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Bastard!!: Ankoku no Hakai-shin Review

 The best way I could explain it is like weird future sky of fighting game but instead of being on the ground like a real fight you shot attacks at the other character which with how poorly coded the game is winning the matches is pretty hard since you would need a way which has high chance of  hitting each shot for it to be fun or enjoyable experience to me the but the graphics looking amazing to be fair and the storyline has good sort of manga feel to in my thoughts.

showing Gar vs DA in fight screen in mountain grass area both look futuristic but 1990s  style but one on the left has sword fighting look to him

If the game was coded bit better to make the attacks more easy or possible to land hits then it could be fun and also if the speed was slowed down to me would be a good idea as well if someone said willing to recode this game it could easily become popular like the street fighter was during the 1990s as a whole so if someone feels up to then feel free to make the game more fun then it could maybe get released in a modern form which would be I suspect a very fun game as a whole.


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