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Pong Review

Pong Game 

The game was setup as like virtual version of Tennis tennis for how it works but just like a virtual version of it at the time it was seen as like a very high quality or fun idea for gameplay overall for why it’s still popular as a game even by younger gamers a like a whole.


You can play normally with just two players or one person and one Computer the game is not really to hard to win at depending on what version you play as the first one made was so easy to win over the slow speed the older consoles could purpose made it more less impossible to get the ball to go through your net area unless you were sleepy or not paying enough attention overall.

The game could be played on more less anything in the past some include

Retro systems




Neo Geo


Master system


Older PC’s




It was ported to more less every system in the world over it being a simple code overall to make the game and because it did not take up much space plus it was very popular overall.

Some of the newer versions were fast meaning it would require more practice to get good or in some cases impossible for people to be able to win the matches overall.

The look was normally like the Black or white  background with ball moving up and down the screen depending on how you hit would make it move forward or left or right forward overall had a sort of very similar look to the chalkboard for how it looked design while in the first version of the game a whole.

Before this was made fun from game was not to common as a whole it  was not the first game as many people claim but it was old game either way the first came to be able made 

videogame wise was in the 1970s by Manchester-based firm who made videogame which was played on like very big computer that was the overall first videogame not Pong as many people often say all the time.

Pong was the first Old game to become popular more less that is true but everything else about it being the oldest game is BS in most cases.

You could play it in Arcade places in the past or present since it was ported to every system in the world in the past such as even modern wise you can play it on your phone very for free or at most like $5 .

Different versions of the game come out which included team player where you could have you and a friend vs two other friends or against computer or against one person and one computer if they wanted some of the time as well so you could in the past get a lot of people playing it at like party or family days together some of the time .


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