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Rediscovering Nostalgia: Gokinjo Boukentai and the Golden Age of SNES Gaming

Table of contents The Rise of Gokinjo Boukentai The Birth of a Classic Gameplay and Mechanics Memorable Characters Impact on the SNES Gaming Industry Rediscovering Nostalgia The Golden Age of SNES Gaming Gokinjo Boukentai: A Forgotten Gem Revisiting the Gameplay The Influence of Gokinjo Boukentai Conclusion Frequently Asked Questions What is Gokinjo Boukentai? Is Gokinjo Boukentai still available to play? What makes Gokinjo Boukentai special? Did Gokinjo Boukentai have any sequels? Can you tell me more about the gameplay of Gokinjo Boukentai? What impact did Gokinjo Boukentai have on the SNES gaming industry? In the era of modern gaming consoles and advanced graphics, it is easy to forget the golden age of SNES gaming. However, there are certain games that hold a special place in the hearts of gamers. One such game is Gokinjo Boukentai, a classic SNES game that captured the essence of nostalgia and provided hours of entertainment. From its memorable characters to its innovative gamepla

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West Review

 Loony Toons style to it with Cowboy feel to it  so anyone who's like boomer or into Cowboy would probably the game it is kind of hard for platformer over it taking so many shoots to many enemies in the game which I think is bit of flaw here when you have so little health here to me that should be changed to one hit here when the enemies move so fast getting an attack to hit without losing hearts each time is not really easy to manage overall. The picture here reminds me very strongly of Looney Toons as shown by the cartoon style as a whole. Jumping here is pretty hard overall because things move so fast it is probably the hardest platformer I ever played more less the graphics look very nice here and like the cartoon style a lot here and the idea of you shooting a sort of like Mid West style of badge to get health or other things I found pretty cool overall they are gold coloured. Before the game starts it has to

American Gladiators Review

 You start in a very low quality looking game where you play as man or woman who has to run through a course where trying to not get hit the idea of being able to get hit while in the shield area to me is pretty silly as a whole if it did not do that it would be a much more enjoyable game to me. It's not big game so not much to say about it overall but if you want something to fill in feel minutes it be okay but anymore make it get super boring fast to me .

American Battle Dome Review

  Best way to explain the game is kind of like computer version of pinball but you have other computer or human players to play against but the basic idea from it the same but it is more competitive compared to the manual form of this game overall  since the balls move very fast and having to lick two buttons to stop left or right hits makes it hard to stop ball going through your area and making you losing points plus if it goes into the centre area you can't stop it overall which  could get annoying for some people to me but a good idea for a Japanese game to me overall.

America Oudan ultra quiz Review

 The fairly simple running game with a sort of simple puzzle feel to it overall you get to pick a lot of characters for it but the graphics are like uncoloured game for the Japanese form I could see not to much to say about the game fun for a few minutes but longer not to good overall to me .

The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes Review

 Controls bad for  fighting flying monsters but fight on the ground work well overall graphic  have a strong cartoon comic style to them overall you can jump okay and being able to climb  for me on the SNES is very cool feature since for a  16 bit being able to produce that sort of effect must had being hard to create overall for me it was the first one made for the snes finding a physical copy  of it would be hard to get overall but playing it online is not to hard to find overall if you want to try out this game in my thoughts. You can shot web which is nice idea for a spiderman game to me overall and good idea to improvement its popular for it it for big Spiderman fans to me overall I would not recommend it for long term playing but short term it would be fun most of the time but playing for like 1 hour or more would make it get pretty boring overall.

Alien vs Predator Review

 An interesting idea putting the interesting or popular movie of the past Alien vs predator in  a beatup to was a smart idea such you can go invisible which I think is very cool idea for a 1990's sort of game but I think the biggest flaw with this game but lack of moves for the character and to much health are giving to the aliens you fight overall It could be fun short term or long term a like and the delay graphic wise is amazing for a 16 bit system the idea of throwing a spear against the aliens is very smart idea overall I suspect they were inspired by like streets of rage for a lot of the gameplay logic to me overall. You play a similar sort of character as the predators from the movies it's a good fun game overall and I think could be a good game to play even for people more into modern games but who still enjoy the beatup gene of games overall.

Alien 3 Review

  Could be fun if it was coded better such as one hit gets you knocked to the ground to me is pretty silly overall plus getting through the doors often leads nowhere to me is kind of silly in  in shotting alien game overall it has very stocky sort of looking monsters of the character as well so it does not look good but the gun bullet or gun effect do look mostly pretty good but except for that the delay bad to see and to me having to many enemies in the game can make things become boring or annoying which apply strongly here even on the first level it could easy sticking someone so they don't  play enough.

Dream Cast Sega Final Stand for the videogame area A lot of think the Dreamcast was bad or failure  but in reality it was a very impressive final console by Sega this includes many things which no one did before such as they offered people the chance to play videogames online which was way before Microsoft had Xbox Live that alone is alone is something not to many people seem to know overall. The controller they had for it was perfect design-wise overall and the screen you can see in the photo as well allowed you play games or do other things such as have Diet plan run of it or have like virtual pet these were in all rights to Sega very amazing for the time period overall even people who were Nintendo or Sony  or Microsoft most of them would agree the controllers were fantastic as a whole. Sonic on this system looked fantastic  having the modern graphic made the character look more like they would in say real life.  A lot of Sonic fanboys like a lot the c

Why was Sega CD so hated?

  Mistakes include Marketing Price Games Time of release The biggest problem with marketing came from the idea of someone trying to market it as CD 32 system when Playstation or Saturn was about to come out when it was no better than it is was overall when you could just wait a few months then buy Sega next console or Playstation or N64 for Nintendo. The price was a lot more than the price of Megadrive this alone makes it look way over priced. The games were often very healthy rushed meaning the gameplay would be bad most of the time plus not a lot of gameplay in them all overall. The games did have a lot of  Potential but over most of them being rushed to  sell to get them sold before Saturn came out this meant a lot of games could had gone from like Amazing Sonic games or very amazing like Megadrive games into like 32 bit system for example imagine Splatter house on Cd 32 that could had made the whole sy

Sega history with success and failures a like

First lets start with the success of this company Marketing Sonic Cool  Megadrive During the 1990s this the firm released many very cool or exciting adverts on the TV this allowed Sega to always look cool or exciting overall since all the ads on TV they were played looked very exciting or focused on a older people compared to like Nintendo Super Mario being more for kids in some way for how  they  acted  for it. For example, when you saw on the TV shows you would hear a very exciting normally sounding man full of energy and confidence and also a strong feel to the music or sounds of the popular arcades of the past or present playing all the time. How Sonic would do like animation trick from Sega Megadrive and turn into like real Sonic character you could see to me was very smart effect to see on the TV giving us further into the excitement element of the things going on overall. Even when one of the Sega directo

Alice no Paint Adventure Review

  To me like a low-quality version of Mario paint I can see why they used the brand name of Alice in Wonderland to try and make it seem good or interesting but overall it's kind of like at best to me a copyright version of Mario paint if you never tried Mario Paint it maybe okay but excluding that not much fun can be had from it short term or long term a like overall but I do like the music from it excluding that nothing I really find any good from it overall.

Super Metroid Review

 Woman name is Samus . Amazing platformer a lot of people never knew until later on  the character you play of be a lady most always thought it was man but it was a woman which when I knew that later on as like a young man it always impressed me that in  a game. The 1990s style of graphics looks perfect to me here. Jumping for me in this game is overall the best of all the platformers even better than Super Mario to me or Sonic or any other famous jumping game which I suspect is why even in 2022 this game still have a loyal fan base overall. I would recommend you see this part of the game  I feel this shows the perfect 1990s style of science graphics from like cartoons overall The game as whole was like for the SNES form of like science quality for how good the jumps or gun works or graphics in the game as good as like a 1990s cartoon good quality ones and the bosses from the game are fantastic to fight against even in the first level the dragon sort of monster to me looks so cool as s

Alcahes Review

 An RPG style of action fighting game with decent graphics. The first boss for me is a bit easy since you just keep your finger on the fight then the boss is beaten he looks like a green lizard monster to me. Picking up items in this game to me is smart and I feel the combat style of like power or speed attacks allows you to move  You get items like your first item after the boss battle allowing you to go back to the cave with  your mask on to protect you from the prison so you could say in some ways it has a sort of puzzle like element towards the game in some parts of it. You go up sort of levels in the gameplay as well plus collect things to make your knight tougher and you can also get attacks which can release sort of like long-distance attacks which can be useful against certain enemies . VI represents health you start of with three hits before you die normally in the game and it has a pretty good storyline for action-based videogame which is nice to see you can also get more EXP

Albert Odyssey 2 Review

   RPG Strategic like the first game and in the Japanese language as well. The graphic here to me look like how it would look if went back to like the middle ages with castle and monsters being real in the game for how it was like in real life from the past if these sort of animals existed in real life to me. You can use arrow to target enemies from far way which is good idea to make it has good strategic feel to me it all good games from this  type of games you need long range characters one way or  another overall such as in like Sci-fi one have say laser weapons which can fire on people from far away .

Albert Odyssey Review Japanese

  RPG strategy game if I could understand Japanese language  I suspect be a very good game to play but I did like  the graphic a lot and the battle you see between the knights vs lizards is good thing to see in the game overall reminds me strongly of like the 1990 style of Japanese Amine cartoons which were on at the time when this game was made for where the idea behind came from the game I suspect.

Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top review

  A fun 1990s style of racing game the graphic remind me of like Road Rash I suspect the same firm made both games or same programmer at least. You can change your vehicle to suit your playing style it does such as get maximum speed or handling or other specs you prefer for your driving ways overall. IT could be fun short term and long term play wise to me and it was impressive gameplay for racing game since a lot of the racing games during this time period would often suck so it's nice seeing a high quality one for a nice change overall.

Air Cavalry Review

 Arcade style of  Helicopter in  it's the day it would had been okay  but for the modern gamers I don't think it would be fun for really any of them but the graphic look good and it does to have a strong Arcade feel to it all for how hard it is or how it is played overall to me.

Ace o Nerae! Review

 IT's a tennis game with good graphic but because of how slow you move in the game it's very hard to win at it overall it could have being  a lot more fun if you could move fast but the hitting graphic wise looks very fine IT was based on Manga of the past for why it has a strong Manga look for the men or women Tennis players overall as maybe like a quick game to play it could be okay I guess but long term it would be suck unless someone can program it better if that happened then the game would be way better in my thoughts overall.

Aerobiz Supersonic Review

  You play the role of a business who runs an airplane company kind of like the airplane version of like theme hospital if you had a interest in being pilot or other things in relationship this sort of business it could be fun for some people but I feel for the majority of people find it very boring it get no long term joy from it but short term playing could be fun I guess but not anymore than 1 hour per day would work I suspect. You have expenses to      pay for so you maybe forced to put up your prices some of the time to cover the cost of running your airplane company overall so like a real business in some cases but nothing to serious to do here overall for the running of it for me theme hospital is a lot better gameplay wise than this since you get to see all parts of the hospital running which is part of what made it so fun.

Robotek Review

 Kind of like a more strategic puzzle version of Pokemon you need to up levels in order to learn new skills or get further in the game you build robots which I found for a SNES game very smart or attractive play-wise overall RoboTrek start scene  which shows some of the robot  When you start game you need to meet the dad in the game when you go back to your house then build your first robot which costs 2000 and then next robot costs 3000 once you get two robots it can make the game more easy but I dislike you can't use more than one robot in the same combat stage of the battle which I feel makes it have big flaw to me overall here. You can upgrade the robots as your human character levels go up means you can boost health or guard among other stats which can allow you to take on more aggressive monsters overall here and the delay of the baddies look wonderful to me like  Digimon style . Akihabara   is the name of th

Most popular video games

Minecraft The most popular game ever made so why did it become so popular over it having not to impressive graphic overall? The big reason many Youtubers started playing it which promoted the popularity of it allowing it turn over time into the most popular game ever made so far. The simple graphics in some ways made it load faster for why so many people setup there own private servers in the past but Microsoft once they bought it stopped it since some unpleasant experiences were happening to the young kids or people who tried to use it overall. You also use in some ways farmer like logic to create items that allow you to get through the game faster overall. Part of what made the game so enjoyable is a lot of people found it very random for when you find enemies or objects you could use to make tools you can to  get further in the storyline overall the storyline does not have the usual high-scale story behind it like say Final Fantasy 7.  Has very cartoon feel to it overall and the blo

Aero the Acro-Bat 2 Review

 Bad like the first one it stops the whole logic behind in platformer to drop on enemies that is the point of platformer which they got so wrong here to me like the last one. The start of game makes you think they learned from there past bad ideas but in reality no they made it just as bad as the first one but the graphic good just everything else sucks bad here to me . I think as well how it coded the idea of doing like spinning jumps is next to impossible to complete since it's not coded to even be semi-easy it's proper hard to impossible to do it right most of the time . Means you are always guaranteed to get killed which again a game is meant to be fun not like torture to me it is overall one of the world worst game for the lack of quality in gameplay and platformer without platformer logic makes the creators behind this game seem very silly and bad at videogame programming to me overall. Acro Bat 1 Having enemies fall on when you can't even jump well is again stupid to

Aero The Acro-Bat Review

  Starting screen which shows the main bat character with the brand name of SUNSOFT with a background. I find it a silly idea for a platform that does not allow you to kill the bodies by dropping  on them which makes the idea of not being able to do that stupid to me it should happen when you consider how often. Acro bat 2  Shows good circle level with the gold ring and shows the bat character which is doing a jump at the moment and he can take more than hit which can be useful in the game but he has also 5 lives to start with which is useful since it's a pretty hard game overall and the floor design in the first level to me was inspired by the amiga since that colour or looks were in a lot of Amiga games. Shows him inside a cannon which is coloured in the American flag style which I found smart and it looks like at the bottom it has like wheels to the left and right of the centre part of the bottom of the cannon and to the left of you see stripe with red dot on which seems like Am

Aero Fighters Review

 The stardard flying plane give where you get only hit then you get destroy it is very fast paces so if you want to play this make sure you are focussed enough if not you will get killed fast by the other jets here. You can pick UK,USA,Japan plus another country here seems similar ideas behind all the planes you may pick here it also has a strong Arcade feel to it I suspect it was from Arcade or at least took a big interest from Arcade gameplay from the 1980s to 1990s since a lot of plane games were similar to this style plus a lot of enemies to take down.

Adventures of Yogi Bear Review

 A fun steady paced platformer with the main guy from the cartoons of the past Yogi bear for why he was put into a game the jumps are ranging from hard to easy for some of them and also when you drop on a baddie he dies . The long jumps can be hard going from different parts of the game but it can look good jumping in the game a lot since it has very similar designs to the cartoons which were made before the game was created the idea behind why Yogi was put in was in regards it being fashional to add in a famous person to make a game sell better normally. You collect items that look 1800 century style of clocks which you collect and by jumping on top of the picnic which gives you a point but getting more than one jump to land on the other picnics can be hard to do I found overall.

Breath of Fire I Review

 A RPG with a good storyline behind it all You play the role of blue haired boy or man called RYU depending on what you want to call him as well in this  game you play the role of the Light Dragon warrior . When you first start the game of with a good storyline where your village is attacked by Zog of the Dark Dragons. During all this battle Sara trys to save the village or members from the attack by Zog forces she is taking hostage in the game but she turns all the village including the main characters into Stone when he wakes up and the other village it's being burned down more less except for like the village hall or the Dragon Shine area you can save the game from the Dragon shire or if you get killed you go back to that area which I felt was a smart idea to make gameplay more enjoyable than the usual gameover idea in many other games often. Breath of Fire II Once the main part of the introduction is done you need to get to at least level 4 since you have no herbs or other heal