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Best Retro videogames

Donkey Kong 2 Is classic game with fans of it all around the world it was platformer which was almost as popular as Super Mario and from Nintendo as well but some people know  Donkey kong Character was not invented by Nintendo was instead made by a Japanese company they used to outsource programming work too and the same company make medical equipment instead of videogames now.   The main Diddy Kong is  a monkey who is strong and fast and you can also get animals to help you such as like the Rhino which was for most people the best animal to use in the game it just like how rhino acts in real life and ramming into the enemy will kill them normally so it is good way to take out baddies in efficient way overall.   You also get another character you can play as called  Dixie Kong kind of like sister of Diddy she can move faster normally than the other ape  and in the game you only get one life for each character meaning you must try and not get either of your

Karl Jobst the Speed master

 He explains like a science professional how video games work from the speed viewpoint A lot of games all around the world have limits to what can happen in them such as Frame Rate Graphic Computers power  A lot of older games can't handle too much speed such as like Super Mario for the Snes if you play meaning it can only go up to a certain speed you can test it by using A.I software to test the speed possible by a human or bot alike. Karl goes into the way games work from maximum speed or what's possible to complete you can join his channel to final out more. . Jobst has been a famous speed runner in regards to Golden Eye for many years that alone shows you he is a real Speed runner himself in all rights. Golden Eye was probably the best gun game ever made based on a very good James Bond movie which some of you may like as well. Some older games on like SNES which have frame rate limits which mean can only go up to such a speed level on th

Toe Jam &Earl in Panic on funkotron

  A retro style of cartoon game set in a sort of futuristic style of a platformer with some comedy-themed elements instead into to the same you can play as Earl or ToeJam. Your job in the game is to catch humans which I think gives it a sort of feel of how like some of us may consider is what aliens want to do to humans or other lifeforms possible. The music in the game is very fun and interesting style-wise overall.

Final Fantasy IV SNES

 A Classic RGP from the Final Fantasy  You play the role of a Dark knight who  goal is to help the king who the guy admires in a great way over the king helping to raise him since he was a boy until he became the knight he is now. The character starts of with Dark powers  called Cevil this means he's good in some cases but in other cases, he's pretty weak but he can become later on a light knight which is overall better since he can heal or fight well so no problem with him overall. The game is turn-based game which I think overall be the best kind since you can plan more about the attack while relaxing or doing other things during combat plus I like the idea of being able to press  buttons to make action happen such as attacks or magic attacks. You get a character who does summon and magic the girl who Cevil almost gets killed during his attack the girl character has semi-good magic powers but her physical attacks be weak

The Lion King

  A Classic platformer Based on the Ling King movie for how the game is setup but one part I found interesting and smart is how good the graphic is and also how hard it is for platformer probably the hardest one on the SNES. You play the role of like the young lion as like a kid or baby form of a male lion the first level is a good place to learn how to do jumps or attacks right in the game.first boss fight where you have to move until he gets distracted then jump on him when distracted that should allow you to win the boss fight once you do enough jumps onto of him. The next level is like a tropical jungle idea for how it's setup plus a great level to learn how to jump right or well. You can use the Rhino when you get on top of the head to be  throw into the air I found that very cool to see as a kid or adult a like overall.

Super Mario RPG Legend of the Stars

 The first time Super Mario was ever setup out in RPG style which makes it classic in many ways for you gettng the comedy or style of Mario but in RPG form it was made by the same creators of Final Fantasy 7 Before Square had falling out with Nintendo when Nintendo refused to  use  Discs instead of cartridge for why they went to Sony later on as well. The Mario elements in this RPG to make it fun and interesting such as the jump attacks as a normal moves or special attack is good Mario effect to me and when you beat the first bosses the Smash bros you get his wooden hammer which I feel is super cool weapon to get any game in regards to Super Mario and it does look very high quality for an older game to me to be fair. Mushrooms are both life boosters and also characters in this game who try and help the main guy to complete missions in the levels overall. Mushrooms some people believe are down to drug you can get in Japan which looks like the mushrooms shown in the game which if it is t

Killer Instinct SNES

 The game was originally on the Arcade arcade before the Nintendo system for a lot of people it was fast patched and adult-themed game. The music on the game was similar to like the music from the 1980s or 1990 which is why a lot of people still play the songs from the videos often. The song  Killer Cuts Soundtrack: K.I. Feeling is something most people around the  world like if they go clubbing or just hangout with friends overall. Oh, Yea has both a club and electronic feel to it I did hear it in a few clubs in the 2000 time period playing this music plus gives it a tribal feel to the music as well.  The game is kind of similar to how mortal combat works in the sense similar level of being dark but you don't really  kill people special move style but you can hurt their same sort of idea of like Mortal style which is fun to play plus the graphics look good to see overall. Very fast paced guy like Street fighter as well even on a easy level it still moves

Review Shadowrun Megadrive

 CyperPunk    A Fast paced RPG is very different to how the Snes game plays out such as there is a big diferent in you having to play more as shadowrunner to make it through the game plus money is much more important in how gun place works here plus you run out of ammo here but in the SNES form you don't . You can pick three classes which include ,Samurai, Decker,Gator Shaman Samurai means you take on more of a combat role in this game for why you have better defence or attack than the other two characters and your fighting style is mostly about guns or weapons phyical ones here compared to like the Gator Shaman who will mostly use magic later on but can use weapons as well the main problem with the shaman if you give him physical upgrades it makes his magic weaker so don't use it on him when possible. Decker is like a hacker so be aware if you want to do computer work they can be good but not as good strength as the Samurai but the speed they start with is impressive overall a

Shadow Run SNES Review

Shadow Run SNES Review Cyberpunk RGP Cypherpunk means a game set in the future so has a futuristic feel to how things work in the case of this game it’s set in like 100 years into the future where magic exists in humans called mages or shamans in case of the main character he is called Jake and his shaman he follows Dog this is sort of similar to some of the ideas behind Native America where you pick animal who can, in theory, follow you for life and give you guidance. Kong You start the game in like place for dead bodys where they think you are dead so you wake up then the two men in the white lab cost seem surprised and  scared you are to walk from here  so they shut their doors and hide only way you  can see them as jake you need to get your dark glasses from your flat then reappear here where they will accept you as like a normal guy . The game has many RPG elements such as health being boosted or gun or computer or other areas you can shoot enemies to kill them or attack them usin

Donkey Kong Country Review

You can jump and roll to take down enemies in that game as being Donkey Kong in the game . It’s a platformer game and action-packed one you can slap the ground like monkey to find bananas or other things and use that attack to take down enemies. You get a younger monkey with you called Diggy who is like your backup character who likes the other Chimp only has one life so be aware of getting hit in the game. If you collect the gold letters of K,O,N,G you get another life back and if you see red flying objects you get another life as well and the Rhino the first animal you can get to use can ram the head through rocks to show you secret places with bananas if you get 100 you get another life as well and also when you are the Rhino he can jump decent or ram into enemies to take them down and you can find him in a wooden box on the first level as the first time you will see him overall. Collecting Bananas you could argue was sim

Review of Soccer Kid

 Classic game from the Amiga but it got ported to some other consoles such as the SNES as well  the basic of the game you play as boy known as Soccer Kid but it should be called Football since everywhere in the world it's called Football so it should be known as Football Kid . Has a very Amiga look to it for the animation style of the characters or part of the games which if you were  bit older or used older games then you should like the style of this kind of game a lot. Has a very 1990s style of gaming experience to it being platformer but styled in the sort of Arcade style of being fast-paced overall. The storyline is kind of basic a Alien steals the World cup from the winner competition before then the Alien crashes which leaves the kid to go around the world to bring back  all the parts of the Cup from say London in the UK to Moscow in Russia to the other countries. Some people may get killed often on it such

Streets of Rage 2 Review

Max is the strongest in means you prefer slow but powerful moves he is the best but his speed bit slow or his jump is weak overall so be aware of that when against faster baddies in the game. Max's main attack is like Karate cop basically if you did Karate you should notice he attack is like chop from Karate but his other moves is like pro wrestling such as his throw move is I suspect based on the Wresting from like Raw or WWE or another acting wrestling group from America overall such as most famous being like Undertaker or  Kane or Hulk . Hitting objects like tables or chairs can give you food like apples or points from like money as well or sometimes weapons as well so make sure you try and hit as much as possible while you play sort of game overall. Electra is a woman who has a whip because of her weapon she has a good amount of reach on her meaning you need to try and get close to her to stop her from doing her long attacks on you so try and get into fighting space when possib

Streets of Rage 3 Review

Streets of Rage 3 A Classic game from the Megadrive it was in some ways the best ever beatup game ever made with it still being fun even today a like The music in the game is very 1990s sounding for how it sounds and also sounds a bit like the music from the Arcades of the past or present a like. It’s mostly a fast paced game where you fight the enemies this game as the usual classic lift flight which is common in all beatup games where you go onto lift then have to keep fighting other characters it can be hard sometimes since you will not have much space to move around can mean you lose lives or lose the game in some cases if you don’t time the moves right. The bosses in the game are often a lot of fun in my case I prefer being the older guy who’s like 6.7 he has the best reach and also the best strength and for me in a lot of ways is the easiest one to time the moves overall each hit you do overall. The kid one has the best but weakest attack or life mean

Rock and roll racing

The game was meant to give an arcade feel to the SNES game as such as it was made very fast-paced and full of metal music. Donkey Kong A lot of people who even hate the game love the metal music from it much more like a sort of 1980’s movie music soundtrack than a videogame as such as the music helped build up the popularity of the game even when I was a kid when I played this it got me very into metal music as a kid which me still liking the bands or music from the game all the same overall. You start of a small or weaker car but you can upgrade it so it does have like RPG elements in the game  as well and I always found it bit funny one of the characters from the game looks like RYU from Street fighter in it but a wee bit different looks to him I normally play as him and different characters have stats which can be good depending on your play style since each one can work well depending if you prefer speed or something else overall. The weapons in it are pretty good such as the mines