Xbox One X: A Gaming Beast That Stands Above All

Xbox one controller with 3 games under it

Xbox One X comes as the third offering in the Xbox one series and is a strong example of how Microsoft is constantly adapting its consoles to offer a seamless and rich gaming experience to gamers. The first Xbox one seemed to be nothing in front of the PlayStation 4 but that’s not the case anymore now. This gaming console by Microsoft has definitely shown who the real beast is when it comes to gaming consoles.

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Xbox One X made sure it didn’t disappoint gamers by leaving behind the games and apps of previous generations and did a lot of work on ensuring compatibility of old games even the Xbox 360 thus winning the nostalgia game.

The gaming console has 6 TFLOPS of shader output and offers a rich 4K gaming experience. And while every One X title may not be 4K, it is all up to the developers on how they are going to use that extra visual performance.


Even with the extra performance, the console is smaller than the Xbox One S and significantly smaller than the original Xbox One console. It also comes with a built-in power supply which was not the case in the original console. Its design and color schematics help the console blend in any A/V stand.



Microsoft as not just worked on the design but also the console’s sound and cooling performance. The cooling system isn’t extremely loud and is hard to hear while idle. When the console is running at full load the fan just crosses 40 dB mark.


The console meets all the gaming standards it is expected to meet with a 2.3GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU, a 6.0 TFLOP AMD Radeon (40CU, 1.172GHz) GPU and 12 GB GDDR% of memory alongside 1 TB of storage. As a media streaming device, it offers features like built-in UHD Blu-Ray player, bit stream pass-through, HDR 10 and support for Dolby Atmos. But using Netflix can be a disappointment as it will force HDR for even SDR content when it’s connected to any HDR streaming device, although it’s important to note that Netflix is the one who is to be blamed for this problem.  


The Xbox One X offers superior graphics on 1080 or 4K screens and uses super-sampling to create high-quality images. So you can prepare yourself for some super-sharp images and soak yourself into the rich details.


Coming to the controllers One X will have a darker gamepad which is similar to the gamepad that comes with Xbox One S but since the console will support keyboard and mouse controls this will not be a problem for gamers who prefer using this input method rather than consoles.


Conclusion: A Beast But A Budget Killer

Xbox One X is by no doubt a superior machine that is going to offer you super performance with high-quality details but the $499 costs can be too much, so unless you’re someone who likes to stop and immerse yourself into the scenic beauty of games like Skyrim, you can save yourself some money and go for the $299 Xbox One S.


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