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A great question I have being asked by many people is what is the best game I have ever played?

Well if I had to answer this question for me  the best older game I played is Secret of Mana and the best new game I played is Fallout 3 for me both these games are just amazing by their story lines and how much fun they are to play

Great stuff 

Fallout 3 I love about it so much you can basically do anything you want in such as use a knife as  weapon or gun or anything and you go around each part of the area with basically nothing stopping you moving forward . The selection of weapons in this game is amazing such as I  am kind of old fashioned in sense since my Favorite gun is the hunter rifle since does pretty good damage and getting more bullets for it is so easy to get as a weapon you get pretty decent weapon which is basically the starter weapon you get in the game  and also I sometimes enjoy the  hand to hand combat so I do like the Chinese officer sword a lot what you does in the game weather you act good or bad in it makes effect on how the game is done which I really enjoy .

Secret of mana is for me the world first proper attempt at RPG games which was any good the game proper inspired me all things I did in like this may seem like a lie or BS but this game for real did inspire me I loved the idea of you playing it going up levels and using magic or as in this game you call magic mana which if any of you want a wee history lesson into the game the main character the boy in it is related to the mana tree being his mother and his

father is the ghost you see in the game quite early on .

Shawdow run well for me weather you preferred the snes or megadrive  both were incredible games but I found the snes one had a better overall story line but I found the megadrive one had  more technical feel of it  here my proper review of the Snes on. The Snes one is basically on the idea of what things might be like in the future  of the idea of  a few powerful people controlling the world and in this case Drake is the person in this a monster like a dinosaur who is the most powerful in this game and the guy you play the role of his name normally Jake he is basically taking out by Drake since he is scared of something contained in the shadowrunner brain which could destroy his power on the world as such Drake hires a gang to  kill of this Shadowrunner  but he is saved by another Shadowrunner  by her planning leaves on him but she was told to do that by Jake Guardian the Dog who then if you play the game you learn how to  fire a gun and hack and also do magic in it and in this game you only need to hire a body guard if you want near the end unless you want to never get killed then so has many area of interest for any gamers out their and if any of you have not played this I do recommend you try this game a lot.

Shadowrun the Megadrive one a lot of people might find this game quite a hard one to start with since if you pick the wrong character setup can be hard for some gamers but I found it quite easy myself once you get started in the game save up for a good weapon then a good armour then hire some people to with you all the time in the game I always recommend Troll since hes the toughest character to have with you and any other character really your choice I had no preference for picking another one and this game is much more team best in order for you to do well in this game you need to have a team with you for most of the parts and hacking in this game much for techinal than in the snes Shadowrun and for me when I pick my starting character I pick the one who’s best at hacking since hes the fast at running when you start out in the game you need to learn how to get good at running from fights when the need comes or you will get killed a lot in it but I would recommend you  try both forms of Shadow run to decide which one is the best one

The elder scrolls iv oblivion only bad part of the game I found was the proper storyline was very boring and easy to complete but the side quests were basically all amazing its so cool how quick you can get better at things you do in Oblivion such as Arrow shooting its a game where you can be pure hand to hand combat to win fights or use a range weapons its your choice and both options give you great fun overall you can make the character work better for your playing methods and remember it is more less impossible not to get killed at least once since you quite often get into fights with tough enemies and when you start of you are bit weak and taking on the tougher monsters a lot harder to win against without experience to go with this