Resident Evil Xbox one Review

Man in process of killing a zombie

For fans of the Resident Evil franchise, the Resident Evil 2 remaster will re-kindle that same magic you felt 20 years ago with the very first installment. The second installment of the game is perhaps one of the primary reasons why survival horror games became so popular. They became multi-dimensional as they involve exploration and deep puzzle solving scenarios. The game maintains that wow factor from PS1 classic and takes it to a whole new level. It revamps the sounds, atmosphere, voice acting, graphical elements, and specific game mechanics. The game pays a lot of attention to the locations in the game and packs the right punches in all other departments as well. All in all, there’s very little to critique in the game as it hits the ball out of the park on all fronts. It is most definitely an instant classic.

Visual Elements and Sounds

The game directors for the game had done a solid job in taking you to a trip down memory lane when the game first made headlines some 20 years ago. The remarkable thing about it is that it takes things up a notch by expanding on the great work Resident Evil 7 did in building 3D gore. It’s a visual delight to see the weapons in action and how they pierce through the zombies. The unique in-game models involving mutant freaks and animals create the eerie feeling that the original classic only to take it a step further with an unmatched HD facelift. The RE engine delivers fantastic results with breathtaking facial animations that can complement the overall feel of the game. Several AAA games in the past have fallen flat when it comes to facial animations in enhancing the overall feel of the game. The wear and tear on the character clothes is another element that adds to the visual appeal of the game. In terms of the sounds, the binaural audio builds on the paranoia that keeps you on your toes throughout the game.

the binaural audio builds on the paranoia that keeps you on your toes throughout the game. The sudden shuffling sounds of the zombies, the boot stomps or the related sounds from other game elements create the panic that is needed to capture the imagination of the players. There are few graphical hitches in the game which is probably a testament to the limitations of the current generation of consoles in handling the ambitious presentation the game intended.  Examples of this include the pseudo-ray tracing reflections and the overly compressed textures.


It is no secret that the franchise has somewhat struggled to find a balance between the swashbuckling and the modern shooter. With time the game has moved towards being a more modern shooter while the classic gameplay was more punishing where there was scarce ammo, limited save points, and several twists and turns. Resident Evil 2 aims to bring back the classic hardcore style of play that the fans were hoping for.  The game allows you a lot of freedom in choosing how you progress in the game. There are several throw able items and toys at your disposal which allow you to be creative with your play. There are a host of different adversaries that you come up against which include the standard zombies and the more formidable lickers. The animations and sounds of both the characters develop the anxiety inducing the feeling that keeps you at the edge of your seat at all times. The maps have an impressive attention to detail and have several puzzles, and surprises along the way. The classic weaponry from the game is intact and managing the inventory is a crucial element for success. Looking at the weaponry, it is no secret that the developers wanted to pay homage to the predecessors. It makes you appreciate the game changer that Capcom was able to produce back in 1998 and how it still works in 2019.


Like with the remake of the first game, it follows all the plot points of the classic with certain tweaks in few areas. The overall result is that it creates for a more compact and emotional story that delivers plenty of memorable moments. The game takes place in the fictitious area called Raccoon City. The game can be played from the point of views of the two main protagonists cop Leon Kennedy, and the unlucky visitor Claire Redfield. Raccoon City encounters a viral outbreak where swarms of zombies take center stage and wreak havoc. Both these characters have different paths which add a lot of replay value to the game.

All in all, the game is a fantastic throwback to the good old days of the franchise. The Resident Evil series has suffered from an identity crisis in recent years, but with this game, it seems to have found the missing link it was so desperately searching for in the last decade. It is everything that you thought it would be from the trailers and perhaps even more.

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