Is Oddworld the best RPG Platformer?

photo of Abe from oddworld getting his photo taking from oddworld 1

In the normal sense of a platformer, it’s just a game where you jump from one place to another or in the case of Super Mario your jump is how you can kill baddies in the game.

Two best part about this Platformer

  • Has a storyline which may make you laugh
  • Allows you to take over the role of other characters 

The story starts of like this you are in farm where Abe the characters slaves are put in a processing plant called Rupturefarms  to serve there masters. Abe was in the past employee of the year but now he’s dead meat after crossing the meanest boss over working late at night. The business used to make Meech Munchies but now makes Paramite Pies and Scrab Cakes. The problem came from him finding out what New and Tasty was made from Mudolon which is the group of people Abe is part of after the business started making lack of money for there  pies they sell. Which caused the guy now to try and get out of the factory but the cameras caught him trying to make a getaway for why now he has to outwit his ex  boss to get his safety back.

You start of where you need to full down until you see scrab is quite common enemy at the start of the game with a guy who often says work. You jump from the left to the right but hold on until the guy falls down  to the lower floor now you can go up and pull the lever which allows a hole to open up the door which the Scrab can now fall down and die. Now climb back up to the other floor and lift the lever. You should now get the other Mudolon to follow you which is quite a common thing to do in this storyline next pull the other lever tell the other green guy to follow you as well then turn the other lever now and tell the other to follow you now. You will see as well now white flying things which look kind of like moths flying around this is where you send the other characters to save to using Abe special mind ablity .  

The next step is to climb up all the floors you can until you get to sign saying Directory with a hand on it and also sign saying Packaging put your hand on the bit saying directory this will now allow you to see the rest of the map. Climb up to the top right where you will see scrab trying to shoot you  now go through the area saying door Keep walking unti  you see can go through the next doorway  You will have to jump over some bits this where the platformer side of this starts to come more into action. You can now when you see the scrab take over them meaning you can control this is where the game starts to show it funny side since you can make him attack others or even kill himself by making himself explode which you may find a bit funny the talking you hear is quite enjoyable to hear in my opinion. You can also use the scrab to pull levers like Abe can do which I think is a pretty smart feature  of Oddworld. When you run with the Scrab over to the far right you will now see another scrab a sleep who you can shoot with your machine gun which is a lot of fun to use one that’s done you can now make the character you control explode.

The gameplay is focussed on puzzle system so you may find you get killed int while you are learning how to play it since the Abe is not very good at taking attacks so even to die in the game you will also find you get tools to use such as bombs to destroy things.

Rolling can allow you to move faster around the world and also be used to avoid having the character get killed in it.

Can mines in the game can get you killed in you touch them so never stand on them or watch out for jumps landing onto them

Most people consider this the best 2d platformer ever made over it having a funny side to it and allowing to do things which were never done before in games over you being able to control others so well and have laugh while playing a game since funny sides don’t often come from games which actually make someone laugh much of the time and platformers are games which people think of like  Supermario being most well known one but no game before Oddworld exist which platformer is actually meant for people with more of adult mindset for what happens in this part of made it so enjoyable for so many people all around the world.  The game itself has become very well wanted so can now sell for big money since not many of the first one made left anymore you can also get playstation 1 limited edition with the Abe brand covers on it so if you own one you could put it on Ebay and make some money quite easy or sell to private group of people to probably make more money as well. 

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