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ABC Monday Night Football Review


Name of Teams

  • Anaheim Turbo
  • Atlanta Monsters
  • Buffalo Cupids
  • Chicago Surfers
  • Cincinnati Dragons
  • Cleveland Warriors
  • Dallas Swimmers
  • Denver Snowmen
  • Detroit Bolts
  • Green Bay Armor
  • Houston Bisons
  • Indianapolis Rays
  • Kansas City Cyclones
  • Los Angeles Rockets
  • Miami Sharks
  • Minnesota Samurais
  • New England Cobras
  • New Jersey Olympians
  • New Orleans Tritons
  • New York Stars
  • Philadelphia Justice
  • Phoenix Fighters
  • Pittsburgh Belles
  • San Diego Spacehawks
  • San Francisco Honeybees
  • Seattle Ninjas
  • Tampa Bay Beasts
  • Washington Knights

Based on the American style of football played in this game so for any fans of this sort of game mostly from America, it could make a good game to include a collection of Snes games.

The graphic for a sports games on a 16 bit system is high end and the music on the system is decent as well .!!!%20Real%20Monsters%20Review

You can play good enough the game even when compared to more modern systems like Playstation 2 or Xbox one for it is fairly decent to play overall.

I am not really fun of these sorts of games because I find them a bit boring but for other people, it could be a lot of fun to play as like the defense or attack form of this game you can also decide on it being head or tails for what role you will play int he games the other characters on the team will be controlled by the coding of the game so you could maybe win without you having to do the best moves or actions yourself in some of the cases. A 3 Train

ABC Monday night  Football match showing game going on now in American style of outfits for the game play plus green grass and animation style of football fans as well both teams playing  2022-08-24 at 08_38_17

You get a decent amount of teams based on the real teams from the United States of America but giving nicknames instead of the real team name possibly in regards  to copyright issues or to make the file size smaller since the Snes game cartridge could not hold a lot of data when compared to like the Sony Play Station one meaning some of the times you would have to cut corner to make bigger things fit on smaller data  storage device during the time period 


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