Why to buy a PlayStation 4?

PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One has been a hot topic of debate among the gamers across the globe. There are some who are merely loyalists of one particular brand, but a large proportion of people are those who are pretty much neutral in their opinion. It’s clear that the PlayStation 4 has been leading in sales, and their dominance in the console wars has been somewhat sealed, by the admission of Microsoft executives. However, there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to sales, and gamers want to know the details that have proved to be the decisive edge for the PlayStation 4. Here are some of the reasons that will put the “Why to buy a PlayStation 4?” conundrum to rest.

Exclusives information

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One of the main reasons for PS4’s success is their exclusives. PS4 exclusives are those games that are specially produced for the console and are, therefore, unavailable to gamers on the PC, Xbox One, and other consoles. This may seem to be a trivial aspect, but the reality is that many consider this to be the decisive difference between the PS4 and the other consoles. This is because the most disruptive and critically acclaimed video game studios are now producing PS4 exclusives. There are some PS4 exclusives that have had a rich history, which dates back to the PS3, or even before that. Some of these games include the prolific adventure game produced by Naughty Dog Inc, Uncharted 4 and the Last of Us. These two games alone have been the most critically acclaimed video games in recent memory, with sales in the 30 million regions. Furthermore, there is the God of War franchise that has been a longstanding series for the console. Marvels Spiderman was recently released which was one the fastest selling console games in history. With tons of exclusives lined up for the future, it is tough to imagine whether other consoles can match up to these titles.
PlayStation Plus
By now, gamers have become accustomed to paying for subscriptions to play online with their friends. A common complaint among them has always been whether they get value for money. This is primarily because the Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus memberships usually come up with a hefty $60 price tag for a year. However, the PlayStation has been able to cater to their subscribers effectively and have come up with new features on a regular basis to keep them invested. First of all, there is the aspect of playing online with your friends, which is a given with such memberships. However, the servers for the PlayStation Plus have shown to be much more responsive than its competitors allowing for seamless online gaming.
Furthermore, PS Plus members get massive discounts on a wide variety of games in addition to those offered to regular customers. The PlayStation has several discount weeks where it offers discounts up to 50% on its games. With the PS Plus, users can take this percentage up to 70%. Another unique aspect for PS Plus members to explore involves having a PlayStation Now membership. Through this membership, they can play games that released on its predecessors. Some of these games include the most acclaimed video games in the past decade include GTA San Andreas, the Batman Arkham Series, and others. Apart from that there tons of freebies that the membership offers on a monthly basis. PlayStation Plus members get two free games every month, which sometimes include AAA titles such as Metal Gear Solid 5 and For Honor. PlayStation Plus members also get access to PPV events on a regular basis at a discount price along movies, themes, and other add-ons. All this creates a unique package for gamers to explore and ultimately adds on the brand value for the PlayStation 4.

Unique Features

One of the aspects that sets the PS4 apart from other consoles are the features that are unique to the console itself. One of the best features of the PS4 is the rest mode, which is essentially the standby mode, where users can download their games without any interruption at low power consumption. The PS4 allows users to create chat party groups where users can communicate with each other online, and also use voice commands to navigate on the screen. The PS4 allows up to eight controllers which can enable users to have their families and friends to come over and have a great time. The PlayStation will enable users to directly stream their gameplay onto the popular live sharing platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. This arguably one of the top features of the PS4 as video game streaming has expanded throughout the globe and many online gamers are switching to the platform to broadcast their content and connect with their fans quickly. Alternatively, users can also directly record their gameplay and post those videos online. These videos can then be edited and published online generating a steady income for users through YouTube and Twitch. The PS Plus account can be controlled through a mobile device as well, through the PlayStation App. This allows users to track their downloads, monitor their progress, and purchase new games online. Another unique feature for the PS4 is the account sharing process. Close friends might be able to share their PS4 accounts and download each other through a step by step process. Users can also ‘Share Play’ by playing each other’s games for a specified period.

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