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America Oudan ultra quiz Review

 The fairly simple running game with a sort of simple puzzle feel to it overall you get to pick a lot of characters for it but the graphics are like uncoloured game for the Japanese form I could see not to much to say about the game fun for a few minutes but longer not to good overall to me .
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The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes Review

 Controls bad for  fighting flying monsters but fight on the ground work well overall graphic  have a strong cartoon comic style to them overall you can jump okay and being able to climb  for me on the SNES is very cool feature since for a  16 bit being able to produce that sort of effect must had being hard to create overall for me it was the first one made for the snes finding a physical copy  of it would be hard to get overall but playing it online is not to hard to find overall if you want to try out this game in my thoughts. You can shot web which is nice idea for a spiderman game to me overall and good idea to improvement its popular for it it for big Spiderman fans to me overall I would not recommend it for long term playing but short term it would be fun most of the time but playing for like 1 hour or more would make it get pretty boring overall.

Alien vs Predator Review

 An interesting idea putting the interesting or popular movie of the past Alien vs predator in  a beatup to was a smart idea such you can go invisible which I think is very cool idea for a 1990's sort of game but I think the biggest flaw with this game but lack of moves for the character and to much health are giving to the aliens you fight overall It could be fun short term or long term a like and the delay graphic wise is amazing for a 16 bit system the idea of throwing a spear against the aliens is very smart idea overall I suspect they were inspired by like streets of rage for a lot of the gameplay logic to me overall. You play a similar sort of character as the predators from the movies it's a good fun game overall and I think could be a good game to play even for people more into modern games but who still enjoy the beatup gene of games overall.

Alien 3 Review

  Could be fun if it was coded better such as one hit gets you knocked to the ground to me is pretty silly overall plus getting through the doors often leads nowhere to me is kind of silly in  in shotting alien game overall it has very stocky sort of looking monsters of the character as well so it does not look good but the gun bullet or gun effect do look mostly pretty good but except for that the delay bad to see and to me having to many enemies in the game can make things become boring or annoying which apply strongly here even on the first level it could easy sticking someone so they don't  play enough.

Dream Cast Sega Final Stand for the videogame area A lot of think the Dreamcast was bad or failure  but in reality it was a very impressive final console by Sega this includes many things which no one did before such as they offered people the chance to play videogames online which was way before Microsoft had Xbox Live that alone is alone is something not to many people seem to know overall. The controller they had for it was perfect design-wise overall and the screen you can see in the photo as well allowed you play games or do other things such as have Diet plan run of it or have like virtual pet these were in all rights to Sega very amazing for the time period overall even people who were Nintendo or Sony  or Microsoft most of them would agree the controllers were fantastic as a whole. Sonic on this system looked fantastic  having the modern graphic made the character look more like they would in say real life.  A lot of Sonic fanboys like a lot the c

Why was Sega CD so hated?

  Mistakes include Marketing Price Games Time of release The biggest problem with marketing came from the idea of someone trying to market it as CD 32 system when Playstation or Saturn was about to come out when it was no better than it is was overall when you could just wait a few months then buy Sega next console or Playstation or N64 for Nintendo. The price was a lot more than the price of Megadrive this alone makes it look way over priced. The games were often very healthy rushed meaning the gameplay would be bad most of the time plus not a lot of gameplay in them all overall. The games did have a lot of  Potential but over most of them being rushed to  sell to get them sold before Saturn came out this meant a lot of games could had gone from like Amazing Sonic games or very amazing like Megadrive games into like 32 bit system for example imagine Splatter house on Cd 32 that could had made the whole sy

Sega history with success and failures a like

First lets start with the success of this company Marketing Sonic Cool  Megadrive During the 1990s this the firm released many very cool or exciting adverts on the TV this allowed Sega to always look cool or exciting overall since all the ads on TV they were played looked very exciting or focused on a older people compared to like Nintendo Super Mario being more for kids in some way for how  they  acted  for it. For example, when you saw on the TV shows you would hear a very exciting normally sounding man full of energy and confidence and also a strong feel to the music or sounds of the popular arcades of the past or present playing all the time. How Sonic would do like animation trick from Sega Megadrive and turn into like real Sonic character you could see to me was very smart effect to see on the TV giving us further into the excitement element of the things going on overall. Even when one of the Sega direct