and into the warp point.



You will appear at an area just to the left of the entrance, of the Water
Palace, this was where Major Dyluck and his troops disappeared to. Head
right and up to the Water Palace. When you talk to Sage Luka, she will
offer to restore you and save your game. She will then tell you that the
seal placed on the Water Palace, by the water elemental Undine, who lives
in a cave to the east, is failing and she is worried about her. Time to

go and drop in on Undine.



Head just outside the doors of the Water Palace, then head to the right,
up the river, on the next screen you will see 3 Iffish’s, kill them, and
head into the cave above. Kill the three Iffish there, and then move up

to get to the boss.

BOSS – Tonpole/Biting Lizard

WEAKNESSES – Salamano(Exploder) – (HP-600/MP-0/EXP-50/G-0), WEAKNESSES –

Salamando(Exploder) – (HP-770/MP-6/EXP-210/G-348)

This is not really a full on boss, and as such is pretty easy. His original
Tonpole form can’t even attack! After 600HP of damage, it changes into
the Biting Lizard, he is a little bit tougher. Basically just power up
your sword and keep attacking him. Watch out for his tongue as he can
suck you in and swallow you for a reasonable amount of damage. He can heal

himself, so it may take a while, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

After you have defeated the Biting Lizard, a cave will open up at the top
right hand corner of the room, enter it to meet Undine. Finally you get
some magic! The Girl is given the three Undine defensive magics, Remedy,
Ice Saber & Cure Water. Look in the magic list for a description of what
they do. Cure Water is THE most useful spell in the game, remember that
you have to use a spell in the spell group to build up the power of the
spells within that spell group, in this case the spell group ‘Undine’.
The Sprite will receive three Undine attacking magics, Energy Absorb,
Freeze & Acid Storm. These are fairly useless, they are really only used
on switches like the one in the Underground Palace. The hero questions
Undine on what he will recieve, he will be given some advice, and the
Mana weapon the Pole Dart. The Sprite will air his view that he is now

invincible. 🙂



Dammit! I’ve been forgetting to tell you the levels of my characters,
by this stage the Hero is Level 11 as is the Girl, the Sprite is Level

  1. Head back to the left, and back up to the Water Palace. Sage Luka,
    will restore you and offer to save your game. She will tell you that
    Undine’s powers are to be used on the switch in the Underground Palace.
    I have recieved a reminder of a very important tip here, when you cast
    a magic spell as soon as the little elemental who casts it disappears,
    (ie Undine, Gnome etc.) you can cast the spell again. Therefore allowing
    you to chain spells together basically infinitely (well at least until

you can’t refill your MP anymore!) :).


ENEMIES – Goblin, Ma Goblin, Blat, Green Drop, Chess Knight,


Head back to Gaia’s Navel, this time go in the right hand cave, go down
the stairs into Watt’s blacksmith shop, talk to him and get all the
weapons you have Orbs for, powered up, you can tell which one’s need to
be powered up, because their picture will be in colour not grey, although
it is sometimes hard to tell, so also look in the right hand side of the
bar that has the name of the weapon, if there is a money amount, it needs
to be powered up, if it has lots of dots, then it is at its current
maximum. After powering up your weapons, head down into the Dwarven
Village, in the top-centre of the bottom floor, you will see a cave, this
is the Underground Palace. Head in their and you will see what looks like
an Orb, this is a switch, and you will be seeing a ton of them throughout
the game. Orb Switches react to a certain type of magic. Upon the use of
the right type of magic on it, they will perform a special function. In
this case if you use the Sprite’s ‘Freeze’ magic, in the Undine spell
group, it will put out the lava in front of you, allowing you access to
the Underground Palace. The Underground Palace is a good place to power
up the whip, it is a very handy weapon for hitting enemies from a distance,
so I recommend equipping it, except for the boss. When you enter the
palace, you will come across a Goblin and two Ma Goblin’s, they can be
complete bastards, so watch out! Power up your weapon and run in and
attack them, in the pauses between their attacks (usually with the
boomerang, because they are trying to hit you from a distance). After
defeating them, you will be in a large room, above you, you will see a
Goblin sleeping in front of a calendabra (the thing with fire in it), kill
him and then head either left or right, doesn’t matter which first, but
you have to go both ways. After killing the enemies, hit the switches on
both sides, the calendabra in the middle of the room, will be removed,
allowing you passage to the stairs behind it. Hit either of the switches
and a bridge will appear, allowing you to pass. Head to the left through
various rooms, killing the Goblins and Ma Goblin’s, use the whip to get
across the gap with the wooden poles. Eventually you will get to a room
with two Chess Knights, kill them, and move through the passage above, to
make it to the stage room. A Gnome will appear and talk to you, the Sprite
will get pissed off and attack him, an earthquake will start, prepare to


BOSS – Fire Gigas

WEAKNESSES – Undine(Freeze) – (HP-850/MP-66/EXP-326/G-360)

This guy can definitely get on your nerves, he is a fire type boss, so
obviously he is weak against Undine attack magic because they are water
type (duhhh! :)~ ). He will split into little balls and fly around the
room, power up your sword, and as he is reforming, get the Sprite to cast
freeze, remember the chain spell tip from before, and run in and attack
him, keep doing it as much as you can until he disperses himself again,
you will have to heal yourself a lot, so don’t forget to. Use up all of
the girl’s Cure Water magic, because it is very useful, and that will

help to power it up.

After you have defeated the Fire Gigas, move into the room above, you will
see the Gnome from before, standing on a Mana Seed pedestal. The Sprite
will trick him into serving you, you have now gained the use of Gnome’s
powers. Gnome is the most useful attacking magic in the game, so I
recommend that you power it up whenever possible. Remember the Sprite
gains attack magic, and the Girl defensive. He will disappear allowing
you to seal the 2nd Mana Seed, with your Mana Sword. After you step down
from the pedestal, Sprite will stay there, he will walk up and touch the
Mana Seed, he gains his memory back, he remembers that his people live in
the Upper Land forest, and he wants to go their, right away. Walk up to
Watt’s Blacksmith, and get him to forge any weapons that need powering up,

time to head to Pandora.


ENEMIES – Tomato Man, Zombie, Evil Sword, Chess Knight, (BOSS = EVIL WALL)

Yes that’s right, it’s time to make your way back to Pandora, you can
either walk their, or go back to the entrance of the Haunted Forest (with
the Lullabud’s and the guy walking around) head right, and you can catch
the Cannon to Pandora. Once in Pandora, visit the inn if you need to, head
up to the castle in the top-right, and talk to the king again, he will
walk off to his room in the top-left, a deep depression has come over him.
Head out of the castle, and down to the bottom-middle of the town, you
will see a girl with blue hair walking around, this is Phanna, a friend of
the Girl’s. Talk to her and she will disappear, the hero decides to check
out the ruin’s below. Before the entrance to the ruin’s, you will see a
load of towns people, walking around who say nothing, and some trippers in
steel masks. Walk up to see Phanna again. After an arguement, the two
guards at the top of the stairs, let Phanna through, the Girl tries to
follow but is blocked. She smashes, them and they run off. Now you can
enter the ruins. When you enter the main hallway, there are three exits,
a main set of doors, and doors on the left and right, the room on the
left, contains 3 Evil Swords. The one on the right contains 2 Evil Swords,
and a Tomato Man. Head down the middle passage (do the side rooms if you
want to), eventually you will come to a point, where you can go up or
down, if you go up, you will go into a room, with two Evil Swords and a
Tomato Man. Keep heading through, eventually you will come to a room,
with a platform in the middle, and guards all around. Walk up the platform
to meet Thanatos, a powerful servant of the empire. After some discussion,
involving Thanatos, Phanna & Dyluck, he will open up the floor and drop

you into the room below. Its time to fight…..

BOSS – Evil Wall

WEAKNESSES – Gnome(Gem Missile) – (HP(Eyes)-300/HP(Forehead)-300)MP-99/


This guy isn’t ridiculously hard to beat, just hit his eyes first with
charged up sword attacks, hit him around the outside edge of the eye,
it seems to hit the most there. After the eye is shut, go and attack the
other one, they can be revived, but don’t take much to kill after they
have been revived. Most of the magic attacks that they do, you can
physically see, and therefore avoid. After both eyes have been shut, it
will sit there for a while, then it will open its forehead eye thingy,
and start moving forward, remember that wall of spikes down the bottom of
the room? well put 2 and 2 together and you can see that you need to kill
him and quick. Power up your sword, and release the button about 2-3 cms
from him (if you do it next to him, your attack will just do nothing)
because he is moving forward. Get the Sprite to keep attacking him with

Gem Missile.

After you have beaten him, Thanatos will release the villagers and rack
off, walk around talking to them, you will notice Jema among them! He
will tell you that he is going to the Underground Palace, and that you
should make your way to the Water Palace. After that he will transport,
to the entrance of the ruins. Make your way back to the main town, head
to the armour store in the middle-right of the town. He will now be able
to sell you stuff, buy three Cobra Bracelets (280G +6). Now head back
up to the castle and talk to the king again. He will remark how light is
returning to the land, he will say how he has been guarding treasure in
his basement for a long time, to give to the true wielder of the Mana
Sword, he now believes it is you! His wife welcomes you to come to
Pandora whenever you want. Head into the basement, which the guard was
just removed from, just down from where you are. In it you will see
six chests, 4 of them contain 50G, one contains a Sword Orb, and another

contains a Spear Orb. Now its time to head back to the Water Palace.



Sage Luka tells you that the Water Seed has been stolen, she believes
that it was done by members of the Empire, while Undine was weak. She
also believes that it has been taken to Gaia’s Navel, or deeper. Leave
the Water Palace and head for Gaia’s Navel. Usually I take a shortcut
through the Haunted Forest, just use the warp point down and left of
the Water Palace, make your way back to the start of the Haunted Forest,

and you will come out very close to Gaia’s Navel.



Go through Gaia’s Navel, and use the shortcut to get back to Watt’s,
get him to power up any of the weapons that need it. Then go to the
store and stock up on any essentials, then the inn. After a good nights
rest head down to the middle of the main floor area. You will see the
Elder and Jema as well as a huge hole. Talk to both of them, and then
jump into the hole. You will find yourself on a steel ship, make your
way downstairs, and on the top-right hand side you will find a Whip’s
Orb. Head into the room above, to meet the members of the Scorpion Army
for the first time, they have stolen the Water Seed to power their
machine ‘Kilroy’. After they walk off, make your way into the next room,

to fight him.

BOSS – Kilroy

WEAKNESSES – Gnome(Gem Missile) – (HP/900/MP-18/EXP-686/G-650)

There isn’t a whole lot to this guy, just keep your allies as far away
from him as possible. Power up your sword and run in and hit him. When
he is spinning around with his mallets just avoid him, he can cast ‘Lunar
Boost’ on himself, which ups his attack and drops his defence. His mallets

can moogle you. Get the Sprite to cast Gem Missile on him.

Ater you have defeated Kilroy, the Scorpion Army will give the water seed
back. After which, you will be automatically transported back outside the
huge hole. The Elder will tell you that Jema left with a bunch of Pandorian
soldiers, and you should head back to the Water Palace. So head back out,
going to the inn etc, and getting Watt’s to power up any weapons, you know
the score :). Just reverse the shortcut through the Haunted Forest, to get

back there.


ENEMIES – Iffish, Water Thug, (BOSS = JABBERWOCKY)

When you get to the entrance of the Water Palace, you can tell that
something is up, as their are Iffish and Water Thug’s hanging around.
Defeat them and make your way up to the Water Seed platform. You will
see Sage Luka surrounded by soldiers of the Empire. Geshtar will
introduce himself, and then tell you to give him the seed, at this
point you can give him the seed or try to run, either way he gets the

seed, as he leaves, he gives you a present in the form of….

BOSS – Jabberwocky

WEAKNESSES – Gnome(Mud Slide) – (HP-950/MP-90/EXP-800/G-768)

This boss is pretty much a wuss, just keep your characters as far away
from him as possible, have the Sprite cast Mud Slide on him from a
distance, power up your weapons and charge at him, it seems easiest

to hit him, if you try to hit him on the side.

After you have beaten Jabberwocky, you will recieve a Bow Orb, head up
and go to Sage Luka again. Jema is there, he tells you that the Empire’s
forces have withdrawn from the Water Palace as well as Pandora. He gives
you a whip’s orb, and tells you that the cannon travel man near Potos
will take you to the Upper Land. Talk to Sage Luka, and she will ask you
to use your Mana Sword to redo the seal on the 1st mana seed. Do so, and
then she will tell you that you need to visit Sage Jock, and then the
8 Mana palaces of the world. At the moment your main worry is the Upper
Land though, so head back the cannon travel centre outside Potos and use



ENEMIES – Silk Tail, Water Thug, Nemesis Owl, Pebblers, Steamed Crab,

Crawler, Kimono Bird, (BOSS = SPRING BEAK)

Once there, head up a bit to find Watts. Get him to power up the weapons
that need powering up. Make sure you talk to one of the Moogles before
you leave this area, Head down, and you will come across a Neko. Buy
all the general crap that you need, and a Faerie Walnut. Get two Quill
Caps (220G +10). Head down and to the right, in the next section, head
up and to the left, to find the Moogles Village, except it has been
taken over by Pebblers! Kill them and attempt to leave, you will hear
that the Moogles can return, the screen will black out and then the
village will be back to normal (if you didn’t talk to the moogle on
the first screen, it will just make you leave). In the village you
will find two chests, one containing an Axe Orb and the other, a Glove
Orb. Watt’s is their so talk to him, and get him to power up those
weapons. Talk to one of the moogles and the Sprite will remember a rhyme
of how to get to his village ‘Walk the seasons spring to winter, spring
again and we may enter’. Talk to Neko and refill on anything, refill
your energy etc, and then save if you want. Head around to the right
and back to Winter (the first screen you were on) head down and around
to the right and back to Winter, then down into Spring again (it will
say some crap about ‘that was from the right!’ ignore it, I don’t know
what the hell its talking about! :), you have done it correctly). At
this point, I would recommend heading back to the Moogle Village. Fill
up your energy, and refill any items that need it. Buy another Faerie
Walnut. Then head back to Spring (to the left) if you head up from
where you enter Spring you will see a path (a small lake was their
before). Enter it, it is the Sprite’s Village! The sprite will notice
that something is up, head up, that’s right its boss time! By now all

of my characters were Level 15.

BOSS – Spring Beak

WEAKNESSES – Gnome(Mud Slide) – (HP-950/MP-90/EXP-800/G-768)

This guy isn’t too hard, but he is very tall and jumps all over the
place, it is very hard to kill him with weapons. This is why you need
the Faerie Walnut, in this battle you need to rely on magic. Just have
the Sprite continually cast Mud Slide on him. During this battle my
Gnome magic became Level 1, a Level 1 Mud Slide does him 180 damage!
Obviously since he only has around 600 hp’s, after that he’s not very


After defeating the boss you will recieve a Boomerang Orb, and a tree
above you will disappear, head up. You will come to another Mana Palace,
in it you will find the Sprite’s grandpa, he will tell you about a
place called Matango to the west, and give you the elemental ‘Slyphid’
(yes! no more guessing stats) which can be used to analyze enemies,
chests, orbs etc. Head onto the pedestal and seal the 3rd Mana Seed with
your sword. Head out of this area, and down left in the Spring area. You
will come to another exit, in the next area there will be an orb down the
bottom-left. Use the Slyphid’s Air Blast magic on it, to make it dissapear
opening a path for you. Head left and up a couple of screens, Eventually
you will come to a cave, enter it. Kill the Kimono Bird quickly, and
destroy the stalagmites with the axe (barrier spikes on the ground). Head

to the left, and down to come out, near Matango!


ENEMIES – Water Thug, Steamed Crab, Crawler, Pebblers, Kimono Bird,

Nemesis Owl,

The matango people are a peaceful race who are completely unlike their
cousins ‘Mushboom’. Head around to the left and up, to come to the main
village. Head into the main building on the right, you will see Watts, get
him to power up any weapons, and head up to talk to King Truffle. He states
that he thinks you are the hero of their legends, he remarks that a dragon
was seen fighting a snake yesterday! He says that you need to explore that
cave, before he will tell you where the next Mana Palace is. He also
remarks that their is something upstairs for you. Head upstairs and open
the chest to recieve a Javelin’s Orb! Go back to Watt’s and get him to
power it up. Head out of the main building, and to the shop on the left.
Stock up to full on every item he has, after that you need to buy 3 Wolf’s
Band (400G +8), 3 Fancy Overalls (675G +22) and a Steel Cap (180G +13).
I doubt you have enough money for this, so its time to power up ladies
and gentlemen! Head back to the main building after having bought what
you could afford, head right from the entrance, their will be an inn
and an exit to the south, use the inn if you need to. Then head south,
around and up into the cave. This is another area, with another cave at
the top of it, when you have killed all the enemies in this area, exit
and re-enter it. Continue doing so until you have the required amount of
money. Then go back and buy and equip all the armour I mentioned before.
Go to the Inn, this bit will be tedious, get the Girl to keep casting
Cure Water until her MP are empty, then rest at the Inn, you are doing
this now because it only costs 50G to stay in the Inn, and at this point
money is abundant. Do this until Undine is Level 2, this should take
around 4-5 sleeps at the inn. When Undine is Level 2 it heals around
125HP each, which is very handy. Make your way back through the area you
were fighting in, and into the cave at the top, make your way through,
the cave, it’s not particularly tough, there is an Orb in a dead end room,
use the, Gnome(Mud Slide), magic on it. Eventually you will make your way

to the boss…..

BOSS – Great Viper

WEAKNESSES – Slyphid(Thunder Bolt) – (HP-1330/MP-8/EXP-1410/G-1056)

Here is a guy who is a little on the tough side, keep as far away from him
as possible, if he touches you he can Pygmyise you, which makes you tiny,
do crap damage, although you can still cast magic, I think it only does
1/2 damage etc, use a medical herb to grow again. Get the Sprite to cast
Slyphid(Thunder Bolt) on him, and run in and attack him with your powered

up sword, while he is held still by the spell.

After defeating him you will recieve a Sword Orb, and a small passage will
open at the top of the screen, go through it. You will enter a cave, walk
through it, there are no enemies, after a little while you will come to
a room with light streaming down. In it there is a baby dragon! After
finding out about its parents, you find that you can’t move it, you go
ask King Truffle, he offers to take him in and raise him, he asks you if
you like the name Flammie, but you don’t have a choice, he is the king
after all! He tells you that the Cannone Travel to the south is open and
can take you to Kakkara, the desert country. On the way out talk to
Watt’s and get him to power up your weapons, go to the shop and fill up
on all the items. Head back out through the cave that took you outside
Matango, and head down-right, where you will find a Cannon Travel man,
although King Truffle told you to go to Kakkara, you actually have to
go to the Ice Country first, this is another point where many people get

stuck, so go to the Ice Country.


ENEMIES – Howler, Pebblers, Shellblast, LA Funk, (BOSS = BOREAL FACE)

Once you arrive in the Ice Country, head up to the item shop, in there
you need to stock up on items, and buy 3 Silver Bands(525G +10), 3 Racoon
Caps (550G +21) & 3 Golden Vests(2250G +34). It is unlikely that you will
have this much money, so its time to power up again. Rest at the inn etc,
as neccesary, and head into the woods to the left. In there, there are a
ton of Howlers, good money but be careful. After you can afford all the
armour mentioned above, your ready to go. Watts is also in the Armour
Store, in case you need any weapons powered up. Now is probably a good
time to edit your action grid again, move your characters up one square
and set their weapon power to the highest possible. By the time I left
this little town, the hero and girl were Level 20 & the sprite was Level

  1. Head to the left and through the first forest screen, the exit is
    on the bottom left, on the next screen you will meet Rudolph (Yes really!)
    he will tell you that his master has been kidnapped by a monster in the
    Ice Palace. Enter Santa’s house and open the chest to gain a Spear Orb.
    (The double-chest bug usually happens there, for me) Make your way through
    the next screen, the exit is on the mid-left, make your way through the

next one to face…

BOSS – Boreal Face/Brambler

WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-1100/MP-12/EXP-2245/G-1040), WEAKNESSES – None –


This guy is pretty easy to beat, he is very similar to Tropicallo from
earlier in the game. Just ignore the brambler, and charge up your sword
and hit him when he pops out from the ground, he can appear in any of
the four corners, you tend to hit him more if you hit him on the side,

don’t worry about offensive magic, you don’t need it.

After defeating him you will recieve a Bow Orb and automatically walk up
onto the next screen. In it you will see a member of the Scorpion Army
tending to a wood stove, everything is green, this is Ice Land what’s
going on? It appears that the Scorpion Army are using the heater to create
a resort, its warm so everyone one from Ice Land wants to go their. Talk
to the guy on the stove, he has to jet for a while, so he asks you to
look after the stove. Press the button on it, and you will hear some
tapping, it will ask you you if you want to open it, choose yes. Inside
is the fire elemental Salamando! He is very peeved at them having used
him for a heater, and gives you his powers as your reward for freeing
him! The land freezes back up and everybody leaves, after a confrontation
with the Scorpion Army, head out the top of the screen. This screen has
two exits, the one on the left takes you to a Neko where you can refill

and save, the one on the right takes you to the Ice Palace.


ENEMIES – Shellblast, Blue Drop, Specter, Weepy Eye, Mystic Book,


Upon entering the Palace you will find yourself in a room with three
switches and numerous Shellblast’s, the correct switch to hit is the
one on the right. A bit beyond that, there will be a switch that you
hit to open a path to a door, there are two of them. The right room
contains a Glove Orb. The left room contains two switches, the switch on
the right open’s a new doorway. After some more rooms you will come
to a mazey type area lined with bookshelves. To exit head down and past
two bookshelves that look like this:

||_ |_| {This is an overhead view}

around the bottom-middle (this had me stuck for a while the first time 🙂
You will get to a room with a couple of mystic books, and two switches
up the top of the room, hit the switches to fall down into the mid-boss


MID-BOSS – 3 Tonpole(Biting Lizard)

WEAKNESSES – Salamando(Exploder) – (HP-600/MP-0/EXP-50/G-0), WEAKNESSES –

Salamando(Exploder) – (HP-770/MP-6/EXP-210/G-348)

These guys are easy, just use the same method as when you fought the
Tonpole in Undine’s Cave. It is exactly the same, except you have magic
and there are three of them. I recommend not using magic because they
are so easy, it also makes it easier if you concentrate all your attacks

on one of them at a time.

After you have defeated him you will be back in the room you were in
before you dropped down, except now a doorway is open above you. Go
through the next room, and step on the switch to be warped into a room
with 3 Weepy Eyes. Head up to go into the boss hallway, he asks you if
you will leave, reply with a no. Get ready to fight.

BOSS – Frost Gigas

WEAKNESSES – Salamando(Fireball) – (HP-1140/MP-99/EXP-3045/G-1200)

This guy is fairly tough to beat, he can cast Ice Saber on your weapons,
since this will make you do him jack all damage, cast Flame Saber on all
your characters. Get the Sprite to chain cast Fireball on him, remember
you can only hit him while he is in his whole form. Although you can
hit him with magic as he is just changing, if timed right. Charge your
sword up while he is flying around and run in and hit him when he reforms,
Fireball does him around 70 damage, during this fight, my Salamando went
to Level 1, at which point Fireball does around 160 damage to him, which

is obviously a lot better.

Upon defeating Frost Gigas you will recieve a Boomerang Orb. You will then
be warped back into the hall where you heard the voice, and will find
Santa waiting for you. He will explain what happend to him, and give you
the Fire Seed! Make your way back a couple of screens through the Crystal
Forest, you eventually come to a Cannon Travel Centre, in the middle-right
hand side of one of the forest areas. Get the cannon travel man to send
you to Matango (He doesn’t have enough gunpowder to send you to Kakkara).
Exit Matango and make your way back to the Cannon Travel man you used to

get to the Ice Country, get him to send you to Kakkara.


ENEMIES – Pebbler, Spider Legs, Mad Mallard, Pumpkin Bomb, Sand Stinger,


You will end up being dumped in the desert completely lost and very
thirsty. The desert loops endlessly until you find the right way through,
one way to do it is U,L,L,D,L you will then mention something about
not being able to go on. The girl will notice something in the distance
so head up to find a Sandship. After meeting the people of the sandship,
each of you is assigned a job. You will find yourself all alone in the
kitchen, to escape you have to talk to Sergo, then the Guards on the
door, Sergo again, and then the Guards on the door again. He will create
a handy little diversion :), allowing you to escape. Head to the left,
down, and up the stairs, head down the stairs on the right of the guard
you can see on the deck. In the room down there you will find the Sprite,
it turns out he has eaten all the ships food! You are asked to take him
with you. After that exit, and (this is very hard to see, took me ages
to find it the first time) head down, in the middle of the wall above
you when you at the bottom of that area, you will see a door, enter
it. Head up the stairs and talk to the guard to save your game, talk
to the guards on the door, the Sprite will tell them that ‘rats’ ate
all the food, they will run off to check, allowing you acess. Enter to
find Morie trying to get the Girl to give her a backrub, Meria intervenes
and then the empire appears, you will be warped out onto the deck. Talk
to the guy in the top middle, Geshtar, he will want to have some fun

with you, so prepare to fight the boss…….

BOSS – Mech Rider

WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-980/MP-18/EXP-1595/G-1055)

This guy is so easy its pathetic, he takes no effort whatsoever, you
have to be near him to cast magic on him, so stand near him, and chain

cast Gem Missile until you run out of MP, he’s dead, wasn’t that easy 🙂

After his defeat you will be warped to an area with members of the
sandship around. Talk to one of the soldiers and he will ask you if
you are leaving, reply yes and you will be warped into an area with
sand pits, head up to get to Kakkara. Talk to the seller, and fill
up on items, you don’t need to buy any armour. Watts is here and you
can get him to power up your weapons, rest at the Inn etc if neccesary.
Talk to the two guys near the dried up lake to find out about Kakkara,

head down and out of Kakkara. Head D,L,U to get to the Fire Palace.


ENEMIES – Sand Stinger, Spider Legs, Robin Foot, Dark Funk, Mad Mallard,


Once inside the Fire Palace, head into the left door, go around until
you come to the room filled with lava, use Salamando(Exploder) on the
Orb there, to extinguish the lava. Go up and you will enter a room with
5 exits, a room on the left and right, a staircase in the middle and
a doorway below the staircase, and one to the left of it. The top left
& right rooms are empty, the doorway down, takes you down a ramp and
back to the start. With no way to get back than walk around again.
Head into the bottom-left door, in the bottom-left corner of this room
you will find a chest containing a 1000G! Leave the room, and take the
staircase, In the next room use Salamando(Fireball) on the Orb, to create
an extension to the bridge just to the right of you, head down and you
will come to another bridge and a staircase, head up the bridge and
into the room, open the chest for 1000G! (Not a bad find), then go up
the staircase, Head left and down the stairs, make your way through the
little maze thingy, and collect the Axe Orb in the chest at the top, head
back out and make your way down and around to the left and up, go into the
staircase there. Make your way through the next couple of rooms,
remembering to hit the switch on the platform with the two Robin Foot’s,
and across the whip post area, head up the staircase, you will come to
a room full lof lit Calendabra’s and an orb on a platform. Use
Undine(Freeze) on the Orb, all of the Calendabra’s bar two will go out,
walk between the two that are still lit, and the platform the orb was on
will rise revealing another staircase, go up it, its time to fight the


BOSS – Minotaur

WEAKNESSES – Slyphid(Thunder Bolt) – (HP-1200/MP-99/EXP-3348/G-1440)

This guy is not too tough, he is another boss that is easy to chain cast
on, so just keep your characters away from him, and get the Sprite to
chain cast Slyphid(Thunder Bolt), you will have to refill the Sprite’s
MP’s fairly often though, as you can only cast Slyphid(Thunder Bolt) 4-5

times at this stage, before you run out of MP’s.

After defeating him, you will recieve a Javelin’s Orb. Head up to the top
of the screen and out through the doorway, you will put the Fire Seed on
the pedestal, then go up and seal the 4th Mana Seed (Fire), head back out
the Fire Palace area and head R,U,U to get back to Kakkara. Talk to
everybody, stock up on items, get Watt’s to power up your weapons, rest
at the inn etc. You will find out that the Water still hasn’t returned
the only way the can get it back is a Sea Hare’s Tail (You can’t do this
until much later), so head to the cannon travel centre on the right and

get him to send you to the empire.


ENEMIES – Iffish, Dinofish, Blue Drop, Mad Mallard, Pumpkin Bomb

If you head down you will come to a building that is an inn, head upstairs
and you find a merchant, buy 3 Golem Ring’s(750G +13), 3 Ruby Vest(4500G
+43) & 2 Quilted Hoods(700G +26). Head up to the house in the top left,
attempt to talk to the woman standing outside the doors, and she will
go back inside, talk to her and she will reveal the she knows who you are
and that she is really a Tasnican spy, she tells you the password (634)
that you need to get into the secret passage. The secret passage is
located right and up from the inn, give the guard the password the lady
told you and he will allow you to enter. Make your way through the passage
its not hard to find your way around, the only thing to watch out for is
the enemies, they can be tough at times. After making it through the passage

you arrive in a house in…….



On your arrival you will be accused of being an imperial spy, however it
doesn’t take long for you to be recognised as friends of Jema, this is
the Resistance HQ. Head out, at the item store you should buy 3 Frosty
Ring(1200G +16), 2 Tiger Suit(6375G +52), Tiger Bikini(7100G +64) & 3
Tiger Cap(1100G +32). Save etc at the Inn, if you head down the left
bottom stairs in the Inn, you will find Watts. After that head up to the
ruins in the top right hand corner, after another meeting with Phanna, its

time to enter the ruins.


ENEMIES – Ghoul, Wizard Eye, Weepy Eye, Imp, Grave Bat, Tomato Man, Blue

Drop, Specter, Green Drop, Red Drop, Robin Foot, (MID-BOSS = DOOM’S WALL),

Head up the stairs on the left or right, there are 2 rooms, one on the
left and one on the right, each contain an Orb, after you have gone through
a couple of rooms, you can come back and do them, after you have completed
the ruins, but I recommend doing them now, as the enemies along the way
give pretty good experience. The one on the left contains a Spear Orb,
the one on the right a Bow’s Orb. Downstairs, the rooms on the left and
right are empty, so head into the double doors in the middle, eventually
you will come out in a longish hallway with 2 other exits, the one to
your left protected by Robin Foot’s is empty, the one further left
protected by ghouls is the one you should go in. After a couple of rooms,
you will come to an room with some downstairs areas, the downstairs area
you can get too, has a switch surrounded by spikes, their is a room
surrounded by spikes in the top-left corner of the room. Head to the
bottom-right exit(top area not downstairs). After going through a couple
of rooms, you will come to a room with a switch in it, hit it, this
drop’s the spikes that were there earlier. Head back and into the room’s
top-left corner, to find a Sword Orb. Head down to the downstairs area
and step on the switch you can now get to, a door will appear in the wall
above you, enter it. Head through a couple of rooms, the crappy spike

maze, and a couple more rooms, you will come to the mid-boss…..

MID-BOSS – Doom’s Wall

WEAKNESSES – Lumina – (HP-1180/MP-99/EXP-4750/G-648)

This guy isn’t very hard at all, he is basically exactly the same as
Evil Wall, except that he doesn’t move, and he has this really annoying
move that carries you around the room, encircled by rocks. Just charge
up your sword and hit his eyes, when they are dead charge up your sword
and hit the thing in his forehead, get Sprite to chain cast Gnome(Gem

Missile) on it. Don’t forget to heal, he can do some damage.

After defeating Doom’s Wall, head up a couple of screens and after a
meeting with Dyluck and Thanatos, its time to fight the boss….

BOSS – Vampire

WEAKNESSES – Lumina – (HP-2550/MP-99/EXP-5148/G-696)

This guy is also none too hard to defeat, just have the Sprite continually
chain cast Gnome(Gem Missile) on him, he’ll be dead in no time (remember
you cant’t do more than 999 damage in one chain, so if you think it’ll

do more, stop the chain, then start again).

After you have defeated him, you will recieve a Boomerang Orb, there is

nothing else to do here, so head back to Northtown.



Head down and left two buildings, enter the right hand side door of the
building with red/white striped shades over the doors, you will find
Phanna in their being treated by a doctor, head into the building just
below their, Krissie will be waiting for you just inside, it seems that
the King of Northtown wants to talk, they invite you along and go along
ahead of you, so go and rest at the Inn etc. By this stage all of my
characters were Level 32. The entrance to the castle is in the top-left



ENEMIES – (MID-BOSS = METAL MANTIS), Emberman, Armored Man, Dark Ninja,


Make your way through to the throne room, you can’t really go wrong
because the ways that you are not supposed to go, are blocked off. Upon
your arrival in the room, you will be suprised to see no one there. Go
up and speak to the King, you will end up in Jail. Talk to the guard,
he will let you out, and then shove you into the hole in the middle

of the screen, its time to fight!

MID-BOSS – Metal Mantis

WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-1220/MP-40/EXP-4749/G-1464)

This guy is an absolute joke, he’s almost as easy as Mech Rider, just
get the Sprite to chain cast Gnome(Gem Missile) on him, he will be dead

in no time.

After his defeat you will recieve a Glove’s Orb and a warp point will
appear, step onto it. Head left and press the attack button on the
yellow blob, to use it to jump across to the other side. Get the chest
up on the platform to recieve a 1000G. Head into the doorway on the
left, head through the next couple of rooms, and you will eventually come
out outside, with a couple of Armored Men around. Head down and into the
door up the stairs on the right, after a couple of rooms, you will come
to a room containing two chests, one has an Axe Orb and the other an
Whip’s Orb, leave and enter through the main double doors. Head up the
main stairs, and up the stairs on the left. After a few rooms you will
come out on the roof, head down and through the double-doors. After a
couple of rooms you will come to a room, where a door is blocked off by
a load of bell switches on the floor, the one’s on the bottom, just
knock you back, head into the one in the top right it will warp you
across to the other side. Head up and to the right, you will notice
that that switch throws you back too, (this is where tons of people
get stuck) on the wall above the switch and just to the left, you will
notice a little indentation thingy, hit it, its a switch, you can now
walk straight over the bell floor switch. Head up through the door,

After an exchange with the Emporer and his cohorts, its time to fight…

BOSS – Mech Rider 2

WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-1258/MP-30/EXP-6013/G-1500)

This guy is just as easy as before, just get the Sprite to chain cast
Gnome(Gem Missile), don’t cast it more than 5 times in a row though,

as you cannot do more than 999 damage in one go.

After his defeat you will recieve a Javelin’s Orb, he starts to burn the
place up, it looks like you are all goners. Then you hear King Truffle’s
voice! head right to find him, it appears he rode Flammie there, he says
that Flammie thinks you are his parents, and gives you his favourite toy
‘Flammie Drum’, it is an unlimited item, whenever you use it (not in
dungeons) Flammie will come to you and you can ride him anywhere you want!
He asks that you take him back to Matango (check my map), on your arrival
back at Matango, he tells you that you need to go to the Lofty Mountains,
in the South West. Buy any items etc you need, get Watt’s to power up all
the weapons that need it (an awful lot by now!), and rest etc at the inn.

Go outside and call Flammie to go on a…….



Before you go to number 10 (Lofty Mountains) now is as good a time as any
to go and get the two optional items in the game, that you need Flammie
for. The Midge Mallet is located in Gaia’s Navel (No.4 on the map). Go
back to the Dwarf Village, and towards the bottom-middle of the area, you
will find the chief of the village, talk to him, to recieve the Midge
Mallet. You are required to get a Sea Hare’s Tail before you can get the
Moogle Belt. It is located on an island just to the north of Tasnica.
They aren’t selling very well so the store owner will give on to you.
After you have recieved it, take it back to Kakkara. And talk to the
two guys, who were standing near the empty lake. After giving them the
Sea Hare’s Tail, the water re-appears and the music changes. Everybody,
is now very happy, and they give you the Moogle Belt, as a token of their
appreciation. The Midge Mallet is used to switch between being small and
big, as well as vice-versa. The Moogle Belt is used to switch between

being normal and being a moogle, and vice-versa.


ENEMIES – Trap Flower, Bomb Bee, Eggatrice

Once you arrive their, head up and left, ignore the cave (Palace Of
Darkness) You will come to a town. Head to the store in the bottom right
corner, buy 3 Ivy Amulets(1875G +20), 2 Circlets(2300G +38) and 3 Magical
Armour(11500G +78). Watts is in the house in the bottom-left, the inn is
in the top-right corner. If you head up you can visit their Temple, in it
there are Orbs that have sounds recorded on them, I think it is from
before the world was nearly destroyed the first time. In the top-right
hand corner of the temple their is a door that allows you to reach the
top, and speak with a man. Once you have finished, head back down and
right past the Palace Of Darkness. Head up and to the top, its pretty
obvious which way to go, considering their is only one way :). The only
thing I recommend, is that you equip the hero with the whip, it is a
handy weapon and this is a good place to start using it, see what you
think. In the cave at the top, you will meet Jehk, Sage Jock’s assistant.
He tells you that the Sage has gone to the Palace Of Darkness. So make
your way back down the mountain, and use the inn in the village to the
left. Its time to head to the Palace Of Darkness, so enter the cave I

told you not to before.


ENEMIES – Fierce Head, Grave Bat, Imp, Dark Knight, Dark Ninja, Emberman,


Once inside the palace, head into the right-hand passage, the one on the
left is a dead end containing a Dark Ninja. You will come out in a room
full of stalagmites, and a few Embermen. There is a cracked wall to the
top left(currently does nothing) and exits in the top and bottom-right.
Kill the Embermen, the top-right exit is a dead end room, so head into
the bottom right. Once through, enter the doorway in the top-left and
step on the switch their, to raise a whip pole. Head back out and towards
the bottom-right. Exit through the doorway, hit the switch in the top-left
and then enter the doorway in the bottom-right (at the bottom of the stairs).
Make your way through the next long winding hallway, and you will come
out at the bottom of a set of stairs, with a doorway to the right of them.
It is a dead end, so head up the stairs, and enter the doorway above you.
Go through the hallway, and you will come out in a cavey room with a
couple of Embermen and some whip poles, that you created with a switch
earlier. Head across the whip poles and hit the switch, a doorway will
open to the right. Head back, ignore the doorway above you, its a dead
end. Make your way back, in the long winding hallway on the way back I
found a chest in the top-middle containing 1000G! It wasn’t their before
, and I didn’t kill any enemies to get it, so you should find it too.
I got lucky at this point though, I killed a Dark Knight and found a
Gauntlet!(37500G +90). Make your way right back to the first cavey room,
destroy the stalagmites and this time head up and left, there is the
doorway that you created just before, enter it. Head up and you will
come to a room with switches in the floor, when you press these you
will see a string of blue flames appear, these are invisible walkways,
so head across them. After pressing switches, and going across a couple
of walkways you will come to a doorway, enter it. Now its time to fight,

the boss, that many players hate….. (myself included).

BOSS – Dread Slime

WEAKNESSES – Shade – (HP-5000/MP-99/EXP-37000/G-26400)

This guy can be a bastard, if he traps you in the corner, but generally
he isnt too hard. Just power up your weapons and hit him. You cannot
hit him with magic (does 1 damage) unless it is chain cast. So usually
I get the Sprite to chain cast 3-4 gem missiles on him. You can tell
when he is getting near death, as he gets smaller and smaller as he
takes more damage. Continually heal yourself, to guarantee staying

alive, your HP’s should be above 120-130 at all times.

After his defeat you will receive a Javelins Orb, and be transported out
to the room containing, the pedestal of the next Mana Seed. Talk to the
guy at the bottom of the pedestal, this is Shade. He tells you that he is
the Spirit of Darkness, and few have beaten his creatures. He gives you
his powers as a reward, head up the pedastal to receive the 5th Mana
Seed. Make your way back to the start (all the enemies have gone), dont
leave yet, enter the middle doorway (previously blocked by a gate) and

open the chest to receive a Glove Orb. Now you can exit.


ENEMIES – Trap Flower, Bomb Bee, Eggatrice

Its time to head back up Lofty Mountains again, so make your way back up,
again I recommend equipping the hero with the whip. Upon seeing Jehk again
he tells you, that Sage Joch is at the Gold Isle to the Northeast. Exit

the cave, and call Flammie, head to No.19(see map).



The Inn is located in the top-right, Watts is located in the bottom-left,
and the store is located in the top-left. Rest at the Inn, visit Watts
etc as neccessary. Head to the store and buy 3 Lazuri Ring(8800G +35),
1 Dragon Helm(7500G +66), 2 Duck Helm(11250G +78), and now for the real
killer, 3 Battle Suit(30000G +139). It is unlikely that you will have
enough cash for all of this, so head back to Lofty Mountains, and keep
running up and down it, it is a good place to power up and get cash, after
you have the required amount(it does take forever!), head back to Gold
City. If you dont, you will die easily in the next dungeon, so yes you
have to. Buy all the armour you couldn’t afford before, and then head
up the stairs towards the top-middle. Make your way all around the wall
to the other side. Talk to the man there and he will tell you that the
King has sealed the Gold Tower shut, and that the key had been stolen
by a Tasnican spy who was caught in Southtown, but the key was never
recovered. Its time to head to Southtown. So call Flammie and catch a

ride to Southtown, No.18(see map).



Once you get there, head to the house in the top-left, remember the
woman who gave you the password to the secret passage before, and who’s
husband was a Tasnican spy? Well it turns out that he was the one who
stole the key, his wife has found it amongst his things, she would gladly
exchange it to get him back, but she gives the key to you. Now you can

enter the tower! So call Flammie and head back to Gold City.


ENEMIES – Beast Zombie, Dark Ninja, Wizard Eye, Weepy Eye, (MID-BOSS =


Once there, rest at the inn etc. The make your way up the passage in the
top-middle of the town. Walk up to the Tower doors, and you will
automatically use the key, giving you access. Enter the tower. Upon
entering the tower all of my characters were Level 40. Kill the Beast
Zombies(pink wolves), but be very careful, their charge does huge damage,
if they trap you in the corner you are dead. Open the chest to receive
a Spear Orb. Make your way around the next couple of rooms, and it will

be time to fight a mid-boss…..

MID-BOSS – Blue Spike

WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-1980/MP-99/EXP-9150/G-3840)

This guy isn’t too hard to beat, have the Sprite equipped with the Bow &
Arrow. Get the Sprite to chain cast Gem Missile on him in groups of 5 or 6.
When he is up on the pedestals, switch to the Sprite and shoot him with
the Bow & Arrow. Charge up your weapons and run up and hit him when he is
standing still. When he dies, he is not really dead, he comes back, chain

cast Gem Missile on him another 5-6 and he should finally die.

After his defeat, you will receive a Boomerang Orb, and a staircase will
rise, allowing you access to the floor above. On the above floor you
will receive an Axe Orb in a chest. Make your way through the next
couple of rooms. It will be time to fight the boss…..

BOSS – Gorgon Bull

WEAKNESSES – Slyphid(Thunder Bolt) – (HP-2470/MP-99/EXP-9755/G-4800)

This guy is even easier than the last mid-boss, just make sure you dont
stand in front of him, as he can charge at you, knocking you unconscious
and then continually charge over your body. Get the Sprite to chain cast
Thunder Bolt on him, refilling his MP as neccessary. Thats all their is

too it.

After his defeat you will receive a Bow’s Orb, head up to the pedestal
of the 6th Mana Seed (Light Seed), where you will find Lumina waiting for
you. He will tell you that the King was using his powers to make Gold,
he tells you that you should be the only ones to wield his power, and
grants it to you. Go up and seal the Seed with your sword, then exit
the tower. Stock up on items you used at the store, and rest at the

inn. Call Flammie its time to go back to Lofty Mountains again.


ENEMIES – Trap Flower, Bomb Bee, Eggatrice

Its time to head back up Lofty Mountains again, so make your way back up,
again I recommend equipping the hero with the whip. Upon seeing Jehk again
he tells you, that Sage Joch has gone to the Moon Palace in the Kakkara

Desert. Exit the cave, and call Flammie, head to No.14(see map).


ENEMIES – Marmablue

You will arrive in the Kakkara desert, head up and catch Karon’s Ferry, to
the Moon Palace. Upon entrance to the Moon Palace you will come across a
couple of Marmablues, kill then and head into the doors at the top. Head
south for a couple of seconds, and then east for a couple of seconds,
(the area loops endlessly until you find this Orb), you will come across
a Crystal Orb use Lumina(Lucent Beam) on it to be taken to the Mana
Pedestal, Luna is waiting for you, he gives you his powers, use your sword
to go up and seal the 7th Mana Seed. Exit the Moon Palace and ride Karon’s
Ferry back to the desert(for some reason you can only call Flammie when
you are back in the desert). Call Flammie, and you guessed it, back to

the Lofty Mts.


ENEMIES – Trap Flower, Bomb Bee, Eggatrice

Its time to head back up Lofty Mountains again :), so make your way back
up, again I recommend equipping the hero with the whip. Upon seeing Jehk
again he tells you, that Sage Joch has gone to Tasnica, the republic to

the east. Exit the cave, and call Flammie, head to No.11(see map).



Once inside, head left or right it doesn’t really matter which, you will
eventually meet up with the King, Jema will come up behind you, he will
realize that its not the King, its really the Stalker everybody has been
talking about. I am not even going to create a section for this guy,
because he is so pathetically easy. Get the Sprite to chain cast 2 Gem
Missiles on him and he is dead! yes he is that easy, after that, the King
will give you a Sword Orb, talk to Jema, he will tell you that, you have
to go back to Sage Joch and learn the true meaning of courage. So head
back out of the castle, and get Flammie to take you back to the Lofty Mts,

for the last time.


ENEMIES – Trap Flower, Bomb Bee, Eggatrice

Its time to head back up Lofty Mountains for the last time, so make your
way back up, and again I recommend equipping the hero with the whip. Upon
seeing Jehk again he makes Sage Joch appear, he speaks in the old language
so Jehk translates, he tells you that you must take a test to find courage,

head up the path that he opens, to fight the ultimate fight.


ENEMIES – Nitro Pumpkin, Shape Shifter, Marmablue,(BOSS = SHADOWX1,2&3)

You must make your way through a mini maze to get to it, the maze itself
isn’t too hard, I recommend you equip the hero with the Axe here, or
you will be continually changing weapons, as you have to chop down about
a million stalagmites. The enemies aren’t too tough in general, but be
very careful of the Shape Shifters, they can spawn very powerful enemies,
on my way through, one spawned a Needlion which did me 300+ damage!

Eventually you will make your way through to the test itself.


WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-?/MP-?/EXP-?/G-?)

This is the ultimate test of courage, a battle against yourself!, it isnt
really that tough, dont worry about magic or anything, just keep powering
up your weapons and attacking them, after each dies they will nod their
head in approval of your achievement. After all three have been defeated,

head back down.

You will automatically be transported to Jehk, who will reveal his true
identity, and when questioned as to why he didnt help you sooner, he
tells you that you werent yet ready. He tells you of the Mana Palace
which you must now hurry too. From now on, I recommend that you use
Matango as your base of operations, as it has a store that sells most
of the stuff you need, a Watts, and an inn, and its all fairly cheap.
So head their (No.9 on map) and rest at the inn etc. From their make

your way to No.21 on the map.



Upon entering the Mana palace, you will find the Emperor with 2 of his
cohorts, he invites either of them to deal with you, Sheex will offer,
as he has a grudge against you, he was the Dark Stalker in Tasnica, he

now wants to show you his true power.

BOSS – Aegagropilon

WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-3016/MP-99/EXP-11050/G-1800)

This boss’s name is a mouthful in itself :). He is quite tough though, cast
Mud Slide on him, as soon as you can, then chain cast it until you run out
of Mp, he should be dead, if this doesnt work, dont rely on magic, as he
can cast Wall, which reflects it back at you. You could be in serious
trouble if he traps you, so keep moving around, power up your weapons and

attack him, remember to heal yourself, dont take risks.

After his defeat you will receive a Spear Orb, and instantly be warped,
to the 8th and final Mana Seed. As you reach it the seal melts, you do
not have time to seal it again! Then Dryad appears, he says that he will
go down with the Palace, as he has failed in his quest, you ask him to
join you, he relucantly agrees, and tells you that some of his magic has
been sealed. You will call Flammie, and appear outside the Palace, on his
back, the entire palace starts to rise from the land. I recommend going
back to Matango, and resting etc, I also recommend moving your characters
up one square in the action grid, and setting their level to 4, then head

back to the palace.


ENEMIES – Dark Knight, Shape Shifter, Metal Crawler, Dinofish, Marmablue,
Steelpion, Kimono Wizard, Basilisk, (MID-BOSS = HYDRA), Captain Duck,

Fierce Head, Grave Bat, Dark Stalker, (BOSS = KETTLE KIN)

Once you have landed again, you will see Jema walking around, talk to him
and he will tell you about some stuff, after this head down the sets of
stairs you see around, for a couple of levels until you reach the ground.
(There are Shape Shifters around, so be careful). When you reach the
bottom, go down the left hand stairway, make your way along the river,
and after a short way you will come to a stairway going down, enter it.
You will come across some little crystals moving up and down, they can
be destroyed with the Axe, after destroying them, use the little yellow
guy, to jump up to the area above. Head right up to the top of the river
and attempt to cross it, you have to be at the top or you will fall down.
Over the other side is a chest containing a Boomerang Orb. Head up into
the doorway on the top-left, chop down the crystals (there are tons of
them) and head up (dont step on the switch with different coloured
crystals around it, it makes all the ones you cut down pop back up).
Fight your way through whatever enemies appear (Kimono Wizard can be
killed very quickly with Gem Missile). And head toward the top-left,
you will come across some rivers that drag you down, hold up to slow
yourself. The first one has a switch a fair way down, on the left that
stops it (a red switch on the end of a metal thing in a gap in the wall).
The second river just carries you down a little bit, and the 3rd river
has a red switch that stops it, a fair way down on the right. Hake your
way to the top-left corner and enter the door you find there. Its time

to fight a boss….

MID-BOSS – Hydra

WEAKNESSES – Salamando(Fireball) – (HP-3382/MP-99/EXP-12439/G-3600)

This dude is basically a stronger version of Jabberwocky. He really isn’t
too hard to beat, as long as you dont let him trap you, heal yourself,
and get the sprite to continually cast Fireball on him. Run in and hit

him with a powered up sword, when you get a chance.

After his defeat you will recieve a whip’s Orb. After talking to a few of
the Empires henchmen, you will be left alone, head up and around for a
screen or two, you will come to a room with three exit type alcoves, but
only the middle one is an actual door, so enter it. Head down and after
defeating a couple of enemies, you will see two conveyor belts, one going
towards you, and one going away. Go down the one going towards you (on
the left). Hold down and towards the left hand wall, you will enter a
room, with a switch on the floor, step on it. Head down and through a
couple of screens, you will see, wall type things that look like they are
blocking your way, but you can just walk under them. The first doorway
you come to, enter it, inside are Watts and Krissie (who will restore
your HP). Head around and up, and enter the doorway up the top. You will
come to a forked road, head left as right is a deadend. After a couple
more screens you will see a doorway blocked by a barrier (Dont worry
you come back to it in a sec). Head into the right doorway, and you
will see a floor switch and another barrier. Step on the floor switch,
it doesnt appear to do anything. Wrong! Go back to where the barrier
was across the door, just before, and it has dissapeared, so head up
into that now open doorway. Make your way through the long hallway,
and you will come to a room with 4 squares on the ground, kill all
the enemies, and then step right in the middle of the 4 squares, the
barrier, over the door in the top left will disappear, so head into
it. Make your way through a few more rooms (Be careful because there
are a couple of Shape Shifters around). You will eventually come to
a puzzle on a wall, you will see 4 flashing lights, that are (from
left to right) green, blue, yellow and red, and a barrier over a door
just below it. It makes two different sounds depending on whether you
hit the right one or not, the correct order to hit the lights in is
red, blue, yellow, green. The barrier over the door will disappear,
so head into that doorway (there is an area below, you can get to
by going left or right of this doorway, but it doesnt prove anything).
Head around, and step on the floor switch. Head towards, the top right
of this area. You will make it back at the place, where the switch
appeared to do nothing, the barrier over the door below it, is now
gone, so you can now enter. Head down a couple of screens and you
will come to some more conveyor belts, again, it doesnt matter which
one you walk down. After another screen or two, you will come across
a train, you can enter it through the open doorway on the left.
This is a pretty good place to power up, as it is packed full of
Ghouls who are easy to kill as long as you dont let them charge you.
Be careful towards the end of the train though, as there is an
Eggplant Man (they can spawn Needlions). And as you exit, there are
two Shape Shifters. After exiting the train, head down a couple of
screens, you will see two archways and a doorway blocked by a barrier,
walk through the middle of the right hand archway to step on a hidden
floor switch, the barrier in front of the door will now be removed.
So keep heading down, You will enter a room with another fork road,
however, you can only go right. Head around and enter the bottom left
doorway (if you head up from there, you will end up running round in
circles). After entering that doorway, you will run across the
Scorpion Army again, they will unleash their second version robot
on you…..

BOSS – Kettle Kin

WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-1230/MP-33/EXP-15555/G-3360)

This guy really isnt too hard to beat. Just power up your sword, run in
and hit him. Get the Sprite to chain cast Gem Missile, after a short

amount of time, he will be dead.

After defeating him, you will recieve a Bow’s Orb. The Scorpion Army will
have a few more words to say to you, and then you will appear back outside.
head to the left, and you will see a stairway and a door. The doorway
leads to the Grand Palace. If you head up the Stairs, you will get to
Jema again, he will thank you for finding a shortcut to the Grand Palace,
as you can now get to it through the bottom right hand stairs. If you
need to stock up on basic items or want to rest and save etc, call Flammie
and get him to take you to Matango. When your ready, or if you are ready
already, its time to enter the Grand Palace.



If you have been using my guide so far, you won’t have gotten the bonus
items as early as you could have, sorry, just look for the section earlier

on with the same title, as now would be a good time to go and get them.


ENEMIES – Heck Hound, Doom Sword, Turtlance, Gremlin, National Scar,


Upon entering the Grand Palace, all of my characters were Level 46, As
you enter, you will se that there are two doorways, one in the middle of
the room, and one in the top middle. Enter the one in the middle of the
room. Once through, head around to the top left and enter the doorway
there. Use the Gnome magic, Gem Missile, on the orb in there. Head back
out, and this time enter the doorway in the top-right corner. Use Undine
(Freeze) magic on the Orb in there. Exit this area, and go back to the
main room, this time enter the doorway in the top middle of the room.
Use the whip to make your way across the gaps, and enter the doorway in
the top left of the room (it would have been blocked if you had tried
before). Use Slyphid(Air Blast), on the Orb in there. Leave the room
and make your way down and into the doorway at the bottom of the screen.
Head right across the room, and enter the doorway in the top right corner.
Head up and enter the doorway there. Use Salamando(Fireball), on the Orb
in there. Head back down, and enter the doorway in the middle of the room
you walked across before. Enter the doorway in the bottom-left of the
new room you just entered (its not very obvious), and head left and up
into the doorway there. Use Lumina(Lucent Beam), on the Orb in there.
(remember the girl has it). Exit, and makr your way over to the doorway
in the top right corner of the room. Use Shade(Dark Force), on the Orb
in there. Exit the room, and make your way up the passage in the middle
of the room, the chest you see, contains a Sword Orb. Dont enter the
doorway at the top, its just an empty room. So make your way back out
this room, the way you came in (the open doorways). The rooms in the
top left and right of this room, are empty so dont bother entering them.
Make your way up the stairs and into the doorway in the mid top right
of the room, walk left and you will appear on the platform in the mid
top left of the room you were in before. Just to your right is a switch
on the top wall, hit it and the grate covering the doorway in the middle
will disappear. Exit this room, and make your way into the doorway, which
the grate just disappeared from. Head straight up and into the doorway
there. In the next room make your way to the top left, down the stairs
and around the path until you end up in the top right corner of the room,
enter the doorway there. (all the Orbs you hit before, created this path
and the stairs, without them you couldnt have gone any further). Head
up and step on the switch in the top-left corner, to create a staircase
just below it. Walk down the staircase and step on the switch down there.
It will lower a stone block just in front of you that was blocking your
way. Head down, and use the whip to cross the gap down, head left and
enter the doorway there. Use Luna(Lunar Magic), on the orb in there.
Head out and back up to the top-right corner of the room, step on the
switch there, to again create a staircase below it. Walk down the stairs
and hit the switch there, to again lower a stone block just in front of
you. Head down and whip yourself across the gap, enter the doorway in the
top-right. After entering the room, step on the switch and prepare to


MID-BOSS – Snap Dragon

WEAKNESSES – Salamando(Fireball) – (HP-1215/MP-6/EXP-19200/G-12480)

This guy is quite similar to the Biting Lizard boss from earlier, but
he is a lot deadlier. He can swallow your for aound 250+ HP damage.
So keep healing yourself, run in and hit him with a charged sword.
And get the Sprite to cast Fireball as quickly as possible (it cant be

chain cast, because you have to wait for them to hit the enemy).

After his defeat your will recieve a Spear’s Orb. Head left and down the
path, and enter the doorway there. Head up and you will see a pedestal
with a Mana Seed on it, blocked by the Emperor. He isn’t moving and there
is an exit above him, so head up, and enter the exit. After a talk with
Fahna & Thanatos. It is Fahna’s turn to fight you, he turns into his
other form……

MID-BOSS – Hexas

WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-3465/MP-69/EXP-20103/G-14400)

This guy is fairly easy to beat, just run up and hit him with a charged
up sword, and get the Sprite to chain cast Mud Slide on him (no more than

4 at a time though, or you are wasting MP).

After his defeat you will recieve a whip’s Orb. Head up and step on the
switch there, you will be transported to another room, its time to
fight again…..

BOSS – Mech Rider

WEAKNESSES – None – (HP-4327/MP-38/EXP-21104/G-16000)

This guy isnt too hard to beat, at the start, chain cast Gem Missile on
him, after a while he will cast reflect, so when you run out of MP stop,
run in and hit him with a charged up sword, and thats about all there is

to it.

After his defeat you will recieve a spear’s Orb, and the whole place will
begin to shake. The Empire has been successful in activating the Mana
Fortress. The Mana Palace is sinking, so you call Flammie, to come and
get you, you watch as the Palace is sinking. If you look around you,
you will see the Mana Fortress floating in the sky.



As soon as you are free to move again, land where the Mana Palace was.
(Try to land on the building, its hard sometimes, but it can be done).
Talk to Jema, he will tell you about the Fortress and the coming of the
Mana Beast. He will tell you that it is now time to search for the
Mana Forest. After talking to him, you can talk to Krissie who will
restore your HP’s. If you walk inside the building, you will meet
Phanna and her and the Girl will make up. After you have finished,
head outside and head around the Mana Palace from the left, when you
make it down to the bottom right corner, you will come across a Neko.
This Neko sells the best equipment that can be bought. Buy three Gauntlet
(37500G +90), three Vestguard (65500G +240), three Needle Helm (30000G
+140). Also stock up on every item he has available. I recommend buying
every item and the Gauntlets and Needle Helms first. You will probably
not have enough money to afford everything, so buy what you can. Call
Flammie and get him to take you to Matango (no.9 on the map). Once their,
rest and save, and get Watt’s to forge any weapons that you can afford.
Its now time to head to the Mana Forest. The map does not mention where
the Mana Forest is. It is the roundish island in the top left corner of
the map. You have to land on the edge of the green bit it the middle.
Upon entering, I recommend that you run back and forth killing all the
enemies in the first two screens, to gain all the money you need. You
earn around 5000G for the first screen and around 8000G for the second so
it shouldnt take forever. After you have gained enough money to buy
everything from Neko and power up all your Weapons, leave and head back
to the Mana Palace. Buy everything you need from Neko, and then catch
Flammie back to Matango, and power up all your Weapons, rest, save etc.

You are now ready to tackle the Mana Forest.


ENEMIES – Needlion, Griffin Hand, Mushgloom, Ice Thug

You now should be around Level 50+ and have no real need to gain much more
levels or money. So use a Barrel on each of your characters, it covers
them and protects you from damage. This enables you to get through the
first section effortlessly. You can’t attack enemies, dont try or you
will remove the barrel. Make your way through the next couple of screens
and when you get to the 5th screen (with Ice Thugs around) head up and

enter the cave to fight……

MID-BOSS – Dragon Worm

WEAKNESSES – Slyphid(Thunderbolt) – (HP-3525/MP-99/EXP-24290/G-17460)

This guy is quite easy, he is basically a powered up version of Great
Viper. Just get the Sprite to chain cast Thunderbolt on him, you will

have to refill his MP once.

After his defeat you will recieve an axe Orb. If you head up a few screens
you will see a stone structure, walk up into the middle of it, it will
tell you that it will let you pass after you have defeated the dragon to
the left, and gives you the option to save your game. Head left and then
in the next room, exit in the top-left corner, you will find yourself

MID-BOSS – Snow Dragon

WEAKNESSES – Salamando(Fireball) – (HP-2800/MP-99/EXP-26588/G-18360)

This guy can be quite tough to beat, just stay away from him as much as
possible. His tail can easily do you 100 dmg, and his wing attack can do
all of you 100 dmg. So avoid him as much as possible, and get the Sprite

to continually cast Fireball at him.

After his defeat you will recieve a bow’s Orb. Head back to the stone
structure, and call Flammie. Get him to take you to the Mana Palace,
so that you can stock up on items from Neko, then to Matango, so you
can power up your weapons and rest, save etc. Head into the forest area
just to the right of Matango, and get the Sprite to use his Undine magic
until it reaches at least Level 3, you will need it soon. After you are
ready, head back to the Mana Forest, and use exactly the same method as
you did before to get back to the stone structure (except this time you
can make it a lot further using the barrels). After you have got past the
stone structure, head up, and on the second screen, head right and
enter the cave there. After a couple of screens, its time to fight……

MID-BOSS – Axe Beak

WEAKNESSES – Undine(Freeze) – (HP-2800/MP-99/EXP-27748/G-20400)

This guy isnt too hard providing your Undine is at least Level 3. Just get
the Sprite to chain cast Freeze on him, the main reason you need Undine,

is because this guy is very hard to hit with physical attacks.

After his defeat you will recieve a javelin’s Orb. Head up a couple of
screens and you will come across another stone structure. It again, tells
you that it will let you past after you have defeated the dragon to the
left. Head left and into the cave to fight…..

MID-BOSS – Red Dragon

WEAKNESSES – Undine(Freeze) – (HP-3000/MP-99/EXP-29000/G-21)

This guy isnt too hard, you basically use exactly the same tactic as
with the Snow Dragon except that you are casting Freeze on this dude


After his defeay you will recieve a glove’s Orb. Now do exactly what you
did before, go to the Mana Palace and stock up on items from Neko, go
to Matango and get Watts to power up your weapons, rest, save etc.
Then head back to the Mana Forest, and make your way back to the second
stone structure. (You are forced to take your barrels off, just after
the place where you defeated Axe Beak). Go past it, and head around for
quite a few screens, eventually you will come to the place where its
time to fight……

MID-BOSS – Thunder Gigas

WEAKNESSES – Gnome(Gem Missile) – (HP-4462/MP-99/EXP-30277/G-30600)

This guy is very easy, why?, because the idiot is weak aginst Gnome,
which by this stage of the game, as well as being your best magic, it
should be very strong (Level 6 or 7). So get the Sprite to chain cast

2 Gem Missiles on him at a time, he’ll be dead in no time.

After defeating him, you will recieve a sword Orb. Head up a couple of
screens and you will come upon a third stone structure. It again tells
you, that if you defeat the dragon to the left it will let you pass.
So head left a couple of screens and you will come to….

MID-BOSS – Blue Dragon

WEAKNESSES – Gnome(Gem Missile) – (HP-3200/MP-99/EXP-31570/G-28560)

This guy is an absolute joke, use the same tactics as with the previous
two dragons, except you are casting Gem Missile on him. Remember not to
cast more than two in a row on him, after you have blasted him with it

around 8 measly times, he’s dead. (incredibly difficult huh! 🙂 )

After his defeat you will recieve a Boomerang Orb. Make your way back to
the third stone structure. Head up, there is no need to fly anywhere else
this time, when you reappear, you will be standing on a platform, and
there is the Mana Tree! After witnessing some events, and meeting the
Hero’s Mother, who revives the power of the Mana Seeds, its time to call
Flammie and prepare for the final battle. Get him to take you to Matango,
power up all your weapons, rest, save etc. Sorry about this, but its time
to do a really boring part, and you really can’t avoid it. Its time to
power up some of your magics. The girl needs to power up Dryad and
Lumina to at least Level 3. The best way to do this is to stand in the
Inn, and get her to continously cast Lucid Barrier for Lumina, and
Wall for Dryad on herself, once she has run out of MP use a Faerie
Walnut on her, when you have run out. Go to the store on the left, stock
up on Faerie Walnuts, rest at the Inn, and then repeat the process until
these two magics are level 3. The Sprite need to power Dryad up to at
least level 3. So take him down to the forest just to the right of
Matango, and get him to chain cast Sleep Flower, on the first enemy he
sees, you should only need to use one Faerie Walnut on him, before he
reaches Level 3. When you are done go back to the store, stock up on
Faerie Walnut’s, rest at the inn and save etc. Now its time to go to the
Mana Fortress. Fly around and you will see it floating in the sky, get
as close to it as you can without it moving, then move Flammie up until
he is flying the highest he can. If you have done it right, he will fly
of the top of the screen, and then take you onboard the Fortress.


ENEMIES – Captain Duck, Kimono Wizard, Dark Stalker, Fiend Head,
Metal Crab, Tsunami, National Scar, Heck Hound, Wolf Lord, Whimper,
Marmablue, Basalisk, Master Ninja, Doom Sword, Terminator, Armoured Man,

Shape Shifter

Once onboard the Mana Fortress, head up, around the top-middle of the
screen you will find a doorway, enter it. A couple of screens up you
will come across what looks like a purple crystal and a plate on the
floor next to it, that is light blue in the middle. These are the places
that you can use your whip to cross. A bit further along, you will find
green crystals blocking your way, these can be chopped down in a couple
of hits, with your sword. A few rooms on from that you will come to
a room where it branches off, you can go left and into a doorway, or
use your whip to go down, go down, left is a dead end. A few rooms later
you will come to a room full of green cyrstals, dont step on the switch
in the middle of the room, as this makes them all reappear. A few screens

on, just after you have whipped across a gap, you start to fight….

MID-BOSS – Buffy

WEAKNESSES – Lumina(Lucent Beam) – (HP-4200/MP-99/EXP-35686/G-22200)

This boss isnt particularly difficult, however I dont recommend that you
use Lumina, you can do about 2x the damage with the same amount of magic
points, by casting Gem Missile, so use that. Keep chain casting it on him

(no more than 4 in one go).

Head up and step on the floor switch to be transported to the next area,
In the next area, you can either head left or right, right is essentailly
a dead end so you are better off going left. Head up and around a few
screens you will have to whip across quite a few gaps. You will come to
a room with a winding pathway, the exit is in the bottom right corner.
You will see a floor switch, step on it, head down the pathway that it
creates, it will then be time to fight the next boss…..

MID-BOSS – Dread Slime

WEAKNESSES – Shade(Dark Force) – (HP-5000/MP-99/EXP-37000/G-26400)

I recommend that you don’t waste your time using magic on this boss as
he is quite easy. He is basically exactly the same as before, except this
time he gets bigger as he gets hit rather than smaller. Just keep powering
up your sword and hitting him (my main character hit him for around 600
dmg each time). He won’t take too long to die. Make sure you keep your hit

points at 150+ at all times.

After his defeat you will be transported to the next area, at this point
I recommend that you make your way all the way back to the start of the
Mana Fortress, and call Flammie. Get him to take you back to Matango.
Once their save your game and rest etc. Stock up on all the items you
can (fly to the Neko at the Mana Palace if you need to). Why would I
do this you may ask, there are 2 main reasons, the bosses that you have
beaten will be saved as being dead so you don’t have to fight them
again, and it gives you a chance to stock up and be as powerful as you
can for the final battles. Once you are ready head back to the Mana
Fortress, and make you way back up to the point just after you have
beaten Dread Slime. From there, head up a few screens, and whip across
a gap to the left, and keep heading down. You will find youself heading
up and to the left, then down again. After making your way through a ton
more rooms (I know this isn’t very descriptive but you can only go one
way). You will come to a room with three Master Ninja’s in it. Be careful
as they can do you 200+ damage with one physical attack. After a few more
rooms, you will find another floor switch, step on it to be transported
to the room where you fought Mech Rider in the Mana Palace earlier.
Make your way to the right of the room and step on the switch there, to
be transported to another room. Standing there are Thanatos and Dyluck!
After some sad events take place, its time to fight Thanatos in his
true form (I love the music to this)….

MID-BOSS – Dark Lich

WEAKNESSES – Lumina(Lucent Beam) – (HP-6666/MP-99/EXP-?/G-?)

This guy is actually quite easy to beat, get the girl to cast Lucent Beam
on him (it should be at least Level 3) and the sprite to cast Mud Slide
him, they should do a combined damage of 500+. When he is visible, power
up your sword and run in and hit him. (Try and leave the girl with as many
MP’s as possible and the sprite with at least 30, and a Faerie Walnut to

spare if you can, you’ll need it soon).

After his defeat, the seal on Dryad’s magic will be gone, you can now use
Mana Magic! After the girl shows her distress, the whole place starts to
shake. Step on the floor switch at the bottom of the screen, to be
transported outside of the Mana Fortress. You will realise that it is
the Mana Beast attacking the fortress! If the Mana Beast suceeds in
destorying the Fortress, the world will be destroyed, after a long
discussion, they decide the must face their fate, and destroy the Mana
Beast. By this time you should be a few levels either side of level 60.


————————- FINAL-BOSS – MANA BEAST ———————–

WEAKNESSES – Lumina(Lucent Beam) – (HP-9999/MP-99/EXP-?/G-?)

The Mana Beast has two main attacks, the first one he fly’s away from the
screen and comes flying towards you as a Fireball, in the second one he
just fly’s straight at you. The first attack does around 120-150 damage,
the second one does around 70-80 damage. They cannot be avoided, however
if you get the girl to cast Cure Water 1-2 seconds after it starts coming
towards you, you can avoid taking any damage (The water drops have to hit
you at the same time as he does). After this he will fly onto the screen
from the top or bottom. Get both the Girl & Sprite to cast Mana Magic on
you, after they have done this, the Mana Sword will have been revived,
and you are ready to hurt the Mana Beast. When he has stopped moving,
charge up your sword and run in and hit him. You should have enough time
for 1 level 8 attack, and 1 at around level 5. He will eventually fly off
the screen, and then fly across the screen from the right, hitting you for
around 20-60 damage, if timed exactly right it is possible to hit him as
he is flying across the screen. After he has completed this he will begin
the pattern again from the start, keep going and hitting him, and

eventually he will be defeated.

Well after coming all that way you have finally finished the Secret Of
Mana, so feel proud, and now its time to kick back and watch the pretty
kewl ending.

          T    H     H E          E       N N   N D     D
          T    HHHHHHH EEEEE      EEEEE   N  N  N D     D
          T    H     H E          E       N   N N D     D
          T    H     H EEEEEEE    EEEEEEE N     N DDDDDD


Here I will be attempting to list every monster in the game, and a brief
descrption of them and any special abilities they may have, I will try to
put them into or around the order that you will actually come across them.
I will also include any useful items that I have seen them drop (ie armour).
This was a real pain in the butt, as I thought you had to critically hit a
monster to find out its name, well at least until you get magic. Thanks to
Sean M reminding me of the targetting system, It saved some time, until I
actually got magic. I think that targetting makes your ally’s attack a
specific creature, I never found it too useful, so I didn’t think of it. But
you might! It’s in your action ring, why not try it. I will also tell you
if they can do you some serious damage, when you first meet them.


TYPE – Animal

DESC – Cute little monster, with pink ears, can suddenly jump at you doing
some rather large damage initially. Especially if as couple manage to trap
you in a corner, I have died from this before, when starting a new game!

DROP – ???????


Level = 1
Hit Points = 20
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 1

Gold = 2


TYPE – Plant

DESC – A cute little mushroom guy, who has a boom attack which can make
you unconscious for a short while. Spins around on his head, attempting
to knock you down.

DROP – ???????


Level = 3
Hit Points = 30
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 3

Gold = 7


TYPE – Plant

DESC – A small pink flower, who snaps his petals at you to do damage.

DROP – ???????


Level = 2
Hit Points = 36
Magic Points = 10
Experience = 3

Gold = 8


TYPE – Insect

DESC – A menacing flying bee, who can sting you with the barb on his butt,
and is pretty good at avoiding attacks.

DROP – ???????


Level = 4
Hit Points = 65
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 4

Gold = 11


TYPE – Dragon

DESC – A goblin who carries a bow and arrow, shoots them at you, and is
able to hit you from a distance.

DROP – ???????


Level = 7
Hit Points = 80
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 12

Gold = 17


TYPE – Morph

DESC – A small green blob of jelly, who can multiply into up to three, and
and will continue to do so until they are all dead. Very good for gaining
money and experience. Kill them all bar one, and keep on letting them

DROP – ???????


Level = 6
Hit Points = 40
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 10

Gold = 12


TYPE – Dragon

DESC – A goblin who’s weapon is an axe, he is initially asleep when you see
him, but soon wakes up when you bury your sword in him!

DROP – ???????


Level = 5
Hit Points = 64
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 8

Gold = 14


TYPE – Animal

DESC – A bat who fly’s around and attacks you, can cast Baloon on you,
which paralyzes you for a short while.

DROP – ???????


Level = 5
Hit Points = 55
Magic Points = 18
Experience = 7

Gold = 10


TYPE – Morph

DESC – Looks like a small flesh coloured plant with a big eye, continually
spits out Chobin Hoods until destroyed. Can ‘moogle’ you, which basically
turns you into a cute little guy, who can’t do anything but walk around,
wears off after a little while. They can also cast ‘cure’ which gives them
or others HP’s back.

DROP – ???????


Level = 8
Hit Points = 100
Magic Points = 15
Experience = 28

Gold = 30


TYPE – Animal

DESC – Pretty obvious what it looks like, it can charge at you for an awful
lot of damage.

DROP – ???????


Level = 9
Hit Points = 140
Magic Points = 6
Experience = 30

Gold = 36


TYPE – Plant

DESC – A plush chair with a life of its own, jumps at you to attack,
dangerous if they trap you.

DROP – ???????


Level = 8
Hit Points = 128
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 21

Gold = 22


TYPE – Fish

DESC – A purple fish who lives in water areas, he can jump out of the
water, and spit some water at you.

DROP – ???????


Level = 10
Hit Points = 140
Magic Points = 18
Experience = 35

Gold = 29


TYPE – Dragon

DESC – A pink goblin, who uses a boomerang as a weapon, can spawn two Ma
Goblins continually (to a max of 2) to help fight you.

DROP – ???????


Level = 11
Hit Points = 150
Magic Points = 8
Experience = 38

Gold = 36


TYPE – Dragon

DESC – A blue goblin, who uses a boomerang from a distance, and an Axe
for close up work.

DROP – ???????


Level = 12
Hit Points = 130
Magic Points = 18
Experience = 42

Gold = 80


TYPE – Insect

DESC – So called because it looks exactly like the knights out of a chess
game, can charge at you.

DROP – ???????


Level = 12
Hit Points = 135
Magic Points = 15
Experience = 36

Gold = 38


TYPE – Dragon

DESC – A weird little tomato guy who fly’s around, it is impossible
to do him damage with your weapons, unless they are charged up. He can
spawn zombies.

DROP – ???????


Level = 14
Hit Points = 40
Magic Points = 46
Experience = 65

Gold = 96


TYPE – Undead

DESC – Weird little, blue-grey skinned zombies, they walk around slowly
not too dangerous, but can do damage if you let them get close.

DROP – ???????


Level = 13
Hit Points = 150
Magic Points = 20
Experience = 50

Gold = 48


TYPE – Machine

DESC – Basically a flying sword, These guys start off on a stand, when
you get near them they break free of it, they are good at dodging attacks,
and can cast ‘moon saber’ on themselves, which allows them to siphon HP’s
from you, to heal them when they attack you, they gain back an equal
amount of HP’s to the amount of damage they do you.

DROP – ???????


Level = 15
Hit Points = 125
Magic Points = 24
Experience = 64

Gold = 60


TYPE – Fish

DESC – Little green frog/fish type dudes, who carry a trident, can do a
fair bit of damage, keep attacking them while their down.

DROP – ???????


Level = 16
Hit Points = 145
Magic Points = 10
Experience = 77

Gold = 65


TYPE – Animal

DESC – Looks exactly like a Rabite, except its Pink, behaves exactly the
same as a Rabite, but can do you quite a bit of damage when you first
meet them.

DROP – ???????


Level = 17
Hit Points = 130
Magic Points = 40
Experience = 91

Gold = 79


TYPE – Bird

DESC – Obviously this is an Owl, its bluish/pinkish, can’t really damage
you, but can cast Silence on you, which reverses your controls (ie right
is left, left is right), for a while.

DROP – ???????


Level = 18
Hit Points = 122
Magic Points = 24
Experience = 100

Gold = 88


TYPE – Animal

DESC – Little blue/yellow guys who can dig their way into the ground, you
can only hit them when they are not spinning, and when they are above
ground. They can do you a fair amount of damage, and have a special attack
where they spin around spitting rocks at you.

DROP – ???????


Level = 19
Hit Points = 186
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 125

Gold = 96


TYPE – Insect

DESC – A smalish orange crab, has an attack which renders you unconscious,
and can throw his claw at you, best attacked from a distance. Can cast
Thunder Saber on himself, doesn’t seem to do much.

DROP – ???????


Level = 18
Hit Points = 110
Magic Points = 25
Experience = 110

Gold = 180


TYPE – Insect

DESC – A small green bug thing with purple spikes, spins its tail around
to attack you, can do damage when you first meet him. He can cast sleep
flower on you, works the same as being unconscious.

DROP – ???????


Level = 19
Hit Points = 100
Magic Points = 16
Experience = 124

Gold = 97


TYPE – Bird

DESC – A large bird guy who flys around and is fairly tough to hit, I
recommend killing him ASAP, not because he is dangerous himself, but
because he can spawn pebblers!

DROP – ???????


Level = 20
Hit Points = 160
Magic Points = 48
Experience = 145

Gold = 120


TYPE – Animal

DESC – Blue wolves that live in the Ice Country, can do you hell damage
when you first meet them, they attack by charging at you.

DROP – ???????


Level = 24
Hit Points = 190
Magic Points = 16
Experience = 240

Gold = 180


TYPE – Reptile

DESC – A turtle with a purple shell, with a gold moon & star painted on
it, he uses a spear for a weapon, and has a charging attack which can do
mega damage, at times can be very hard to hit.

DROP – ???????


Level = 26
Hit Points = 180
Magic Points = 16
Experience = 300

Gold = 204


TYPE – Gas Body

DESC – A greenish cloud with a face, has to be hit with magic, physical
attacks to nothing, it can spit out snowballs which can Frosty you. Which
is basically a paralyze spell. He can cast a magic spell on you called Acid
Storm, it’s not too damaging.

DROP – ???????


Level = 25
Hit Points = 100
Magic Points = 20
Experience = 265

Gold = 190


TYPE – Morph

DESC – Basically the same as the green drop, except that it is blue and has
the power to Frosty you.

DROP – Golden Tiara


Level = 27
Hit Points = 380
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 330

Gold = 216


TYPE – Apparition

DESC – A small pinkish ghost, cannot be hit with physical attacks, can
cast Freeze & Thunder Bolt on you. Watch out for Thunder Bolt it can do
around 80 damage!

DROP – ???????


Level = 27
Hit Points = 200
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 330

Gold = 213


TYPE – Plant

DESC – A metallic grey eye that floats around, it is quite hard to hit,
and can fire a beam from its eye at you.

DROP – Chest Guard


Level = 28
Hit Points = 165
Magic Points = 80
Experience = 370

Gold = 264


TYPE – Plant

DESC – A book with a brown cover, rustles its pages and floats around,
can cast Lucid Barrier on itself, which protects it from physical
attacks. Can also cast Freeze, Thunder Bolt & Energy Steal on you.
Occasionally open’s up to a centrefold double page 🙂 of a woman lying
naked on her stomach.

DROP – ???????


Level = 28
Hit Points = 190
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 370

Gold = 264


TYPE – Insect

DESC – A spider that lives underground with a black body, and yellow
stripes, moves his leg in and grabs you, can cast Mud Slide on you. Usually
lives in quick sand type pits, but not always.

DROP – ???????


Level = 22
Hit Points = 230
Magic Points = 21
Experience = 188

Gold = 38


TYPE – Dragon

DESC – A yellow duck wearing a green army camo helmet, can flip bomb at
you using his legs.

DROP – ???????


Level = 23
Hit Points = 200
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 215

Gold = 174


TYPE – Morph

DESC – This is basically the same as the green & the blue drops, except
that it is fire based, and can cast Blaze Wall on you. They have a hell
of a lot of Hit Points, and are more dangerous than the other drops, so
I recommend killing them quickly.

DROP – ???????


Level = 27
Hit Points = 380
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 330

Gold = 216


TYPE – Plant

DESC – An orange pumpkin with a mean face carved into it, slides along
the ground, can explode itself using a Burst spell, doing you damage.

DROP – ???????


Level = 21
Hit Points = 160
Magic Points = 4
Experience = 1

Gold = 12


TYPE – Insect

DESC – Look like a yellow mechanised scorpion, has purple bumps and a
stinger, stabs you with its stinger to do you damage.

DROP – ???????


Level = 21
Hit Points = 200
Magic Points = 10
Experience = 170

Gold = 144


TYPE – Dragon

DESC – Basically a more powerful version of Chobin Hood, except that it is
green and can cast Flame Saber on himself.

DROP – ???????


Level = 36
Hit Points = 300
Magic Points = 22
Experience = 740

Gold = 800


TYPE – Gas Body

DESC – These guys are very similar to La Funk except they are more purple
in colour, and are fire aligned, spits out fireballs which will engulf you.

DROP – ???????


Level = 25
Hit Points = 100
Magic Points = 20
Experience = 268

Gold = 192


TYPE – Fish

DESC – They are quite similar to Iffish except that they are red/yellow
and instead of spitting out water they spit little missiles (yes really!)

DROP – ???????


Level = 29
Hit Points = 240
Magic Points = 25
Experience = 400

Gold = 264


TYPE – Demon

DESC – A small purple/pink imp with a pitchfork, who flys around, can
disappear and re-appear somewhere else in the room, can cast Exploder on
you. Can also spit fireballs out of its mouth.

DROP – ???????


Level = 33
Hit Points = 138
Magic Points = 64
Experience = 582

Gold = 312


TYPE – Animal

DESC – A red bat with black wings, up to this point I haven’t seen it do
anything much at all, its main attack appears to be charging at you.

DROP – ???????


Level = 30
Hit Points = 210
Magic Points = 25
Experience = 446

Gold = 258


TYPE – Undead

DESC – These green enemies are very similar to the zombie, except that
they have a charge attack which does decent damage.

DROP – ???????


Level = 31
Hit Points = 230
Magic Points = 32
Experience = 450

Gold = 264


TYPE – Morph

DESC – Very similar to Eye Spy, except that it creates Weepy Eyes instead,
Can cast Cure Water and Remedy.

DROP – ???????


Level = 32
Hit Points = 200
Magic Points = 50
Experience = 530

Gold = 504


TYPE – Morph

DESC – A black/grey man from the waist up, he has glowing green mouth and
eyes, he claps his hand together to damage you, and can cast Blaze, he is
able to regenerate himself continually to a max of 3, the same as the

DROP – ???????


Level = 35
Hit Points = 125
Magic Points = 36
Experience = 685

Gold = 516


TYPE – Machine

DESC – A tall man dressed in an armoured suit, uses a morning star as a
weapon, spins it round to attack you, and can use it to fly a short

DROP – ???????


Level = 34
Hit Points = 250
Magic Points = 20
Experience = 633

Gold = 540


TYPE – Dragon

DESC – A ninja in a Red Tabi and wearing metal armour, can cast Flame
Saber and Speed Down, he has an invisible screen which he can pull up
to make himself completely invincible.

DROP – ???????


Level = 50
Hit Points = 523
Magic Points = 22
Experience = 1850

Gold = 1440


TYPE – Plant

DESC – A small flower with blue petals, snaps at you to do damage, can
cast Sleep Flower & Energy Absorb on you.

DROP – ???????


Level = 37
Hit Points = 144
Magic Points = 50
Experience = 800

Gold = 532


TYPE – Insect

DESC – A large orangish bee, who is quite good at avoiding attacks, he
can fire the barb from his butt at you, it explodes on impact, hence
his name.

DROP – ???????


Level = 38
Hit Points = 310
Magic Points = 40
Experience = 863

Gold = 528


TYPE – Bird

DESC – An enemy that starts of in a large white shell with purple spots,
when you come near it hatches, and an animal thing comes out, with half
the egg still attached to its back. Not too dangerous, mainly uses a
charging attack.

DROP – ???????


Level = 39
Hit Points = 185
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 928

Gold = 720


TYPE – Demon

DESC – A large blue head with a single horn in the middle of its forehead,
can cast a beam on you which pygmises you, and spit something on you for
largish damage. Recommend attacking from a dfistance.

DROP – ???????


Level = 39
Hit Points = 308
Magic Points = 80
Experience = 928

Gold = 864


TYPE – Machine

DESC – Quite similar to an Armoured Man, except he has darker coloured
armour, and purple hair. Can fly around using his weapon, can cast Wall
on himself, which wards of magic.

DROP – Gauntlet, Magical Armour


Level = 40
Hit Points = 200
Magic Points = 56
Experience = 996

Gold = 1020


TYPE – Undead

DESC – Quite similar to the Howlers that you fought earlier except that
they are pink, they are just as deadly to you now, if not more so. Watch
out for their charge attack, if they trap you in the corner, you are
most likely dead.

DROP – ???????


Level = 41
Hit Points = 320
Magic Points = 48
Experience = 1065

Gold = 708


TYPE – Fish

DESC – Looks like a blue jellyfish with yellow tentacles, flys around in
the air, doesnt appear to do much, except cast Magic Absorb, which steals
MP from you.

DROP – ???????


Level = 45
Hit Points = 324
Magic Points = 30
Experience = 1385

Gold = 816


TYPE – Plant

DESC – A green pumpkin who is very similar to the Pumpkin Bomb, he can
cast Sleep Flower and Burst, occasionally after he has cast Burst, a
Pumpkin Bomb will appear in his place, hard to hit with physical

DROP – ???????


Level = 44
Hit Points = 420
Magic Points = 20
Experience = 1300

Gold = 468


TYPE – Morph

DESC – Very similar to the Drop enemies from before, excep that this one
is grey, and spawns other monsters instead of other Drops, to a max of 3,
be careful as he can spawn some very powerful creatures.

DROP – ???????


Level = 42
Hit Points = 350
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 1140

Gold = 1500


TYPE – Machine

DESC – These are steel & green in colour, by the time you get up to them
they are fairly easy to defeat.

DROP – ???????


Level = 47
Hit Points = 450
Magic Points = 44
Experience = 1563

Gold = 1020


TYPE – Machine

DESC – what looks like a yellow & steel scorpion. Can cast Gem Missile
on you, genereally not too tough.

DROP – ???????


Level = 46
Hit Points = 390
Magic Points = 52
Experience = 1472

Gold = 960


TYPE – Bird

DESC – These are very similar to the Kimono Birds you fought earlier, it
can spawn Metal Crawlers, and is very weak against Gem Missile.

DROP – ???????


Level = 48
Hit Points = 408
Magic Points = 80
Experience = 1660

Gold = 1080


TYPE – Reptile

DESC – This is a small green creature that looks a bit like a toad, while
they arent all that tough, they can spawn Eggatrice.

DROP – ???????


Level = 49
Hit Points = 580
Magic Points = 41
Experience = 1755

Gold = 1200


TYPE – Dragon

DESC – A duck wearing an army hat, similar to an earlier enemy, can throw
explosives at you.

DROP – ???????


Level = 62
Hit Points = 300
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 3390

Gold = 2444


TYPE – Demon


DROP – ???????


Level = 43
Hit Points = 510
Magic Points = 60
Experience = 1219

Gold = 9000


TYPE – Animal


DROP – ???????


Level = 51
Hit Points = 550
Magic Points = 40
Experience = 1964

Gold = 2450


TYPE – Machine


DROP – ???????


Level = 53
Hit Points = 411
Magic Points = 32
Experience = 2190

Gold = 2640


TYPE – Reptile


DROP – ???????


Level = 54
Hit Points = 560
Magic Points = 44
Experience = 2300

Gold = 2965


TYPE – Demon


DROP – ???????


Level = 52
Hit Points = 423
Magic Points = 64
Experience = 2074

Gold = 1620


TYPE – Plant


DROP – ???????


Level = 55
Hit Points = 630
Magic Points = 58
Experience = 2425

Gold = 2600


TYPE – Plant

DESC – These are very similar to the Pebblers that you fought earlier,
except that they are MUCH more powerful, I recommend that you kill them
as quickly as possible, because they can kill you in as little as 3
hits when you first meet them.

DROP – ???????


Level = 58
Hit Points = 599
Magic Points = 28
Experience = 2800

Gold = 2430


TYPE – Bird

DESC – These look a bit like a pink footstool with a hand instead of
legs, they are not really too dangerous, unless you are trapped by a
group of them.

DROP – ???????


Level = 60
Hit Points = 600
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 3090

Gold = 2560


TYPE – Plant


DROP – ???????


Level = 56
Hit Points = 628
Magic Points = 38
Experience = 2550

Gold = 3200


TYPE – Fish


DROP – ???????


Level = 57
Hit Points = 440
Magic Points = 40
Experience = 2680

Gold = 2850


TYPE – Demon


DROP – ???????


Level = 65
Hit Points = 1150
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 3868

Gold = 2280


TYPE – Machine


DROP – ???????


Level = 61
Hit Points = 533
Magic Points = 28
Experience = 3230

Gold = 2846


TYPE – Morph

DESC – These are a more powerful version of the Emberman enemy that you
fought earlier, they are not too dangerous, and they are quite weak to
Gem Missile.

DROP – Amulet Ring, Spear’s Orb


Level = 64
Hit Points = 388
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 1140

Gold = 2100


TYPE – Demon


DROP – ???????


Level = 65
Hit Points = 1150
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 3868

Gold = 2280


TYPE – Demon


DROP – ???????


Level = 67
Hit Points = 280
Magic Points = 50
Experience = 4210

Gold = 2400


TYPE – Machine


DROP – ???????


Level = 66
Hit Points = 230
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 4036

Gold = 2280


TYPE – Dragon

DESC – This enemy is basically a more powerful version of the Dark
Stalker. He is wearing gold armour, and can do big damage in single
hits (200+), so make sure you kill them first, if there are a few
in the room.

DROP – ???????


Level = 68
Hit Points = 400
Magic Points = 44
Experience = 4388

Gold = 2760


TYPE – Machine

DESC – This enemy looks very similar to the Armoured Man, except that
it is gold in colouring, hard to hit with physical attacks, but can
be killed easily with a blast of Gem Missile.

DROP – ???????


Level = 69
Hit Points = 300
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 4570

Gold = 3600


Here I will be attempting to list every boss in the game, and their stats.
I have also listed their weaknesses, and what group of creatures they fit


TYPE – Insect

Hit Points = 150
Magic Points = 10
Experience = 10
Gold = 100

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Plant

Hit Points = 315
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 80
Gold = 132

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Plant

Hit Points = 78
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 2
Gold = 24

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Animal

Hit Points = 520
Magic Points = 21
Experience = 210
Gold = 288

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Reptile

Hit Points = 600
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 50
Gold = 0

Weaknesses = Salamando(Exploder)


TYPE – Reptile

Hit Points = 770
Magic Points = 6
Experience = 210
Gold = 348

Weaknesses = Salamando(Exploder)


TYPE – Apparition

Hit Points = 850
Magic Points = 66
Experience = 326
Gold = 360

Weaknesses = Undine(Freeze)


TYPE – Demon

Hit Points = 300 (Eyes)
Hit Points = 300 (Forehead)
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 2
Gold = 0

Weaknesses = Gnome(Gem Missile)


TYPE – Machine

Hit Points = 900
Magic Points = 18
Experience = 686
Gold = 650

Weaknesses = Gnome(Gem Missile)


TYPE – Reptile

Hit Points = 950
Magic Points = 90
Experience = 800
Gold = 768

Weaknesses = Gnome(Mud Slide)


TYPE – Bird

Hit Points = 720
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 1090
Gold = 864

Weaknesses = Gnome(Mud Slide)


TYPE – Reptile

Hit Points = 1330
Magic Points = 8
Experience = 1410
Gold = 1056

Weaknesses = Slyphid(Thunder Bolt)


TYPE – Plant

Hit Points = 1100
Magic Points = 12
Experience = 2245
Gold = 1040

Weaknesses = None

BRAMBLER (The vine thing)

TYPE – Plant

Hit Points = 78
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 2
Gold = 24

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Reptile

Hit Points = 600
Magic Points = 0
Experience = 50
Gold = 0

Weaknesses = Salamando(Exploder)


TYPE – Reptile

Hit Points = 770
Magic Points = 6
Experience = 210
Gold = 348

Weaknesses = Salamando(Exploder)


TYPE – Apparition

Hit Points = 1140
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 3045
Gold = 1200

Weaknesses = Salamando(Fireball)


TYPE – Machine

Hit Points = 980
Magic Points = 18
Experience = 1595
Gold = 1055

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Animal

Hit Points = 1200
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 3348
Gold = 1440

Weaknesses = Slyphid(Thunder Bolt)


TYPE – Demon

Hit Points = 1180
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 4750
Gold = 648

Weaknesses = Lumina


TYPE – Undead

Hit Points = 2550
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 5148
Gold = 696

Weaknesses = Lumina


TYPE – Machine

Hit Points = 1220
Magic Points = 40
Experience = 4749
Gold = 1464

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Machine

Hit Points = 1258
Magic Points = 30
Experience = 6013
Gold = 1500

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Morph

Hit Points = 5000
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 37000
Gold = 26400

Weaknesses = Shade


TYPE – Animal

Hit Points = 1980
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 9150
Gold = 3840

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Animal

Hit Points = 2470
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 9755
Gold = 4800

Weaknesses = Slyphid(Thunder Bolt)


TYPE – ?

Hit Points = ?
Magic Points = ?
Experience = ?
Gold = ?

Weaknesses = Lumina(Lucent Beam)


TYPE – ?

Hit Points = ?
Magic Points = ?
Experience = ?
Gold = ?

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Plant

Hit Points = 3016
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 11050
Gold = 1800

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Reptile

Hit Points = 3382
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 12439
Gold = 3600

Weaknesses = Salamando(Fireball)


TYPE – Machine

Hit Points = 1230
Magic Points = 33
Experience = 15555
Gold = 3360

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Dragon

Hit Points = 1215
Magic Points = 6
Experience = 19200
Gold = 12480

Weaknesses = Salamando(Fireball)


TYPE – Demon

Hit Points = 3465
Magic Points = 69
Experience = 20103
Gold = 14400

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Machine

Hit Points = 4327
Magic Points = 38
Experience = 21104
Gold = 16000

Weaknesses = None


TYPE – Dragon

Hit Points = 3525
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 24290
Gold = 17460

Weaknesses = Slyphid(Thunderbolt)


TYPE – Dragon

Hit Points = 2800
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 26588
Gold = 18360

Weaknesses = Salamando(Fireball)


TYPE – Bird

Hit Points = 2800
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 27784
Gold = 20400

Weaknesses = Undine(Freeze)


TYPE – Dragon

Hit Points = 3000
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 29000
Gold = 21

Weaknesses = Undine(Freeze)


TYPE – Apparition

Hit Points = 4462
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 30277
Gold = 30600

Weaknesses = Gnome(Gem Missile)


TYPE – Dragon

Hit Points = 3200
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 31570
Gold = 28560

Weaknesses = Gnome(Gem Missile)


TYPE – Undead

Hit Points = 4200
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 35686
Gold = 22200

Weaknesses = Lumina(Lucent Beam)


TYPE – Morph

Hit Points = 5000
Magic Points = 99
Experience = 37000
Gold = 26400

Weaknesses = Shade(Dark Force)


TYPE – Unknown

Hit Points = 6666
Magic Points = 99
Experience = Unknown
Gold = Unknown

Weaknesses = Lumina(Lucent Beam)


TYPE – Unknown

Hit Points = 9999
Magic Points = 99
Experience = Unknown
Gold = Unknown

Weaknesses = Lumina(Lucent Beam)


There are only 3 bugs that I can remember off of the top of my head, one
is that sometimes a character will get stuck while you are walking through
tight passages, or going across a ravine, The only way to get them unstuck,
is if there is a pole nearby, equip the whip and move so you can use your
whip to get across, all your characters will be pulled into one group
and you can continue. If there is no pole nearby, its reset time, ladies
and gentlemen. Don’t worry though, I have only had this bug affect me
4-5 time before, and I only had to reset once.

Also when you are near the poles that you can use the whip with, and you
have pulled everyone together, if you attack enemies nearby without moving,
away from the point you are on (you can change direction), occasionally you
will find that your attack bar will stay at 100% and not go down! This
means that you can continually attack at full strength! It doesn’t happen
very often, but it is sometimes very handy when it does.

As well, sometimes for no apparent reason the colours of certain things will
change and become weird colours, although this doesn’t affect the games
performance at all, and will change back to normal after a little while. I
have seen the character bars down the bottom of the screen turn ice blue,
hand pointer turn hospital green etc, it happens but its nothing to worry

Im not exactly sure whether this is a bug, but when you are fighting any
Bee enemies (Buzz Bee & Bomb Bee) occasionally when you hit them to the
ground, they cant get back up, and they fly around on the actual ground!
I think this is a bug, because it only happens occasionally, it may be
meant to represent that its wings have been damaged, but why bother when
other enemies dont do anything like it?

I just found another bug, it is extremely weird, I was at Lofty Mountains,
and as I walked out of Jehk’s cave, I began to talk to the Neko, who was
located way further down the mountain, when I wasn’t anywhere near him,
I could scroll through his ring of items for sale, but I couldn’t see
the pictures of the items, it also invoked the colour bug mentioned above.
Also sometimes at the spot where he is meant to appear, he just doesn’t,
there is no one there, if you walk past the spot so that it is scrolled
off screen, and then walk back, Neko will usually appear.

This is another bug that I forgot to mention earlier, Sometimes when you
open a chest containing an Orb, it wont dissappear and you can get another
Orb from it. It occurs most frequently at Santa’s house in the Crystal
Forest in Ice Country (the house where Rudolph is running around
outside). Although it has happened to me once in the ruins above
Northtown. I have recently discovered that this isn’t actually a bug it
appears that if you miss Orb’s you are meant to collect, then this
Double Chest effect appears so you dont miss any.


Angel – Good friend and fellow SOM freak, his save file has helped me
an awful lot.
Fatal Exception – Good friend who continually exerts his opinion that
SOM is crap, maybe ill teach him the truth one day !? An expert, at
ruining his Playstation CD’s 🙂 (trust me the count is at least 10!)
Mal – Without his sik BBS, there are many things I would never have
gotten into, including the net.
123SexyEyes – Without her I would never have gotten into the net in
a big way, she’ll never get this, but thanx!
Loreli – E-Mailed me about my FAQ, I wasn’t sure I was going to continue
it until I found out that someone was actually reading it, even if it is
helping only one person at the moment!
Sean M – Reminded me of an easier way to tell enemy names, reminded me
about chain spells (don’t ask me how I forgot that!), and gave me
encouragement. Helping me with the special magics that occur when a
magic spell is above Level 8.
pooh40 – Informed me about the names of some of the weapons when you
get them powered up to the special level. (The one you have to FIND the
weapon orb for.)
Konami – Azure Dreams is keeping me very occupied at the moment, yet
another reason why the updates to the FAQ/Guide is slowing down.
sk4kim2 – Thanx, the continual encouragment I recieve from ppl help’s
me a lot to sit down and keep writing this guide 🙂
LoK – These guys let you show the sysop fools on IRC exactly what its
its like to be on the other end 🙂
Shade8284 – Helping me with some of the stats from the game, should save
me time, to update it quicker.
Kel D – Yet more encouragement, thanx, im beginning to think writing
this FAQ/Guide wasn’t a complete waste of time!, as she pointed out
at least two ppl are now reading it! :)~ hehe.
BobLee1 – Guess what, yes more encouragement, it really is appreciated.
CAPCOM – I can always rely on their being yet another Street Fighter for
me to play if I feel like some mindless violence, will the series ever
Squaresoft – Without them SOM and the FF series wouldn’t exist, only
complaint I have is where’s SOM2?, I’ve played the jap version and it
rocks, Oh well maybe one day….., SoM4 here we come!!!
SahmohtElf – Thanx for the encouragement and the help offers, we will
have to see if the Zelda guide goes ahead :).


Please note that these links are recommended and I take no responsibility
for the contents of the aforementioned pages. If anything you download from
these pages conflict with your PC, it is your responsibility. Follow them
at your own risk, although I am sure that the owners are thorough about
making their site as safe as possible. Do not bother me with stupid
questions like ‘what is an emulator?’, you will be ignored, or flamed
, so figure it out for yourself.

Has tons of wikked Nine Inch Nails media.

Tells you about the latest news to do with emulation, updated daily

The homepage of ZSNES, the best SNES emulator available.

Has some really kewl Playstation utilities, allowing you to watch
videos from Playstation CD’s, listen to music etc.

This is the homepage of a translation for the Secret Of Mana 2 ROM,
it is currently 100% completed, go and pick it up NOW!


This guide was the result of many hours of work, This is my first guide
and it was a lot harder to do than I had originally expected. Thanks to
everyone I know, especially Angel, his save file saved me a lot of
stuffing around. And Fatal Exception you punk, this game is THE original
RPG. Feel free to e-mail me at ( If you have any
additions or suggestions that you would like to make, questions etc, it
would be much appreciated. Some of the data in this guide, is incorrect,
I am going to fix that up eventually, the location of the Weapon Orbs,
was taken from the SOM Faq, because I couldn’t be bothered doing it! 🙂
If the author has a problem, with this, e-mail me, and the offending text
will be augmented. I am hoping to make a collection of FAQ’s for classic
SNES games, well the ones that I don’t think have been covered too well
anyway, the next one is going to be a guide for Zelda 3: A Link To The
Past, because the recent release of Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time has got me
back into the Zelda mood. Don’t expect this one anytime soon, I have
barely started the Zelda one. The latest version of this Guide can always
be found at ( Please remember, as I mentioned before,
I do have a life, I don’t check my e-mail every day, but I will attempt
to get back to you ASAP.


This guide is MY intellectual property, please respect that, feel free to
distribute it in its current UNCHANGED form. This guide is not to be used
for profitable purposes, Be it magazine, book or any other publication,
without my prior consent. If you want to HTML or FTP this guide, feel free
to do so, in its current UNCHANGED form, including ALL Copyright
information. Then please e-mail me the address, so I can create a list,
of where people can get it. If you obtained this FAQ/Guide from anywhere
besides ( or (, or any of its
associated sites) then it was taken without my permission, please inform
me of the address of the offending site. The latest version can always be
found at the two afformentioned sites.

Unpublished work Copyright 1998-99-00 Owen Yates.
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