The Walking Dead Final Season:

In a place in sediba going to be them in another Walking Dead video they smoking death video is going to be on the trivia and you know achievement trophy for the next episode of The Walking Dead the final season you know broken toys now I just want to say before I start this video I’m trying to get 100 subscribers before the end of this year so if you please you know subscribe it would be much appreciated so let’s just get into the video now I just want to know four star in this video some of these achievements aren’t going to be achievable by every person so many achievements are going to be achieved by only half the people for example because this depends on your decisions but there is a few of them which I think everyone is going to get the first achievement completed act 1 this is called whispers now this is a clear reference to the whisper our god the whisper is from a comic book and James you know we didn’t see much of James in the second episode all we did was sit he saved us he brought us to the school that was it so I’m thinking in this episode maybe James who you know will appear again he’ll help Clementine you know rescue and her friends from the Raiders know I want to see one more fingers I James knew that the Raiders were going to attack so I think that at the end the episode two so for the children James sent the walkers to try and stop the Raiders but he was a bit silly so people got kidnapped so I’m thinking that Mick James may have helped you know a bit though so things like that may have happened the second achievement was called completed it completed sorry back to this is called shore line now we do not know much about this Shore way and part of the episode is going to be by a shoreline so maybe this is where you know we might have to go to Delta to rescue our friends by boat or Dave dude but it’s like similar to mine role from The Walking Dead Michonne things like that no lead they’re completely dark free this one’s a bit more of a for the interesting one now I think that definitely in Episode three we’re going to you know try and rescue Sophie Minerva and rescue the rest of our friend now think that Clementine has to be filled and weed that everyone you know how together how to save them properly and I think that this achievement is just around you know cuz this isn’t act free sorry I think that contact comes after lead the crew to do something to achieve some to achieve something and I think that that’s what Clementine is going to do now I think that this achievement is going to be only achieved by after people which is best girl Rosie you know people in the previous episode had the choice of going to Rosie pet owner I’ve totally forgot that this was an option I didn’t even know it was a thing book I think also a Rosie is royal to you at the end of episode 2 says Lori Walsh and Rosie was loyal to you as she fits Abel’s arm you know she was defended knew so maybe next episode if he didn’t you know why can’t you get to bond a bit of her more relationship with her or if you had you know a relationship with her in the first place she’ll just be even more happy with you now mercy did no harm now it is revealed by in episode three broken toys it’s going to be you know we’re going to have a big long talk with the character Abel Abel if you don’t know is one of them Delta characters part of the Raiders he’s one of the bad ones the really really bad ones he has no mercy for anyone else no we’re most likely going to be torturing him to see what Delta is how to get though it tells any more information we want to know so I think that this is referring to that saying if you want to mercy if you want to give them mercy that’s fine you know you do no harm and you know that’s how you get to your friends you don’t do hard you use the words and don’t get fired which is probably why it’s the better option because it is an achievement nightlight made sure they sleep tight now after the events of The Walking Dead the final season episode two so for the children everyone’s gonna be in shock but they can’t stay up for any longer because the goal would be to you know tired but like you have things like that this is having an eventful day so they need the good sleep so they don’t make any more rush decisions then tomorrow morning they can make a plan to get their friends now I think that this was referring to you nobly the one as well but clementines got to be your leader and she’s gonna make sure that everyone in her crews alright and you got to make sure that everyone sleeps nice you know swept slept tight if you know when you know what I mean like make sure everyone sleeps well you know things like that I think that this shows just how caring content can be towards a you know what I mean towards all of people in our crew and she’s you know being a good leader the next achievement is called all single let nothing slip by no I don’t know what this is you’re referring to so I’m not really going to talk about it much but it can be about the Delta coming back getting more people with still not real now this next achievement is probably my most favorite as it’s a reference to the one from The Walking Dead Season one Episode two star for help by Clementine it is called did you like it remember the good old times now this is obviously a reference for when Lee as Clementine did you lick that salt work and Klieman Hamm says no I’m at an office Lee did look it but Clementine you know she’s obviously in a situation where did you lick it so maybe this is referring to her actually being in the Delta no she’s in the Delta will she have peace with Louie we do not know maybe you know a member of the Delta norther member sorry actually knows Clementine so there’s a more mutual bond with them so maybe she’s allowed them to have a look around the place maybe she sees some nice crops did you like it did you let the crop did you eat the crop things like that that survives and gain from here but it’s the fact that it’s this room of the good old times it’s just the fact that I love tales outlast telltale technically sky about for bringing back you know all telltale you know things as it’s a Star Trek fans personal space keep your distant know there can be many reasons for this it can be oh did you keep your distance when people but they’re terrified or did you keep you distant from lately maybe there was someone in the Delta they had to keep your distance from we don’t know we’re going to have to have more information on this you know to know what this is about now this next achievement is called as a mouse the description of this achievement was very was very sneaky this is obviously referring to when we going to see Delta now this box of my previous points of you know a bow you gotta convince him to tell you where Delta is and I think that this is one of the options this has given me vibes of work the crew and Lee people like that had to sneak into Crawford he could out of a trained it was sneaky or go loud I think that this should going to be a very similar option where you can go into Delta loud or very sneaky tally counted the days now due to this one being just after as a mouse was very sneaky tells me that either way you’re going to get captured when you go into Delta and because it says counted the days maybe you’ve been you know kidnapped by you know Lily maybe she doesn’t feel sorry for you so she didn’t kill him making you go to war boy if you’ve been into the days maybe you’ve been captured and maybe Clementine has to think of a plan to get out of there now this could just be the reason you know maybe the groups make peace maybe the like oh count the days since ozone the Delta have had peace maybe that could be it both really I think it’s like Clementine and the crew has been captured and they have to make a plan to get out now these next two achievements are definitely optional the net first one’s called hunter found all episode free collectables not really don’t really need to explain on this one it’s self-explanatory it feels like mine please all episode free collectables now what this one does not say that maybe Clementine has an option so a Clementine is captured she’ll have she’ll have to find free collectables in the Delta nothing like maybe she’ll place it in there or she can collect it and collectibles after escaping from Delta you know guns or something like that they should complete it back at the boarding school I think that this scenario is one of the most likely ones as it makes so much sense now if you enjoyed this Walking Dead video or want more more short Walking Dead videos in the future please comment like and subscribe and again I gotta express trying to get 200 subscribers please help me get there as well you know much appreciate and until next video peace

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