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Sega history with success and failures a like

First lets start with the success of this company
Dreamcast console with the control in the white grey colour of it

  1. Marketing
  2. Sonic
  3. Cool 
  4. Megadrive

During the 1990s this the firm released many very cool or exciting adverts on the TV this allowed Sega to always look cool or exciting overall since all the ads on TV they were played looked very exciting or focused on a older people compared to like Nintendo Super Mario being more for kids in some way for how  they  acted  for it.

For example, when you saw on the TV shows you would hear a very exciting normally sounding man full of energy and confidence and also a strong feel to the music or sounds of the popular arcades of the past or present playing all the time.

How Sonic would do like animation trick from Sega Megadrive and turn into like real Sonic character you could see to me was very smart effect to see on the TV giving us further into the excitement element of the things going on overall.

Even when one of the Sega directors dressed up as a woman and played that role it give it both fun and funny sort of feel to it plus making it sound in some ways like he's a real lady meaning some women may be tempted to buy it for there sons or daughters or husbands a like during that time period and when he mocks Mario being smart that alone is a good way to show you are superior to Nintendo overall for some young or adults alike that gives it a strong feeling of being super cool instead of being for losers or boring people overall.

The idea of Sega doing what Nintendon't was to me big sign of marketing genius overall and I think even Nintendo would admit it was a very good idea making SEGA seem superior to all over Nintendo stuff which was a big reason for why during the Megadrive they were very close to winning the console wars of the past but Nintendo did win in the end here.

Having famous people like Michael Jackson appear on games was a very smart idea for the moonwalker game which I believe Jackson was heavily involved in creating it meaning even if you hate videogames but are a Jackson fan you would still buy the game or console overall this was something I think Sega was the best at during this time period using celebrity to make games sell better overall.

Mocking their main competitor was something they were world-class at overall for example when they tried to promote the Gamegear the idea of being better over colour was a good idea to me and did make Gameboy seem old and dated software overall.

Sonic was marketed as like the cool version of Mario and more like a young adult to teenager for how he acted giving him a strong feeling of someone the older crowd could relate to overall.


The idea behind him was to become like Sega's version of Mario means a lot of high end marketing was done to make him always look good overall and most of the games older ones were a lot of fun to play overall.

The shoes he wore to me looked like trainers which give him like teenage look to him overall and how his hair was styled was bit like a rebel overall to give him more of an adult feel to him overall.

Speed of him was big selling point of him which made him seem action packed Hedgehog overall and the blue coloured was picked in some way because it means good viewpoints and looks good to the eyes overall.

With the Megadrive he was giving with it this made Sonic basically jump to popularity since to get like the world most popular game ever made free with a console seems to me a super smart idea overall.

Sonic in the past appeared in everything such as Tennis games, actual Sonic games or other games such of the time such they done like Tetris Sonic style as well which was good way to make use of the powerful brand behind the games company overall.


The advantages this had over Nintendo it was released first meaning they could mock Nintendo still having just a 8bit system of the NES before giving them a good chance to slack of Nintendo whenever they want this also give them first status which I believed helped them stay ahead for a decent amount of time overall.

The Megadrive had games meant for kids or older people a like a big thing which made it so popular it had mature games for example good one to say be Splatterhouse 1 and 2 was at the time popular the game which looked most like how horror movie could look  onto a videogame for why it got some bad press from normal parents overall the idea behind it was kind of simple you  would go around the game as man who would fight demonic style of enemies you would start of just punching or kicking but you would get weapons like a s stick to hit the demonic characters and the idea of him wearing like horror movie face mask was to me a sign of very good marketing behind this firm creation overall it still has a decent fanbase even today overall.

The game was beatup but with demonic style in it's sort of semi heard to semi easy if you not used to fast moving enemies you may get killed some of the times but the weapons you get on it such as the stick do improve your reach  or your fighting skills overall.
Splatter house  2 Start screen

Shadowrun music track from this game or the SNES version is still very popular overall for retrogames overall over it's still being a semi popular RPG game even today


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