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Big Ichigeki! Pachi-Slot Daikouryaku 2 review

  Slot machine like an improved version of the first one such as it moves a bit slower and in a more logical viewpoint but still hard for a human to be able to stop in time and it has more of an animation 1990s style for the game when it starts over the sort of like wizard Animation style guy tries to burn you . I think the idea of seeing two or one people at slot machines does give it the impressive feel of being a real-life experience which I will credit again to the creators of this game they put in the real hard work to make a very cool like free version of gambling always thought a way for people to stop wasting money on gambling should be done on videogames where you can't lose any money for playing it after you make your first payment for it all. The idea of going gambling on the bike is kind of funny or strange for me but I like the idea they put into the game either way.
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Big Ichigeki! Pachi-Slot Daikouryaku Review

 A stock machine which is like a gambling game but coded wrong so you can't play it well since it moves to fast so someone's eyes can't see it right plus it seems to spin backward. I think if the game was more fun or easy to use it could be a better game to play you can create your own stock machines which is an okay sort of idea. I would not recommend it unless you are really into these sorts of games over being so boring to play or even see in action.

Best Shot Pro Golf

 The game is mess of Golf and like management or RPG elements for the game it was an interesting game to see in action and I would recommend but i you can't understand Japanese you learn well enough to be able to play the game pretty fast. I am not much of fun of golf games but if you are into this type of sports game this could make good collection to your gaming collection but it was only released in Japan meaning getting a hard copy of this be fairly hard to get unless you live in Japan but still worth getting I will try and get this one myself physical copy at somepoint.

Big Sky Trooper Review

Very confusing and kind of silly system to it could be good game if they coded it with common sense when you start it you have no idea what to do it should provide you clear instructor how to find levels or planets or mission it tells you something which is pretty stupid The game has management sort of element where you in theory try and find the planets but finding them is like big nightmare and to me if they want something like this should tell you where to go if not it makes things way to complex. A Big Sky Tropper's best Friend! You can turn into a robot which is cool if the game was more like that it would be like 6 out of 10 instead of 1 out of ten for terrible complex ways they make playing the game and maze style of levels don't make things good but the firm did make other good games but the  graphics look good for the system to me as good part of the game to me .

Best of the Best: Championship Karate •Super Kick BoxingJP Review

 Done by someone who I doubt ever being in a karate fight before or a kicking boxing fight either you apply kind of like weird mix between both so it  does not make sense and we are applying as well using Boxing logic for how many hits someone can take which to me seems kind of silly overall. The graphic look good but the  controllers are pretty bad at landing attacks whether it be punches or kicks both are pretty bad but kicks are little bit easier to do you can do training which is needed to boost the character for winning the first fight being impossible without a lot of training to me seems kind of silly to basically wreak the possible long term playing by someone after seeing how bad the gameplay is for why I would not recommend this game to anyone really unless they want to see how not to code something well game wise . Training room here showing up it's to me more fun than the actual game  oddly enoug

Benkei Gaiden: Suna no Shou Review

 RPG game set in Japan year 1227 if someone could understand Japanese okay I suspect it would be a great RPG game the characters or design look very similar to how Shadowrun size of parts of characters was so many maybe the same programmer before both games were possible for the Snes one. It has a good long reach of like dungeon play setup  in parts of the games were you fight in turn based RPG setup which is good . Overall the idea of being boy or girl in the game and finding is a bit strange or unusual but I think it could have helped to make it popular possibly in the past Earthbound used the similar idea of a young boy to play the hero in the game which had good ideas behind both games to me as a whole and the graphic look very good and bit dark for game playing as a kid I found  a interesting idea behind it all. The graphic were impressive for the time period for why I suspect it had bit of following behind it all but for most non Japanese people not able to understand Japanese I

Beethoven: The Ultimate Canine Caper Review

 Has a strong Looneytoon feel to to how the dogs or other characters in the game look and the dog sound effects are very good quality for a 16 Bit system which is nice to overall. A good Platformer where the male dog has to bring the baby dogs back to the bitch dog in the storyline. I like the idea of barking being like a weapon which for me is very smart and cool to see happen plus pleasant to the ears as well. The programming work to be done very well and smartly such as when you carry around the baby dog it's smart that you have time to put down the dog then bark to hit the baddie in the same time that on early 1990s consoles could not normally do such good skill gameplay wise so would credit them highly here. Shows level being complete with both parent dogs and the baby dog.