The 10 most popular Xbox One games

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Xbox One is still one of the most sold consoles to date, despite some shaky releases. The accessibility and cheaper price compared to the PS4 is why it’s a successful gaming console. This is a list of the most popular games of the Xbox One console.

10. FIFA Franchise

Sales: 4 million (FIFA 17)

When it comes to soccer games, FIFA takes the throne and there is no competition in sight. The yearly release of the FIFA franchise keeps things fresh with roster and mechanic updates that its fanbase loves. Among all of those, FIFA 17 has seen the most success with 4 million sales.

As of date, FIFA19 is the best-selling games in the UK, beating big names like Marvel’s Spiderman and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. While it might not see as much success in America, but if you are into soccer, then this is the game for you.

9. Minecraft

Sales: 4 millionAnimation of Minecraft

The biggest sandbox world builder ever was ported to Xbox One, and it’s sold over 4 million copies as of today. Even crazier is that on Xbox 360, the game has sold over 13 million copies. Minecraft is still being updated, and the community is dedicated. This is why the game is still expected to see growth even after 9 years of being launched.

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8. Star Wars Battlefront

Sales: 4.18 million

Released in November 2015, Battlefront was perfectly timed to capitalize on the hype surrounding The Force Awakens. The game did not meet a warm welcome due to the lack of content, but the Star Wars franchise carried the game through.



7. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Sales: 4.53 million 

Another yearly release, Activision has been riding on the success of the franchise for over a decade. Although very little in terms of gameplay changes are implemented each year, the fan base is still loyal to the franchise. Even though each new release feels like a re-skin of the last one, but they are still profitable. Infinite Warfare’s premise is a CoD game IN SPACE! It caught the attention of many, and the sales reflect that.




  1. Fallout 4

Sales: 4.54 million

The Fallout series is one of the most recognized video game franchises ever. If you’re anywhere near the video game world, you will surely recognize the iconic Vault Boy with his blonde and blue outfit. Fallout 4 gave us everything we love about the series – the exploration, the action, the role-playing – and added in great new features like the Minecraft-like Settlements too.

It’s the highest selling role-playing game on the Xbox One.


  1. Halo 5: Guardians

Sales: 4.81 million Branded image of Halo 5

Another huge name in the FPS world, Halo has been around the block for years. However, Guardians don’t follow the same trope as the other games in the series, as the memorable Master Chief isn’t even present in the game as a playable character. Although he does appear briefly, players spend most of the campaign as Spartan Locke (a move 343 Industries later admitted was a “huge disappointment” for fans).


There were some positive changes too, though, including the introduction of Warzone mode and free map packs. The combat and gameplay are arguably the best in the series so far too.


  1. Battlefield 1

Sales: 4.81 million

If you haven’t noticed it so far down the list, you aren’t paying attention. Xbox One has tons of FPS games, and they are the most successful genre of games on the console. Battlefield 1 takes players back in time to WWI, where combat is slower-paced and methodical. It’s a different feel to the rapid action of other FPS games, and that fact helped with the sales of the game quite a bit.


  1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Sales: 5.29 million

This installment of CoD allows players to put on jetpacks, exoskeletons and cloaking devices while carrying a myriad of futuristic guns and weaponry. Unlike Infinite Warfare, Advanced Warfare was well received by both critics and the Call of Duty community.


It boasts some of the best maps in the series and the new features breathed new life into a series in danger of going stale. Fans were relieved when they got an exciting game with new mechanics that aren’t present in the past games in the series.


  1. Grand Theft Auto V Game image on gameconsole Grand Theft Auto V

Sales: 6.8 million

GTA is still the most controversial titles out there, but that has never stopped the game from being the most well-received. GTA V’s success on the Xbox One is even more remarkable considering it’s a re-release of the hugely successful Xbox 360 original. Although the spinoff GTA Online doesn’t receive as much praise and even attracted harsh criticisms of excessive microtransactions, GTA V itself is a highly successful game.


  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Sales: 7.34 million

Finally, CoD: Black Ops 3, the best-selling game of the Xbox One. It puts players in the shoes of super soldiers in the science fiction universe with hi-tech drones, robots, cyborgs and enhanced humans. Although the game didn’t receive as much praise on the single-player campaign, it was regarded as one of the best FPS multiplayer experiences to date.

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Extra game modes like Nuketown and Zombies are enough to keep the players for years.

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