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Rediscovering Nostalgia: Gokinjo Boukentai and the Golden Age of SNES Gaming

Table of contents The Rise of Gokinjo Boukentai The Birth of a Classic Gameplay and Mechanics Memorable Characters Impact on the SNES Gaming Industry Rediscovering Nostalgia The Golden Age of SNES Gaming Gokinjo Boukentai: A Forgotten Gem Revisiting the Gameplay The Influence of Gokinjo Boukentai Conclusion Frequently Asked Questions What is Gokinjo Boukentai? Is Gokinjo Boukentai still available to play? What makes Gokinjo Boukentai special? Did Gokinjo Boukentai have any sequels? Can you tell me more about the gameplay of Gokinjo Boukentai? What impact did Gokinjo Boukentai have on the SNES gaming industry? In the era of modern gaming consoles and advanced graphics, it is easy to forget the golden age of SNES gaming. However, there are certain games that hold a special place in the hearts of gamers. One such game is Gokinjo Boukentai, a classic SNES game that captured the essence of nostalgia and provided hours of entertainment. From its memorable characters to its innovative gamepla

Barbie: Super Model Review

 Has a strong arcade feel to the gameplay it is kind of like a mix between a fashion model game and arcade game how you dress or walk or  cycle reminds me a lot of how the paperboy game used to work before but on a slower scale. You get four hearts as a health bar in this game where you get hit four times you will die but I doubt many people would get killed here since it's pretty hard to lose more than one heart to me and how it moves is sort of steady to a little bit fast so for even relaxed gamer it should be easy for them to complete it overall. Graphic very nice for the 16 Bit the biggest complaint I would say you being able to complete the full game within like 20 minutes is not that good but it could be done because it was made on a short-term budget or timescale as maybe the real reason it's not very big if it was said like 1 hours instead I think it could have maybe turned into a popular game and even had like a modern version of it remade for the Nintendo Switch . htt

Barbarossa Review

A Strategic war-style game I found it pretty boring but some people may like it's set in war style of game with a lot of command style of moves you can make happen in this game  

Ballz 3D Review

 Having a game start with like sex sounds is kind of unique or interesting for something which was on the Snes during the 1990s since that would normally failed a check by Nintendo. Kind of weird like the cray style of graphics in the fighting game it's kind of like made how someone who can't code or design well tried to make the fighter game because things more kind of slow for fighting game it's sort of like slow paced sort of strategic game than fighter overall but the graphic did sort of like how game would work before animation was good as it is now in like 2022 it could be fun for short term use but long term would get boring fast you also get different characters to fight as which can be fun changing over if you have preferred fighter each time and start idea of like sex sounds still surprises for how it managed to appear on Nintendo who always tried to make games very much fun for all ages and I don't it would pass modern check if it ever went back onto modern N

Ball Bullet Gun: Survival Game Simulation review

 The same is kind of like the Snes version of advanced but instead of like tanks or vehicles you rely on people to move about and fire at the enemies it has a chess sort of feel to how it works as well and also would it work I suspect Advanced wars heavily inspired by the style of the game it could be fun if you are into strategic themed chess game but for modern people I suspect it would not be much fun unless they are into like retrogames.

Bakuto_Dochers Yoshi version of bomberman

 Basically more less exact same as Bomberman except it's Yoshi style of characters instead of bombermen walking about it gives bit more of a puzzle feel to it all plus it's more fast-paced which can make it become harder some of the time as well but for a old game it looks good and it also has storyline based out of the Mario world which I doubt it was official Nintendo release but it looks good either way gameplay wise to me.

Bakumatsu Kourinden Oni Review

 Looks a very good quality rpg but since I can't understand Japanese the storyline or game play does not really make much sense to me but the graphic looks very cool and has strong Japanese display style which I like a lot and it's set in the turn based setup for the gameplay as a whole which is pretty nice to me.

Bakukyuu_Renpatsu!!_Super_B-Daman Review

 Made Hudson was in the past a very famous firm for making retro videogames they also one of the small amount of firms allowed to create Super Mario games without Nintendo owning the firm which is impressive fact to know about them game wise. Graphic in this Japanese game looks incredible as shown here for a 16 Bit system to produce such amazing quality is very decent to see or experience as a whole. Like storyline based game copied of like Bomberman but in a more storyline or puzzled themed gameplay the idea I suspect was inspired by Bomberman and also 1990s style of animation or manga for how the people look in the gameplay it would had being a lot of fun for people to play during the time period and I still think it could be a good game to play even in the modern world we live in and it does have a decent amount of levels in the game which again is another very nice feature installed here.

Bahamut Lagoon Review

 Graphics looks incredible like a very high quality Hollywood movie from the 1990s of older in some cases in the Japanese language I know it's a RPG I bet a very good but either way the game looks so cool graphic wise strong 1990s quality look to it throughout the game to me . 1990s style of naming characters or dragons here is fun that is something I always liked from the 1990s style of gameplay as a whole

B.O.B review

 The music from this game is amazing sounds so cool in electronic style or future sounding like music in all the games or good quality sounds from your guns or even the sounds you make when you try and punch the enemies The story starts you are flying as kid then your ship stops working then you land in dangerous places in a platformer gun based it is incredible for me probably the best platformer made in the Snes plus gives a lot of comedy feel to it overall . The game starts of fairly easy but over the levels it will start to get harder you can use the standard punch to take down flying animals or  robots you can bend down to fight to save you not wasting ammo to often one part of the game which can get hard or complex is running out of ammo or tools you need such as like the table when you go on it allows you jump up high then collect weapons or other  tools you can use in the game and being able to fly in the game for me is so

Axelay Review

 To fast-paced to be fun if it was slowed down a lot more it could be a great game it is the usual shit where you fire at like planes in the game and you can pick your weapon with most not being effective against too many enemies overall making the idea of staying alive long time not work well overall.

The Atlas Review

 Japanese language sort of business management game since I don't understand Japanese can't say to much but it has similar sort or graphic style  to the Pirates game of the past popular on the Amgia or Megadrive as well it could be good game but without language experience not sure here overall.

Asterix & Obelix review

 A good platformer with very roman style of characters showing up you can play as both Asterix and Obelix the characters are easy to hard to play as you need perfect jumps to be good at this game overall if not you will die often but it has  very nice cartoon style of graphic based on the TV show or comic books of the past as shown here. Shows you the 1990s style of graphic here at the very start of the first level it was fun first level and I would recommend you try out if you not played it before so far.

Asterix Review

 A good classic style of a platformer from the Asterix cartoon of the past or based on the comic books of the past it has a good amount of graphics such as the first level you go into a level setting which include. Shows you in forest level doing a jump and attack here is sort of like circle style of hitting and you have four health showing here you get more hearts or health from eating meat when you start the level level you will see like a wild boar when you kill it you get  meat which boosts your health. Good quality game overall with this very nice cartoon style through out the game it is kind of hard or complex style of puzzle setup to the game with some practice be fun but for  starter platformer with no experience would be probably be to hard to win at I  suspect and you get change from easy to hard from difficult  skills level. The cave design I love how it looks here and the  jumping in this game have perfect 1990s feel to it all and how you look when jumping is nice your body

Ashita no Joe review

 Like punch out clone but in some ways, it's better because you see a health bar and the graphic  looks more quality animation style like manga cartoon of some kind for how it is fun to play but getting a real copy of the game in the Western world be hard to get on the grounds it was only released in Japan .

Asameshimae Nyanko Review

 Cat fight animation puzzle game of like the videogame version of rock paper and sisters for how fighting working here in the 1990s it would be pretty cool or fun to play but for modern games I doubt many would get fun out of this outside of the Weed people in my thoughts as a whole but still good graphic for the game 10 out of 10 but gameplay give it like 2 out of 10 a a whole to me .

Asahi Shinbun Rensai: Katou Ichi-Ni-San Shougi: Shingiryuu Review

 Just really the Japanese version of chess nothing really much else to say about if you like Asian forms of chess it could be good fun but except for that's it's a pretty boring game for most of the people outside of say Japan or Maybe China as a whole .  

Art of Fighting Review

 Street fighter clone without the  first fight you have more less as hard as a boss fight this is a very bad side by a company without even average intelligence don't make the first character harder than a lot of boss fight but a very clearly cheap rid of street fighters during the 1990s this was very common by business all around the world more less the first boss fights like how A.I works oddly enough for why getting the first hit in is pretty hard which again wreaks the possible fun from this game really shit fighting game as a whole for fun from it but graphics okay sort of as clone anyway.

Arkanoid: Doh It Again Review

 Same as all Pongs just giving a more Sci fi you can turn up  or down the speed of the game which is good idea for newer gamers who are not used to the Pong idea of the past or present a good fun game and the Do it again name behind it is smart marketing it has pretty good graphics as overall a very strong amiga feel to me and the usual sounds from all the other Pong games nothing to much to talk about just simple  Puzzle Arcade style of game to me overall. Art of fighting 

Aretha the Super Famicom Review

 RPG with like drawing made into  a videogame  for why it has oddly no colour in the game overall it could be okay I guess but I can't understand Japanese so not sure.

Ardy Lightfoot Review

  First level is pretty good but the second level then gets bit stupid since what kills you makes no sense but the first level has an interesting sort of physics to me in the game overall if the second level was more fun or better like the first one it could be an amazing game instead of shit one sense wise overall.

Arcus Odyssey Review

 Arcade style of fighting game where you get four characters with different looks or moves it's not fun for term use but short term it could be fun for a max of like 30 minutes anymore it will keep getting boring it's semi hard for how it works against monsters such as the frog monster moves very fast so is pretty likely to hit you when it runs towards and it takes two hits to kill it each time. The style in this game  has a very clear 1990s style of it for how all the monsters looks or the human you play as you get weapon upgrades here which can make combat more easy but it does not make things super easy I suspect arcade version of this game would make the firm owning the arcade a lot of money during the 1990s to 1980s to the past.

Archer Maclean's Super Dropzone review

 Was 1995 update to the Dropzone game they made in the 1980s for the Atari 8 bit system and game  is similar to Midway defender game. The Super Nintendo update was always released in Europe as a whole you got two colours on the screen black or white screens here. You fire at enemies with you being spaceman style of graphic which moved up and down but if you get hit once you turn into like particles when dead it's  quite fun on a sort of arcade style or for competition but general gameplay would make it boring to me.

Arcana Card MasterJP Review

 Dungeon based game where you start of as man who can use cards to do attacks or magic skills to allow battle against the monsters you can also get your card to get level boosts as well or boosts of levels for your own characters you play as giving you more attacks or better other stats overall. During the 1990 time period, these sorts of games were all the rage in RPG sort of games since they were easy to code and some people found them a lot of fun overall and the idea of always new monsters finding you within in the dungeons increased your level from battle experience point or making you have to develop different fight process to win the battles against the monsters overall.

Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 1 Review

 Asteroids You play as ship which looked it was drawn by a kid still in primary school for how it looks displayed while in it you can move the ship or attack the asteroids coming towards you the biggest complaint for me outside of the graphic would be that things move to fast in my thoughts for the average human to be able to cope with meaning you will be more less guaranteed to get your ship destroyed whether you pay attention or not since it's kind of designed to get you to lose lives I suspect if it was in the Arcades and people kept playing it would make the Arcade firm a lot of money fast for how often people could die as a whole and the sounds it makes do sound very basic but the music is pretty good to be fair. You get different levels not sure how many exist since I always got bored before I got further into it overall. Battle Zone It looks like a very old fashioned sort of radar system instead  of like game overall and the green colour looks terrible in my eyes overall and

Rascal the Raccoon Review

 A puzzle game sort of like Tetris but it was based on a novel from the 1960s not to much data or information exists about this game just like a move complex or annoying version of Tetris overall where you have to move your animal instead of do it manual style if you like tetris it's okay game but if not I would not recommend playing it overall since it can get boring pretty fast as a whole.

Arabian Nights: Sabaku no Seirei-ō Review

  Action packed RPg game in the Japanese language with a strong sense of history from Arab time period  of the past and reminds me a bit of like how the Alladdin game for how characters looks with animation style as well you start as girl with older man to help you the guy is stronger overall and the girl is weaker you can use cards in the battle it has good area you can walk around when you start the game plus buy items to help you get further in the game. Appleseed Animation effects where the guy looks like a demonic sort of man who fires at one of the main starter storylines who then gets killed in the gameplay which looked good the fire effect when I first saw it you could probably complete the game without understanding Japanese like I am doing at the moment.

Appleseed Review

 A Cyberpunk game so has a strong future Sci-Fi feel to it all the time  a boring short of platformer   games has a lot missed in the storyline pat of the game plus it's not fun killing the enemies in the game  to me best way to explain it stable take on the cyberpunk game gene and the weapons most of them suck against the enemies for how many hits it takes to kill just one enemy and you seem to maybe have unlimited health or so much health which is bad idea for this sort of game to me overall.

Animaniacs Review

  The style here you can see is very much pure 1990s graphic style even in the light blue that was very common colour to see in videogames or TV shows mostly targeted at kids overall and having lives in the game is a good idea since you will probably lose at least one life though out the gameplay. A very fun platformer based on  a kids TV show of the past the idea of each character being able to do different attacks or moves is smart the girl can blow a  kiss as shown here . Kissing allows the girl to make characters such as men or birds move or perform action such as in this photo the man stops there so you can  jump on him then get to the next part of the level which is a very smart idea to include into any game to me . The game is very puzzled themed since each character moves are needed to complete this game it kind of slow to steady based speed wise which means you can play the game and have enough time to be able to learn how to complete levels if you get stuck the first level ea

Angelique Review

 Nice classic 1990 style of fantasy music in the game You start the game in a storyline mode where you pick your name in Japanese plus your stats as well. I do find it a nice design feature that when you hear the text of storyline you see each character facial expressions change that was something not to common  in Snes games or older games of the past overall. Seems like a good game but without me understanding Japanese does not make much sense to me overall bt has nice style to it all either way.

Andre Agassi Tennis Review

 Your character moves to slow for it to be easy to win against overall since the the other player moves to fast for me  for the average man or woman to be able to move in time to hit the ball its 'graphic good either way  and playing practice could be fun short term but long term it would get annoying or boring overall but for a 16 bit system I think it's pretty good it was made on both the Snes and Megadrive as well with it playing the game in both forms as a well to me.

Pong Review

Pong Game  The game was setup as like virtual version of Tennis tennis for how it works but just like a virtual version of it at the time it was seen as like a very high quality or fun idea for gameplay overall for why it’s still popular as a game even by younger gamers a like a whole. You can play normally with just two players or one person and one Computer the game is not really to hard to win at depending on what version you play as the first one made was so easy to win over the slow speed the older consoles could purpose made it more less impossible to get the ball to go through your net area unless you were sleepy or not paying enough attention overall. The game could be played on more less anything in the past some include Retro systems Snes Megadrive Gameboy Neo Geo Nes Master system Amiga Older PC’s Atari 3do Commodore It was ported to more less every system in the world over it being a simple code overall to make the game and because it did not take up much space plus it was

Ancient Magic: Bazoo! Mahou Sekai Review

 In the Japanese language a very traditional themed sort of RPG game it has a strong animation style to how the characters look when you start the game you are with a friend next to big tree where you keep going back and forward to the house with a guy keep knocking on the door which has some parts of the story told you I could review it better if I knew Japanese or had English form of this game or another language can understand okay to good.