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Streets of Rage 3 Review

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Rock and roll racing

The game was meant to give an arcade feel to the SNES game as such as it was made very fast-paced and full of metal music. A lot of people who even hate the game love the metal music from it much more like a sort of 1980’s movie music soundtrack than a videogame as such as the music helped build up the popularity of the game even when I was a kid when I played this it got me very into metal music as a kid which me still liking the bands or music from the game all the same overall. You start of a small or weaker car but you can upgrade it so it does have like RPG elements in the game  as well and I always found it bit funny one of the characters from the game looks like RYU from Street fighter in it but a wee bit different looks to him I normally play as him and different characters have stats which can be good depending on your play style since each one can work well depending if you prefer speed or something else overall. The weapons in it are pretty good such as the mines you can dro

The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings A Real classic game it was released in 1993 for the Super Nintendo it was a puzzle platformer. You could say in some ways nothing was ever this fun to play gameplay wise in some ways it was like being a comedy Viking based game with many funny or interesting parts to the game. Erik   is the leader of group who can run fast and jump and ram his head into things based on how some people believe the Vikings of the past acted over being super brave and tough in combat or other things they did on the open sea or on land alike. The character you need to keep alive like the other two since to play this game each character comes with skills you need to solve the puzzles in each level. Baleog is the one who does the fighting with his sword and bow  and arrow this alone makes the game a lot of fun to play and one part a I suspect a lot of people will like it his house make fun it is to fight the monsters or aliens in this game can’t really beaten for the fun in this game overal

Dragon warrior monsters review

  It has always surprised me a lot that this game does not have more fans around the world for Gameboy colour game in many ways you could argue it was very good game for  the following reasons Good storyline Fun Good graphics for older game RPG When you start the game you are boy and you have your sister who gets taken away by a monster sort of looks like a cartoon version of a famous movie you probably know then another similar sort of monster tells you about how to get your sister back then you get bought to castle on big tree which I thought was both interesting and pretty the idea of a village being inside a big tree . It has some sort of similarities to pokemon the idea of you like catch monsters but I like a lot in they have like human like personality which I think makes the game more interesting or fun to play. You start of with slime character who’s not really strong or weak in the middle a good starting character to me and when  you bring the sli

SuperMario Bros U Deluxe Review

Why do I like this game so much well it reminds me of like the past of games for the SNES of like Super Mario 1 and 2 they were very popular since were what most people liked during that time period for why Donkey kong among others like Sonic the hedgehog were so popular.  It’s like the Marios of the past but it’s more modern and you could argue bit harder in some ways plus you get new weapons or tools in it such as like The frozen version of the flowerplant which can freeze the enemies and if it does not kill them all you do it smash down on them drops them to ice asses basically it can be lot  of fun doing this often. The way you can fly is pretty similar to Super Mario of the SNES but it looks better quality graphic-wise and more styled how things could work in the real life if you like this was possible for a man or woman to do this. All bosses seem to die from three jump attacks from my playing so far which is why to me most of the bosses are often so easy to get killed you get a

Secret of mana

  A role playing game released on the  Super Nintendo  it was for many people one of the world best RPG games since for older consoles it had many impressive features to name a few would include Dragons Cannons Magic Weapons many kinds Three main characters Special abilities Mana sword The dragons when you get the device to summon it allows you to call for a dragon which can then fly you to any location on the map when you see the map from the dragon's viewpoint the graphic look incredible for 16 bit machine which is very impressive showing the lack of graphic possible ways of the past it could pass in some ways as better than a decent amount of modern games for the graphic in some ways. Cannons allow you to get to locations faster than walking it can be an interesting or sort of funny experience the first time you do it but a very smart feature in the game either way. You get magic from each seed you get mana released fro

Secret of Evermore

You could call this secret of mana 2 since it is basically the same sort of game story like in most ways overall. The biggest difference between both games would be evermore is more like how it would be set in like the 1980s for how the storyline is setup overall.  For example the boy and dog  start of going to the cinema which is very 1980s movie style overall  for how the game starts of then the boy dog runs in and find a science experiment which is the way the evil scientist tricks the boy and dog to go into like the first boss fight but you start with like  bazooka which you fire on the first enemy dinosaur  Dog changes kind of like from each part of the history of the past which is both interesting and kind of smart for example starts of like in the prehistoric mankind where the dog is like a wild dog from prehistoric time who acts like a wild animal which to me makes the storyline interesting and kind of funny for how things