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Fallout 3 vs Fallout New Vegas  for which one the best one?

Fallout  New Vegas  is a very  much a game you can do whatever you want though out the game with basically no

fallout 3  photo

Photo by PseudoGil 

rules for how you can complete it and does have amazing weapons it such as different  Shotguns which a lot of people love using since powerful and easy to fire at a human character or a super Mutant or animal in the game but the only disadvantage this game also inspires your mind I think by the idea of what the future could be like for us if a Nuclear bomb  so it does make us think deep. You can be a man or a woman in it your choice seems to make no difference of whichever sex you pick for it . You can if you want punch enemies instead of using hand weapons or a gun it can be fun sometimes doing it plus you waste no equipment using hands instead of weapons and you can get better fight moves later on as well.