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Dragon Quest I & II

  Dragon Quest I & II is a collection of two classic JRPGs that were originally released for the NES. The games have been faithfully ported to the Switch, and they offer a fun and nostalgic experience for fans of the genre. Dragon Quest I is a simple game by today's standards, but it's still charming and enjoyable. The gameplay is turn-based, and you'll spend most of your time exploring dungeons, fighting monsters, and solving puzzles. The story is straightforward, but it's enough to keep you engaged. Opens in a new window Dragon Quest Wiki - Fandom Dragon Quest I game Dragon Quest II is a more ambitious game than its predecessor. It features a larger world to explore, more complex dungeons, and a more challenging combat system. The story is also more involved, and it's set 100 years after the events of Dragon Quest I. Opens in a new window Wikipedia Dragon Quest II game Both games feature beautiful pixel
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Dragon Knight 4

  In the Japanese language seems pretty similar to how Advanced War works for the combat part of the gameplay but with RGP elements like how Final Fantasy works . With an English patch or if someone can understand Japanese I suspect it would be an amazing game for people to play and how it looks is overall fantastic .

Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden Kakusei Hen

 You start of the game by naming five characters from the storyline. The storyline involves you having to try and catch fish by simply picking the right option out of the three ways to do it. Goku has to fight against girl  called Bulma in a car who has gun when he wins he learns defensive form and also how to attack giving him like the basic of how to win at like turn based combat here and he also agrees to help the girl find the 7 Dragon balls to get in theory her wished granted. You can pick four moves to use during battle and you always have guard command to use for defensive moves during the combat part of the gameplay . The first boss you fight against is like a dinosaur which looks amazing on the 16 Bit system.

Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden Totsugeki Hen

  RPG based turn-based gameplay here with very high-quality graphic and good RPG elements it was in the past only released on the Japanese market but it has now an English patch which is good idea to me and many other people around the world and it has bit of like chess element to the gameplay as well.

Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden

  Fighting game with some added in elements that to make it worse to play as such as having the other player or you fly where you can do like shooting attack which makes the landing attack hard or kind of annoying to do it. The graphics look good here but the actual fighting elements here never worked well since they tried to make the Snes do something not possible so it came of it half ass coded game to me as a whole but it has good music either way.

Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu

 Strong animation to it which makes sense since Dragon Ball is still considered by many people all around the world the best ever animation show so they would want to put as much effort into the videogame to make it look good when compared to the animation show and the music great in this game. It is turn based RPG but I found pretty impressive or unique during the attacks the fight moves are like how the fighting game works instead of RPG so you see the moves happening action which is very cool to see happen. It's based in the Japanese language but I am sure you can find a patch for English or another language if you look for it enough.

Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension

   For people into the Dragon balls Animation, this could make a good play for many of you . Playing it on a keyboard would not work well here over it being to fast but with controller, it would be a great game to play with a bit of storyline throughout the fighting stages. A decent amount of characters best way I could explain this is like fast-paced version of street fighters if you found street fighter hard then this would be not much of an enjoyment for you but having practice built in I thought was a smart idea .