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There seem to be many SEO Company & SEO Services comparison websites that are simply full of it on the web. Of course this is the Internet so it’s actually not a surprise at all that these crummy sites exist in the first place. There are many issues with these sites that simply do not sit well with me or with other seo service providers alike for many reasons. The main reason why many people feel that these sites are a scam is because they are paid website, this means that you have to pay these sites tons of money every month so that you company can be listed as a credible listing. This is completely B.S. because you can obviously just pay your way to becoming a & credible SEO service provider instead of earning your spot. Some of these comparison SEO websites are also run by other seo companies, so how can you trust a comparison website if it is being completely manipulated? The answer is simple, you can’t!

Without naming any names, I have seen about four different seo comparison websites that are a complete scam. So beware to all webmasters and business owners that are researching a good seo company to hire, do NOT go to these sites in order to find a service provider.
The seo companies on those sites are most likely complete garbage!
The best way to determine which seo company to hire would be to simply go to Google and type in that companies name and look to see if there are any negative reviews about that company. Another way to see if the seo company you are looking to hire is a good match is to simply conduct a search in Google for a keyword such as Seo Company and or SEO services. Most seo companies on the first page of Google are probably a safer bet to go with because they are on page 1 which means they can probably do the same for your website. On the opposite side of the spectrum, not all companies on page 1 of Google are good to hire because some of them are unethical and are black hatters that are only on page 1 of Google for a few weeks or months. If you choose one of these companies they may get your website penalized or even banned from Google.
The safest way to hire a seo company is to round up about 3-6 different potential companies and submit a request for a proposal from all of them. Then you can compare and contrast all of the companies and feel them out in order to help you eliminate some or all of the junk companies. At the end of the day a webmaster is never safe when it comes to hiring a service provider. A seo company that is the best today may be one of the worse tomorrow because of Googles forever changing algorithm.

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