Why it’s fun to play Xbox One games?

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In 2017, the total sales of the Xbox One crossed over 30 million units. That equals a lot of Xbox owners around the world, and one can’t help but wonder why there are so many of them out there. The first thing to look at is that regardless of the brand, the bottom-line is that it’s a video game console. Video games are a ton of fun, as they allow us to simulate the experience of things that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience. They help us try out characteristics we would love to possess. The excitement is heightened when we play out the characters we relate to. Therefore, we feel as though we can tap out of this world for a brief period and enter a world of fantasy. These things hold for every gaming console, but there are many unique things that make the Xbox One a special console.

The Xbox has always been high on trying to get friends and families involved as much as possible. The ability to use eight wireless controllers at a time, allows a whole family to get in on the action. This can become a regular occurrence for families as it can prove to be a low-cost alternative to a night out or any other plans that they plan out. Another interesting feature with the Xbox One is the copilot mode, which allows one user to have the same input as the other. Hence, this will enable parents to control the inputs of their children in playing single player games which makes it a fun way for them to connect.

The other aspect to consider is the impact of Xbox One exclusive games. One could argue that this is perhaps the most significant difference between the major consoles in the market today, and Xbox One has done a reasonably good job of putting some great exclusives on the table. The first of these games has to be the Halo franchise. The Halo franchise has been a money spinner for the company for decades now, and the trend has continued with the Xbox One.

The Halo: The Master Chief Collection combines all the past four games with an exceptional facelift to match the standards of next-gen gaming. The exclusives are not limited to the well-known titles of Xbox, but also includes games like Quantum Break, which is a brand new game with no history. Other games include the Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizons, and the Gears of War Franchise.

Another aspect to consider is the features that facilitate online gamers in producing their content. The Xbox One, allows its users to create commentary for the gameplay clips. It provides an opportunity to the users in becoming the next video gaming superstar through the user of the Upload Studio App and the built-in DVR system. The games DVR system can be used to capture clips and quickly go to the Upload Studio to edit, access, and upload them. The clips can even be edited while the game is paused in the background. The Kinect sensor can then be used to record the audio and video over the game clips. If users have connected their console to their PC, they can directly upload it from their computer. For users who want to change things up, they can also utilize the “record with Kinect” option in the studio. This allows users to use green screen backgrounds for key compositing. Kinect is able to detect their bodies and automatically cut to the background, even without the green screen. Once everything is complete, users can then share these videos directly on social media and Xbox Live. To summarize, the creators of the Xbox One, want their users to have the best opportunity to turn their passion into an actual profession.

Xbox Live is perhaps the primary reason why the Xbox One is where it is. The online world is enormous in Xbox One, and it goes far beyond connecting users together for an online matchup. The Xbox Gold is a subscription-based service, which enables its users to play multiplayer games online. It offers a ton of other features to its users as well including free games with its games for gold service.

The service provides users with an array of free games on a monthly basis. Users are then free to play these video games whenever they feel like. In addition to this, you can also get access to many online streaming services. Hence, the Xbox Gold provides a complete package for its users to delve into the online world.

One of the fun things about the Xbox One is its accessibility. Xbox One games can be played on a PC, tablet, or mobile device. The other aspect is the array of games to choose from. The games are not limited to just the ones produced for the console, but users can also play games developed for its predecessor, the Xbox 360. The backward compatibility option for the Xbox One is a fantastic feature that allows users to play the classic titles that were produced for its predecessors. Furthermore, there are also options to play flash games, if users are looking to pass their time online.

The Xbox One is one of the most robust additions to the console world and is being hailed by gamers across the globe. If the creators can work on their exclusives, there is no reason why they can’t overtake the PlayStation 4. Nevertheless, it’s a ton of fun and a fantastic way to spend your time.

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