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Asterix Review

 A good classic style of a platformer from the Asterix cartoon of the past or based on the comic books of the past it has a good amount of graphics such as the first level you go into a level setting which include.

Asterix  first level forest

Shows you in forest level doing a jump and attack here is sort of like circle style of hitting and you have four health showing here you get more hearts or health from eating meat when you start the level level you will see like a wild boar when you kill it you get  meat which boosts your health.

Good quality game overall with this very nice cartoon style through out the game it is kind of hard or complex style of puzzle setup to the game with some practice be fun but for  starter platformer with no experience would be probably be to hard to win at I  suspect and you get change from easy to hard from difficult  skills level.

Asterix   part of level 2 cave area

The cave design I love how it looks here and the  jumping in this game have perfect 1990s feel to it all and how you look when jumping is nice your body changes how it looks since a lot of platformers you would stay same look even when jumping or running as a whole .


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