Remedies For Joint Pain During Pregnancy

It's common to experience joint pain during pregnancy. The hormonal change as well as the weight of the baby can cause strain on the body, especially in the hips and knees. As your pregnancy progresses, you're going to notice that these aches and pains don't go away. The good news is that there are a few ways to alleviate joint pain during pregnancy. These remedies are both easy and effective.

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 Heating pads are a great way to relax the pain away. When you're sitting down for a period of time or relaxing in the evenings, use a heating pad or a warmed bag of rice. These relax the joints in the body and help to soothe away inflammation. Be careful to use only mild heat, but this is very effective at relieving joint pain during pregnancy.

 Another way that you can relieve the pain is by changing the way that you sit. With the extra weight in the front of your body, you're probably feeling slightly unbalanced. To find relief in your back and neck as well as your hips, sit backwards on a chair. When you sit in the normal position, use pillows to support the lower back. It's also important to make sure you stay in proper alignment while you're sleeping. Keep a pillow or towel between the knees to keep the pressure off the lower back and hips and keep the body in proper alignment which can prevent joint pain during pregnancy.

 Another remedy is a sitz bath. This sounds complicated, but is actually very simple. It's not recommended to take a hot bath or sit in a hot bathtub past the hips, but you can fill a tub with warm water up to the thighs and then sit in it. Add epsom salts to help reduce the pain in the joints. This is great when you feel pain in the lower body joints such as the ankles and knees. It's a great way to relax and you can do this as needed.

 Joint pain during pregnancy can also be treated with therapeutic massage. This is a great option for women who are having trouble getting around due to the pain. However, be sure to see someone who specializes in pregnancy massage techniques. They will know more about areas of pain and relief and will be able to provide effective massage techniques to the body.

 One final remedy for joint pain during pregnancy is prenatal yoga. Since exercise with aching joints can be difficult, prenatal yoga is a great option. It helps to stabilize joints and provides relief. Instead of pushing yourself to exercise every day, you can instead turn to the gentle, low-impact prenatal yoga option and enjoy greater motility and a relief from pain.

 If you're struggling with joint pain, it may be tempting to turn to an over-the-counter pain reliever. However, these can have negative side effects and will not give you lasting results. Trying one of these alternate approaches will not only help to alleviate pain, it will also give you long-lasting relief.

Jurassic Park: A Family Camping Adventure in Mexico

Before we came to Mexico I assumed that the entire country was either desert or coastal. Discovering Mexico diverse terrain�mountains, jungles, pines, plains and more�has been an absolute delight, and one of the things I love best about living at Lake Chapala is that this area is like the hub of a wagon wheel with many other fascinating and beautiful destinations just a few hours away: Colima, Guanajuato, Puerto Vallarta and Michoac�n, to name a few.

Just recently my mom and dad suggested we go to the state of Colima, a few hours away, and check out a place they found on Google Earth with a waterfall. There are rivers and springs all over the place spilling beautiful waterfalls off the rocks.

We all piled in the car: my husband, Joel, and our three kids and Ruby the Great Road-Trip Dog. If you’ve traveled in close quarters before, you�ll know this was an adventure in itself. Let me just say that after an hour on the road, the kids weren’t the only ones saying, “Are we there yet?”!
Hobbit houses
We finally found the road up the mountain that took us an hour away from the beach and as the car began to climb, the temperature steadily dropped until it was 10 degrees lower than the sweltering coast�whew! The road was a two-lane black snake cutting through the green of the trees. If you go, you’ll feel like you’ve gone back millions of years in time. Around every turn you expect to see a dinosaur right out of “Jurassic Park.” Getting there is half the fun–driving through jungles and tropical rain forests, on a winding mountain road where you cross the river several times. You’ll pass several little Mexican pueblos, or villages (with speed bumps), so don’t be surprised if you see people riding burros, and keep your eyes peeled for cattle, dogs, goats or pigs in the road. It was spectacular scenery and by now we were excited to be there.

Let me save my readers some time by telling you right now that I will not spill the beans about where this is located because I am doing my part for this pristine gem in the jungle-y, green mountains with a cool breeze and a camping spot with fresh-water swimming pools. For the sake of future generations who will stumble on this beautiful place by accident and be in as awe of it as we were, though, I will call it Jurassic Park.

As you turn right down a cobblestone drive, you’ll see huge Parrota trees, adorned with strangler vines you can swing from (if you’re the Tarzan type). There is a 10-peso charge per person (one USD or Canadian dollar) that goes to benefit the poor through DIF, which is a government-sponsored, social assistance program for Mexican families. This included the use of the park and pools for the whole day and camping. This place definitely appeals to my frugality!

Our Jurassic Park looks like a well-kept jungle with many different types of trees and flowering shrubs. The most prolific are the coffee trees (beans change from green to red-brown to black). Colima coffee has won awards world wide for their rich coffee beans. Behind one of the small stands selling Chiclets is a living “gum” tree. If you ask to see it, you’ll get a sample of raw Chiclet gum. (Not very tasty, but interesting.) Another tree of interest is the “gringo tree.” This tree has red, peeling bark, just like–you guessed it–a sunburned tourist!

The next step was to set up our Tent City. We are a family of five, and since I think we have a tent for everyone in the family, we strike quite a presence when we set up. We collected a small crowd gathering around offering advice and suggestions as we struggled with the tents. Soon, we had little boys right alongside us good-naturedly pulling ropes and helping us hammer the stakes in the ground.

Once we had our camp in place, we explored our campsite and Noah found crayfish, crabs and bullfrogs (case in point to the left) in case we needed to go into survival mode. They were even raising Tilapia in a couple of tanks near a pound, as fresh as it comes, and they cook it for you too. Fortunately for me, I have a husband who loves to camp and cook, and we sometimes eat better when we�re “roughin� it” than we do when we’re at home.
Our campsite, which we had to ourselves, was in a copse of enormous trees with amazing roots that were so big that some formed natural two-three foot walls.

We were all in awe of some of the trees which had lacy, I felt as if one of those little guys from The Hobbit would come creeping out any second telling her to get out of his house!

Once we had out Camp Town set up the kids were scrambling to go swimming! Believe me, as a woman who used to fancy herself a land-locked mermaid, I was right behind them.

The campsite had three large, round pools on three levels all fed by the crystal clear, cool streams that come straight from underground springs that rushed in through clever channels and fed the pools and recycled back out. Two of the pools were deep and the third was a shallow “kiddie pool.” One had a high diving board and then the other deep pool had a slide that looped around and dumped us happily screaming in the water.

Can you imagine the pleasure of swimming in a fresh water pool without chlorine? (This water is recycled back into the creek below after flowing through the pools by gravity feed.

After the park officially closed for the day and the other families left, we were the only ones camping and we had the park to ourselves. I doubt any of us will ever forget sliding into the pool after dark. Bathrooms were available but we had to bathe in the pools. We just waited until everyone left and because the place was powered by gravity the pools stayed on with water rushing and the water slides working all night long so we took the kids for moonlit night swims and slid like little kids and washed our hair and had the place to ourselves except for the bullfrogs and fireflies.

The real draw for our going to Jurassic Park, though, was the waterfall. I am a sucker for a great cascade and this was one I had not seen before. The next day, we walked down to see the cascada. A new, wide concrete staircase winds down and around the rusty canyon walls. Cool canyon breezes rushed my face and carried a fine mist to settle on us. The fall comes flowing, crashing and splashing down through a rock crevasse that has been carved by the water over time and then rushes into a river that is perfect for riding lazily on an inner-tube and relaxing. People were diving off the cliffs and into the river and soon Joel was joining in the fun and whooping all the way down.

We floated down the high-walled canyon to the other side to yet another pool.
After the canyon, is a small grotto to explore, and about 1,500 feet further down the creek is another smaller waterfall. The first waterfall was far too turbulent to stand underneath but the second one was a full-blown fantasy experience. That is, if you fantasize about waterfalls in paradisiacal locations, which I do.

When we climbed the rocks and then crested the hill my breath was taken away; I felt like I was stepping into a postcard because it was so magnificently beautiful and untouched. I couldn’t resist standing under the waterfall it as cool water pounded down on my back and my head. It was a completely exhilarating feeling.

There were also numerous caves (way too many for us to explore in one trip) and beautiful trails to hike. The caves were really fascinating and cemented the whole Jurassic Park ideal.

If you love to hike, fish, camp, tube down rivers, stand in trees and under waterfalls, swim in fresh-water pools and water slide in the moonlight then I can’t think of a better place to go.

This place is not a tourist trap and the only people there besides us were Mexican. On weekdays, it is possible to find the park completely empty-but the pools, falls and river are still running! It’s one of the few places still left untouched by civilization, and is a must to see when you visit Colima, which is just a couple of hours from Lake Chapala and Ajijic.
We camp every chance we get! It is so safe and inexpensive and beautiful here that there is every reason to enjoy camping and the outdoors in Mexico. We live within such close proximity to other wonderful and exotic places that I will be exploring camping on the beach next, if Karen gives me the go-ahead. :o)))

Depression And Alcoholism- Free Interesting Information About Women Alcoholism

I am sure your quest for depression and alcoholism has come to an end as you read this article. Yes, gone are those days when we have to search endlessly for depression and alcoholism information or other such information like types of hallucinations, alcohol addictions, alcohol depression or even. What are the symptoms of an alcoholic. Even without articles such as this, with the Internet all you have to do is log on and use any of the search engines to find the depression and alcoholism information you need.

Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment: Many men and women and younger people elect to go to outpatient alcoholism treatment when it comes to choose an alcoholism treatment option. The fact is that life in the 21st century is such that most people do not have the time to enroll in inpatient alcoholism treatment and this type of treatment provides a good alcoholism treatment alternative.
The first step in the treatment of alcoholism lies in alcoholism Detox. Alcohol Detox is a combination of managing the symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal, existing medical problems resulting from alcoholism, as well as, any existing psychiatric issues. Alcoholism Detox programs have come a long way in their ability to manage the symptoms of withdrawal through the use of Detox specific medications. These medications greatly reduce the chances of seizure, while reducing the patients’ anxiety and pain. Please note that no Detox is a pleasurable experience, but everyone can be made comfortable.

During the early stage of alcoholism an individual becomes more dependent upon alcohol. If a person has a stressful day, alcohol will be consumed to alter his or her mood. Alcohol is used to relieve stress regularly.

Don’t forget that even if your immediate depression and alcoholism quest isn’t answered in this article, you could even take it further by doing a search on Google Dot Com to get specific depression and alcoholism information.

Since the medical profession has come to see drug addiction and alcoholism as primarily the same disease, there is little difference in drug addiction or alcoholism treatment. It is important to state, that the recognition that drugs addiction or alcoholism is a brain disease does not mean that the addict is simply a victim. There is no shortcut in overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction. The speed of the alcoholic’s progress is directly proportionate to the commitment and effort he or she puts in.

Various researches to indicate that 53 of the men and women in the US report that one or more of their close relatives are affected by alcoholism. 15 of the population in US constituted problem drinkers, which mean that 14 million persons are affected by alcoholism in US alone.

Therefore, in trying to understand, what is drugs addiction and what is alcoholism actually? Remember that they are, in essence a Spiritual ‘problem.’ And by doing that, you will be far more effective in treating and recovering from them successfully.

For your knowledge, we found that lots of people that were searching for depression and alcoholism also searched online for alcoholism smoking, clinical research positions, and even. What are the symptoms of alcohol abuse.

Make your Hockey Helmet a Part of You

The hockey helmet is an irrefutable part of ice and roller hockey. It protects your head by hugging the bony protrusion at the back of your head. The helmet will efficiently protect you from head injuries if you choose the perfect size for your head.

The majority of hockey players will tell you that protection isn’t its only use. Wondering what is the other use of a helmet? Just as helmets protect your head, they also serve as your canvas where you can show your artistic abilities and make your helmet uniquely a part of yourself. Hockey is not just a type of contact sport. Art can certainly be used to show others what is your personality on the rink. Unfortunately, a good number of hockey helmets come in standard colors and designs. A dull appearance can definitely be seen when you buy one at the Sports Shop. You can change this dullness by just repainting it! In painting, you get to create your own design and pick out the colors you want. Go for brightcolors to set you away from the pack. Go for warm colors to convey intensity and passion. Make the logos of champion teams embedded on your helmet to give you that champion confidence. The possibilities are endless, you need only create your own design.

A can of spray paint, masking tape, cardboard and scissors, sandpaper with fine grit, adhesive with industrial strength, screwdriver, and the hockey helmet design you have chosen to create will be the objects you need to start the painting project.
1. Remove the chin strap and the cage or visor of your helmet by using a screwdriver. Interior pads are also removed. Check if there is any unevenness on the surface of your helmet and, using sandpaper, even it out. The clear coat is sprayed on the helmet and dried afterwards. This primes your helmet prior to painting.

2. Using a pair of scissors, cut out the desired shapes included in your design. Secure the cardboards using a masking tape onto your hockey helmet so that the areas which will not be spray-painted by a particular color will be protected. Use a color one after the other. Let each color dry before using another color.

3. Spray on the clear coat on the whole outer surface of the helmet and allow to completely dry.

SEO Company & SEO Services Comparison Websites

There seem to be many SEO Company & SEO Services comparison websites that are simply full of it on the web. Of course this is the Internet so it’s actually not a surprise at all that these crummy sites exist in the first place. There are many issues with these sites that simply do not sit well with me or with other seo service providers alike for many reasons. The main reason why many people feel that these sites are a scam is because they are paid website, this means that you have to pay these sites tons of money every month so that you company can be listed as a credible listing. This is completely B.S. because you can obviously just pay your way to becoming a & credible SEO service provider instead of earning your spot. Some of these comparison SEO websites are also run by other seo companies, so how can you trust a comparison website if it is being completely manipulated? The answer is simple, you can’t! Website styles
Without naming any names, I have seen about four different seo comparison websites that are a complete scam. So beware to all webmasters and business owners that are researching a good seo company to hire, do NOT go to these sites in order to find a service provider.

The seo companies on those sites are most likely complete garbage!
The best way to determine which seo company to hire would be to simply go to Google and type in that companies name and look to see if there are any negative reviews about that company. Another way to see if the seo company you are looking to hire is a good match is to simply conduct a search in Google for a keyword such as Seo Company and or SEO services. Most seo companies on the first page of Google are probably a safer bet to go with because they are on page 1 which means they can probably do the same for your website. On the opposite side of the spectrum, not all companies on page 1 of Google are good to hire because some of them are unethical and are black hatters that are only on page 1 of Google for a few weeks or months. If you choose one of these companies they may get your website penalized or even banned from Google.
The safest way to hire a seo company is to round up about 3-6 different potential companies and submit a request for a proposal from all of them. Then you can compare and contrast all of the companies and feel them out in order to help you eliminate some or all of the junk companies. At the end of the day a webmaster is never safe when it comes to hiring a service provider. A seo company that is the best today may be one of the worse tomorrow because of Googles forever changing algorithm.

Attention To Detail Pays Handsome Dividends…

A few years ago whilst working on the south coast of NSW, I stayed for a couple of nights at a hotel booked for me by my client and on my first night, I checked in around midnight. 

The registration clerk who greeted me at the reception desk offered to collect my bags from my car and then showed me to my room. During the couple of minutes that this took, he had found out a little about what I did and he was also aware that I was feeling hungry after a long and very busy day. Unfortunately room service had closed, so there wasn't much that he could organise for me, other than suggest that I could grab a snack from on top of the bar fridge in my room.

He mentioned that the hotel's air-conditioning had been playing up, so he had put a small fan heater in my room about a half an hour earlier, so that the room would not be cold. I thanked him for his courtesy and after putting my bags in the room, he left and would not accept the customary tip.
After unpacking my bags, I then went to look at the snacks on top of the bar fridge but nothing was appealing, so I prepared for bed. A couple of minutes later, the phone rang and it was the friendly registration clerk to say that he had checked to see what restaurants were open in the area, and he could organise a pizza or some pasta and salad to be delivered to my room in about fifteen minutes. Again I thanked him for his courtesy but told him that I had decided to go to bed.%MINIFYHTMLa2590b3101f28367e286135861917a5e9%
%MINIFYHTMLa2590b3101f28367e286135861917a5e10%Before he hung up, knowing from our discussion when I arrived that I had an early start the next morning, he asked would I like a wake up call. This being organised, he then said those genuine customer service words that we all love to hear, ' Thanks for staying with us Mr. Ready; I hope you have a great nights sleep '.
Hotel and Motel
Now I know that a story such as this always sounds much better when you hear it spoken rather than in print, however, I am sure that you can gain a feel of how this story exemplifies the importance of first impressions in business. 

My story doesn't end there. My great first impression was progressively undermined over the remaining two days of my stay; by such things as a leaking toilet, a room that was very poorly cleaned and maintained, a lack of warmth in the room, a towel hook that hung from the back of the bathroom door, plus a level of service in the restaurant best described as ' memorably forgettable '. To top it off the desk clerk on the day shift was the complete opposite to his counter part that greeted me on my arrival. My excellent first impression had suddenly become a never-ending list of examples of poor customer service. 

At the end of my stay I asked to speak to the manager to let him know how great the service was on my arrival and also how bad it got from there on coupled with the lack of response to my requests to have the problems fixed. As he was not available to speak me I left a message and my contact number for him and then made a point of calling the evening desk clerk that evening to thank him for his great service. 

To this day, I have not heard from the manager of the hotel and I am sure that I never will. Despite the goodwill created by the registration clerk who greeted me and offered me great service when I first arrived, I won't stay in that hotel again and my custom has been lost for good.

In absolute contrast to this experience of poor customer service, let me share with you how genuine service and attention to detail has turned me into a powerful advocate for another motel.

A year or so later, I was conducting a series of customer service seminars in the New England region, and once again my client had booked a motel for me to stay at in Glen Innes. Everything about the service I received at this motel was beyond what I could ever have expected. I was greeted on arrival, welcomed with a handshake and a friendly smile, and shown to my room. At 6.00 a.m. the next morning I enjoyed a country style breakfast and as I checked out the owner of the motel thanked me for staying with him and gave me a crisp, fresh, red apple to eat as I drove on to Inverell. 

The Central Motel in Glen Innes is owned and run by David and Rosemarie Bryant and is one of some ten motels in the township and since that first visit, I have stayed at the Central Motel on several other occasions. However, the most significant fact is that in the course of that time I have conducted over 1000 seminars and workshops for over 70,000 people. At nearly all of these seminars and workshops; I have told my story about how the great service at the Central Motel and the little extra touch of the crisp, fresh, red apple on my departure encouraged me to stay again. 

I have no vested interest in the Central Motel, other than being a delighted customer who likes to tell the story of how well I was treated. My story also reinforces that word of mouth endorsement and unsolicited publicity (which is often the hardest to obtain), will follow in abundance if you just treat your customers with genuine courtesy and respect. 

If one thing can be learnt from my experience, it is that attention to detail pays handsome dividends when it is coupled with genuine and sincere customer service. It also reaffirms that most often it is the little things that count in business if you want to create and build long-term customer loyalty. These little things are the Moments of Truth in customer service that makes you say WOW - wonderful ooh wonderful, and cause you to spread the word.

Let me finish my story with a question. If you had occasion to stay overnight in Glen Innes, which motel would you choose? I am sure that the answer is enough to verify that we all need to look for the apples in our business ... then deliver them to exceed the expectations of our customers. 

Written by Keith Ready and inspired by David and Rosemarie Bryant - The Central Motel in Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia.

Since this article was written, David and Rosemarie Bryant have sold the Central Motel to Trevor and Michelle Staunton and I gather that they have continued to deliver the same level of extra-ordinary customer service.

Rugby Club Hosts Night Of Fashion

WICKLOW RUGBY CLUB hosts a fashion show on Friday, November 11.
The event takes place in the Grand Hotel and starts at 8.30 p.m..

The venue has been kindly donated by the Grand Hotel, in order to allow the club to raise some money and help showcase what Wicklow Town has to offer. The show will comprise of clothes and shoes, for kids, women, and men, rugby sports wear, ladies' night wear, jewellery, handbags, etc.

On the night also there will be displays around the hall from local shops showing what they have to offer to all, for the festive season. This will be an ideal opportunity for everyone to come along and see what they are missing out on by not shopping local.

It will also be a good night to see some local models ( kids, male and female) strut their stuff. There will be different sections in the fashion show for example, kids' section, male section, female section, jewellery, shoes and handbags section, with a surprise finale. In the fashion show the models will showcase the shoes, bags and jewellery separate to the fashion section.
On the night we will have the following shops take part in the fashion show: wardrobe clothes and heels shoes; Klasse Boutique; Komodo Boutique; The Real Women Ladies Fashion and Underwear; Heaton's Wicklow Town; Elegance  Rugby Teams Underwear and Nightwear; Wicklow Rugby Club Sport and Supporters ware; Jenny's Glad Rags; John Flood Mensware; Ahoy Ahoy Fashions; Anne Harris Jewellers; Broga Shoes and Ashford Bridal Studio.
So far on display on the night from the local traders will be the following: The Coffee Shop with a display of Christmas cakes, puddings, mince pies etc, Truly Scrumptious Sweets, Unicare Pharmacy, Byrnes Furniture and Giftware, Tanya's Hair Salon, Butlers Medical Hall, All Shades and Blinds, Wicklow Hospice Foundation with Displays of Christmas Crystal Decorations.
Adult tickets cost €10, students €5 and family tickets €25. There will also be a raffle on entry tickets.

Tickets are now available from Ann Morrissey at Clarke Delahunt Property Sales Wicklow Town. Tickets can also be purchased on the Door that night.
On the night there will also be a display around the hall featuring what local shops and artists have to offer for the festive season.

Old Practice of Football

Rugby originated in the United Kingdom, its former name was rugby football. It was shorted for rugby. Because the ball looked like an olive, so it was called "football" in China. Rugby, situated in England, was a central city. The rugby school was the birth site of rugby football. A stone tablet stood in the school, which read" In memory of W. W. Ellis's brave action ". It is said that one of its student, Ellis, once in a football match, held the ball to run as a fault under an emergency in 1823. This made the other players to follow. Although this was out of bound, it gave people a new inspiration. In Britain and the commonwealth regions, Football attracted the interests of people who liked doing sports all over the world. As time passed, it was gradually recognized by others. Thereupon, a new sport, which derived from the football, could not only benefit your body's all-around development, but also with high value of exercise.
Rugby gradually developed at Cambridge University after 1839 and established the rugby football club one after another. The intercollegiate games also became very active. UK set up the Football Association in 1871, soon this sport spread quickly to European countries, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The International Football Association set up. The International Football game was held in France in 1906.
The British football changed continuously when it spread to other countries. Many countries even created their own forms of rugby, such as the United States, Canada and Australia. But the venue, equipment, rules, clothing, participate numbers and the ball's size, as well as the competition methods were all different. It could be generally divided into two kinds; British Football Teams  (also called soft football) and American Football (also called the hard football). They gained amusing nicknames on account of the various styles and play methods. British Football was called "A gentleman plays the savage sport".
Rugby was called the callous football, since the players didn't wear guards in a competition. American football was slightly lesser than rugby, so it was painless to pass the ball.
Rugby could supply the military training with much assistance, intensely in physical training. Because rugby game required the team spirit of tenaciously combat to win. Therefore, this sport was greatly extended in the army with its popularity. As a result, rugby got the fame of "ball of army" in western countries. Nowadays, some of the individual universities also have their good rugby teams in China.
In people's point of view, rugby was a violent sport. By contrast, rugby has more intense collision than other sports, such as basketball, soccer and the popular sports in the United States. Grapping-rugby is banned in many American campuses, so it has been changed into the style of touch the ball with hands. Most of physical education all adopt the grapping method. However, after school, they would like to play the ball with both hands as an alternative method under the prerequisite of right equipment and guidance. Moreover, the fierce body collision and high risk of injury, it does not have the ability to attract women. Women always have high risk in competitions because of the insufficiency of muscles and weights. It provides the strong and quick players with more opportunities while grip and intercept the ball. What we have discussed above has already caused controversy, so in the earlier few decades, rugby and dodge ball, wresting, hockey and boxing has been listed as violence.