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Rediscovering Nostalgia: Gokinjo Boukentai and the Golden Age of SNES Gaming

Table of contents The Rise of Gokinjo Boukentai The Birth of a Classic Gameplay and Mechanics Memorable Characters Impact on the SNES Gaming Industry Rediscovering Nostalgia The Golden Age of SNES Gaming Gokinjo Boukentai: A Forgotten Gem Revisiting the Gameplay The Influence of Gokinjo Boukentai Conclusion Frequently Asked Questions What is Gokinjo Boukentai? Is Gokinjo Boukentai still available to play? What makes Gokinjo Boukentai special? Did Gokinjo Boukentai have any sequels? Can you tell me more about the gameplay of Gokinjo Boukentai? What impact did Gokinjo Boukentai have on the SNES gaming industry? In the era of modern gaming consoles and advanced graphics, it is easy to forget the golden age of SNES gaming. However, there are certain games that hold a special place in the hearts of gamers. One such game is Gokinjo Boukentai, a classic SNES game that captured the essence of nostalgia and provided hours of entertainment. From its memorable characters to its innovative gamepla

Battle Zeque Den Review

 A  very but fast paced game set in like the 1990s final Manga style for how the characters look and I suspect they were inspired by like Streets of rage and also Golden Axe for why some similar things happen in all three games  here. You can pick one of three characters  the part I find funny or weird the normal characters are a lot harder than the first boss in the boss fight I never took any hits I just kicked him onto the right of the screen which stops him getting through you easy while he's in this keep pressing the punch button until he's dead or if you got out if little hit just finish him off with punch or kick depending on your preference. You can pick up health  this game which useful when so many enemys move fast or fairly fast. I lost one life on my first try on the game  but still complete the game fine when I understand more about the game play here. You can throw enemies which is useful against more than one enemy to know them to the ground which is an important

Battle Tycoon: Flash Hiders SFX Review

 A Fighting game kind of like a street fighter with strong animation feel it can be faster than a street fighter as well which is cool but fast enough most players could find it easy enough to win at the character design is probably the best ever seen on a street fighter clone so far and also when you win fights two times you can boost up your stats so it has like RPG  elements which is very rare for the 1990s time period. The music in the game is heavily inspired by street fighter music and when you hear another fighter better hit it will sound very similar to the street fighter sound effects. The graphics in this game to me look so beautiful as shown here. When you win a battle you will hear this message at the end winner Bang or winner another one name instead you can see A for Attack and  G for Guard  and S for speed the motion of how the attacks look are very impressive for a 16 bit system to me I suspect this game pushed the Nintendo to the max for the power of it to make it happ

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs

A Classic game popular around the world for it's beatup setup inspired by Teenage mutant Hero turtles . The gameplay could use two players which was a lot of fun with friends at the time for why it become popular . Cool music from the very 1990s style it all. A lot of people around the world consider this one of the best beatup ever created the reasons for why include . Exciting Tough Fun Good music Good graphic Sort of hard Arcade feel to it all Very 1990s style. The special effects from fighting or doing moves always had amazing graphic feel to them all. Toughness may seem a stupid or weird idea but this is part of what made it so fun you could win easily get one or so enemy then the next ones kills you . Music of the game is still popular even in 2022. Beatup during the 1990s were all the rage as such many ones were created all the time. All the videogame console makers wanted to produce Arcade games for the

Battletoads &Double Dragon Review

 For me by far the worst Battletoads game in normal cases is when you get hit which is when the enemies move to fast is not easy to dodge meaning you should have a way to block or at least get out of it gives you no way to jump or attack but so you just have to wait and take hits which is kind of stupid if it was coded better could be a very fun game and the speed needs to come down a lot and the robot flying one should be scraped to me since they are not fun at all to win against. When you lose health it's like you lost life which again is pretty silly to me . The other Battletoads were classic this one is not is like cancer and the worst game glad I never played this as a kid as my first time or it would make me think all of the games were terrible such the lack of fun or enjoyment in this game to me is very extreme and not worth playing again it has good looking graphics but except for that nothing good to sa

Battle Submarine review

 A give sort of 1990s feel to where you play the role of a battle submarine who job is to sink the ships the graphics are pretty good for it would be fun to play short term but anymore than hour I suspect for most people would get very boring to play it overall but the idea of seeing the submarine move around as shown here is very smart see like how we may see them in real life at somepoint. Seeing the sun show up in the water is amazing  to see on videogame even modern never seen do it so well as a whole and the like computer system to the left of it is very interesting to see in the game as a whole.

Battle Soccer 2 Review

 Same problems as the first ones it's to fast and looks basic the same which is okay but from gameplay viewpoint, it's very low quality  but gameplay it could be good for like 5 to a max of 20 minute play I guess but the much speed would get annoying very fast to me I suspect but I like the special effects or the animation style to me they should have made animation cartoon or movie based on this games instead of more boring games they kept making in the past to me .

Battle Soccer: Field no Hasha Review

 I can see the logic behind the game making into like a monster version of football game it's a nice idea  for how they made passing the ball or taking shots it should had being to me more like a brutal sports game so you get fight or you make the passing much more efficient or effective and also the stats is sort like nice or dumb because if you can't catch the other players it seems bit silly in real football matched anyone in the game will be able to catch the other players except for very fast runners which are not to common in football as a whole but the graphic or animation style is present to see either way it's also in the Japanese language as well.

Battle Robot Retsuden Review

 Very cool style of both animation,RPG,Strategic,mech style for a  snes game and have so many  game styles in it is very impressive the animation battle when you attack happen between each mech is very 1990 animation style for how the combat looks and I suspect on the Snes system it would be very hard to make such a high quality videogame within only 16 bit because even some Playstation games could not produce such high quality effects or graphic during combat. The storyline is all set in Japanese but I still had a lot of fun playing it as a whole you can if you ever played these sorts of games like advanced war you will be able to master most of it quite quickly even if you can't understand the Japanese language when  I tried it had not really any issue over language problems and to show you to how good this looks checkout this image here. It has a sort of cross between mech and transformer movies for the style of all the robots you see in the game or bit how the combat looks when

Battle Racers Review

 A very smart fun facing game kind of like rock and roll racing+Fzero for how it plays it's fast-paced like Fzero but with like Rock and roll racing logic where you can attack or destroy the other robots in the racing it's a good fun game for short term playing or long term playing I would recommend if you can find it to play or get a physical copy but it was put into the Japanese language but in regards to how easy it is to understand for the racing game don't worry about knowing how to spell right to much here each robot car has different stats here so each one could work differently for people depending on there playing style as well so be aware of that factor here to me is good idea fort making it a fun gameplay  The light blue colour represents your health so watch getting hit to much case your car gets destroyed in some of the races.

Battle Pinball Review

 Probably the most fun pinball game I ever played normally pinball gets kind of boring once you can learn to do it right that's you done it all kind of like 10 pin bowling being easy over time as well but in this game it's much more fast paced plus the idea of you being able to attack robots is very smart and it also has in some ways like tactic feel to how gameplay works such as when you shot inside the robot belly for one them he sort of like eats it which is pretty impressive for a 16 bit system to produce such a good quality display. The animation style is very cool to see in action and how you power up the ball by holding down a button is smart since it could mean you start slow or faster depending on your preference. The idea of you having like 2 parts fo the pinball game if you screw up the top  part you can still do well playing the game or in some cases go above the first level of the game

Battle Master: Kyuukyoku no Senshitachi Review

 A clear street fighter copy which was very common during the 1990's with everyone only to get some of the sales from the popularity of the street fighting games of the past. IT just like street fighter except to me bit to fast to make it enjoyable game to me the speed needs cut by at least half for the easiest level of the game for it to be fun I won my first fight as Wolvan vs Ranmaru   but to be fair that was more down to my programming background than I won because I was good at it I just focussed on landing the bending down kick he does and doing jumping kicks and his small distance fight seem kind of silly since it's so hard to get close enough to be  able to do that attacks makes the idea of short-distance moves seem kind of silly to me overall. Ranmaru moves to fast for it to be to much fun I just bend down to kick for winning it overall and you can see by my health I almost lost it I just done by like one

Battle Jockey Review

  I guess for certain people very into horse riding maybe a good game but when we consider not even 5% of the world population like this sport or watches it seems a kind of pointless creation and I serious doubt it sold well either the graphics look nice but gameplay it's pretty boring and hard to move around I think it could be coded a bit better to make it more run for me the way I would do it like car racing you press button to go and another to stop that would be good enough to me for how it could being created as a whole.

Battle Grand Prix Review

 Fast paced raciing game it is very fast moving so you may find it to fast to win it easy or you have a more less no chance of rewinning it if you get hit or slow down or they overtake so it's to me unfair game really. The graphics look great as well but the speed is to fast if they slowed it down by like 25% to 50% the game would be a lot better .

Battle Dodge Ball II Review

 Kind of like robotic version of dodgeball very similar to the first one but with similar graphics plus you get special movies it's sort of like the dodgeball version of Brutal sports but less bloody overall it's not much fun overall to play it as a whole but it could be fun for like 30 minutes but anymore would get pretty boring I suspect fast and having only like 3 moves is bit boring or not being able to dodge easy on the game to me makes it bit silly overall to win it easy and you get different stats on your team or enemy team as well.

Battle Dodge Ball Compati Hero

 I find the idea of a black and white game on the SNES kind of interesting or unexpected since not really many existed except fake or copy games overall but this seems a real game to me plus the number 2 of this one is in the animation style of colour it's basically just dodging ball with health bar and robots instead of people it could be fun for short term gameplay but long term game I suspect it would get boring and you can change robot depending on your playing preference as a whole and have two in your team against the other team good idea for it's time period to me as a whole.

Battle Cross Review

 The best way I could explain the game is like this person on motorbike but you apply number car logic to how driving controls work plus you have weapons you can use of the others in it such as mines or you can speed up it's overall small tracks but very fast paced for it for why  I suspect in the 1994 it would have been quite popular gameplay wise for that reason for short term play or long term play. You can power up as well when you touch the right things and also slow down if you tough the water like real life facing . You can also go down from 1 lap to 15 depending on your playing preference or the time you had you could also play with friends as well which is a smart idea to me. Was released only in the Japanese language as well.

Battle Commander: Hachibushuu Shura no Heihou review

 The best way I would explain it was like a very old form of Command conquer if I could understand Japanese it would be a good game I suspect and a lot of fun but the graphic here do look very good to be fair for the 1990s so all credit should go to the delay here to me .

Battle Clash •Space Bazooka JP Review

Kind of like mech wars but set in like arcade or Amiga setup it's not much fun where you play the game using like mouse control system and the robots have to much health if it cut the health down by like 75% it could be fun long term game would not be fun but a max of like 30 minutes it could be okay it moves to faster if it was more setup like street area of movement it would be a lot fun to as a whole.

Battle Cars Review

 The best way I could explain this kind of like  Rock and Roll cars+F-zero they are like add on for how the game works it is very fast paced for like how F-Zero works for the speed  of the things plus a very future style of game design as whole for what maybe modern racing could happen in like 50 to 200 years from now possibly . What made Rock and roll racing so much fun was the music or idea you can destroy cars before this happened none like this had ever being made or seemed fun it was  overall semi fast paced meaning you could deal with things like rocket attacks or minds or falling down the hole and still win as a whole but where Battle cars is different it's a lot faster so if you get your car destroyed or don't race well all it you could could lose or not do well but overall it's a lot of fun. You get the option at the start to pick from three different cars as shown here. You can see some share similar sty

Battle Blaze Review

 It was Coded wrong you move too slowly for you to be able to hit the other characters which to me kind of a silly idea for videogame fighting wise you need the same speed at least or it's not fair or right for gameplay. The graphic seems to be inspired by golden Exce for how characters look but Golden Axe is a great game this one sucks gameplay-wise. You also can't jump from like a sword or kick attack plus you move so slowly like how karate for kid or kids martial arts work which is not a good idea for the lack of speed if they made the game more faster for the player it would be a much more enjoyable gaming experience to me as a whole.

Batman Returns Review

 This game is the better batman game overall it makes sense since beatup but fast paced one you can do punches or kicks or throw your batman bat at enemies to make them temporary not able to move which can be useful since it's overall a very fast beatup game to me  the moves are useful when you fight the clown at the start who can fire at you it's good idea you can show him with your bat to make him temporary not able to move but I found it kind of smart if he shots wrong he can hit one of this team as well meaning you should in theory use him as like support player in the game to help you fight others in it which has uses in the game you can also use throwing of the other characters as way to knock down or kill the other baddies in  a game which is a good idea to me. You can block as well in the game which is good idea for any kind of beatup to me it would be fun for most people overall but maybe a bit  to fast pa

Batman Forever Review

 The graphics look good but how they set the fighting style to me is pretty flawed you basically fight using mortal combat logic for one on fight is fine but you are expected to fight enemies who can easy beat you it pretty stupid how such hard setting for sort of mortal combat fighting to me the way they should done game was more like streets of rage works for fighting that would alone make the game much more enjoyable. I like the Dark style of the game not common in these sorts of games so I did like seeing that dark style in the gameplay you also start with the storyline a sort of batman computer system and also you can pick between robin and batman depending on how you prefer fighting or which character prefer on a personal level . If you ever played Mortal kombat this photo should see very similar to style of those games from the 1990s style overall showing a sort of dark feel to it and also someone being called mad Jo

Bastard!!: Ankoku no Hakai-shin Review

 The best way I could explain it is like weird future sky of fighting game but instead of being on the ground like a real fight you shot attacks at the other character which with how poorly coded the game is winning the matches is pretty hard since you would need a way which has high chance of  hitting each shot for it to be fun or enjoyable experience to me the but the graphics looking amazing to be fair and the storyline has good sort of manga feel to in my thoughts. If the game was coded bit better to make the attacks more easy or possible to land hits then it could be fun and also if the speed was slowed down to me would be a good idea as well if someone said willing to recode this game it could easily become popular like the street fighter was during the 1990s as a whole so if someone feels up to then feel free to make the game more fun then it could maybe get released in a modern form which would be I s

Bassin's Black Bass with Hank Parker review

 Fishing games on the Snes were incredibly common which always amazed me when so many were super boring this includes ones from the English speaking world or more in Japanese speaking world as well which kind of surprises me when most provide not really any fun at all to fishing idea to me someone would get much more fun going real fishing overall but Bassin Black actually provides a semi fun experience which for fishing games during the 1990s is more less unheard of since so many were programmed very poorly overall. The game on the display screen gives four options which include cast to try and find the fish then next open is when you try and catch the fishes and info gives you more information and quit stops the area you are at. The idea of seeing the fish to me made it more fun and better experience for the player overall and the idea of the strength you see from the fish is good idea plus showing you lure

Bass Masters Classic: Pro Edition

 The fishing game kind of like how fishing would work in virtual reality sort of setting I am not to into fishing but if I did I suspect I would like the fishing game idea played this style and the graphic are pretty good  for the 16 bit if you are pro fisher you could get into this heavy  Shows you water where you throw in your fishing line to try and catch the fish it is shown here.

Barkley shut jam Review

 Just a generic sort of street style of basketball game nothing to fancy it's okay to play but for long play it would get boring fast but for 16 bit system was okay you could pick two characters in your team each match you play it could be fun for like max of 30 minutes but any more would get very boring I suspect it has heavily feel to me to NBA which was for many people at the time considered the best Basketball game of the 1990s overall which I would agree since it was fast paced and fun to play for short term or long term a like to me . Barbie  Having four player during the game released would had made it kind of unique not many games had the power to be able to allow more than 2 characters to be able to run efficient but this game can do it pretty good but the graphics to me are kind of chalky looks wise kind of like someone trying to paint who's new at it but that could because of sort time to code which was often the case during the 1990ps time period where they would tr