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Chrono Trigger Review


The  game starts with the main man or boy being in bed being woke up by his mum and being called a sleepy head by her.

The music at the start of the game to me sounds like something from a good quality opera show to me.

I found it quite smart when the game makes mention of the millennium fail when the game set in like the 1200 sort of time period if we going history of like how things worked in say the West or other countries in the world .

You go to the castle in the past where you see the queen from your time period dressed up as like the queen from the past who is related to her for why she can pass of her in the past and when you get to here she disappears from the castle you go down the castle then find Lucca 

The other main character is girl called Lucca who is the smartest person in the character overall and best friend of Chrono the main character as well.

The other main character is Tom Boy princess called Marle with blonde hair since Japanese people consider blonde people the most attractive people in the world overall normally.

You meet her at the fair where she runs into the main character and knocks him to the ground then wakes up when she checks him and also the bell rings here.

Gameplay here is steady since it can go from fast  paced action packed  into turn based RPG style which is both smart and good fun to play short term or long term for why a lot of people consider this game even today as like the world best ever made RPG game for why so many people wanted for years for another version of this game to be made but over Final Fantasy popular the creator behind it lost time or interest to make more games which for me is kind of sad since it had all the possible ways to even had ended up more popular than Final Fantasy if time was put into this instead of the current popular RPG game overall.

Have a bit of comedy elements  to the storyline as shown here.

I found this screen the best of the game overall even after completing it a few times for me it just looks so cool retro style or from like good quality 1990s cartoon for the style of it all plus it gives an exciting or funny sort of feel overall.

Chancellor as shown here before he turns into the monster or the first boss this was a very popular effort in old games for humans to turn into monsters of some kind I always found it interesting or fun seeing that happen or getting to take on the bosses from the games like this or other ones a like to me made it give a sort of plot twists like being in the police or another job which involves solving mystery such as being ap programming looking for coding mistakes.

First boss from Chrono Trigger which looks like a sort of screw style of demonic monster which is yellow and grey coloured

The first boss it can be taken down as long as you are at least level 5 for all your characters but be aware you need at least 5 potion to win it unless your level is higher than 5 and make sure your  health is maxed before you fight to try and focus mostly on tech moves such as Slurp from Frog is a good to attack here and the flame attack from Lucca is good here and doing the Chrono attack here is good enough to win it once you are done this storyline plays out for you .

You find the monster destroyed then the queen comes back you see two sacks you open both one contains the  real Chancellor of the Royal Government and another sack conditions either item once you get back to the castle the Frog guy decides to leave over him feeling responsible for letting the princess get caught for why now he decides to train to become the best possible knight before going back to the Princess 

You can refind Marle at the top of the castle where you met her in the princess's bedroom before now you can go back to the time period your character is from.

The music such as when the main character is about to be put to death has a good 1990s style to it in videogames of the time period a lot of them have a similar style of music to the song here and also the idea of someone playing with girl, in theory, getting him put to death as the storyline is both exciting or fun overall and very smart to me but he does get off with the crime he never did either way.

Having the game present so well how court case works in modern time or the past very impressive and you can make in theory slightly different results happening to deepen on the options you pick as shown here.

Once you locked up in the castle jail you will need to collect weapons or armor such as you need the iron blade to boost your attack to make it easier to take down knights with one hit and also the  chain mail style of amour to boost your defence for getting ready to beat the second boss monster in this game 

When you get to the end of the jail you will see your find Lucca ready to help save you .

The boss you fight now is called Dragon Tank which can be tough boss to take on early in the game if your level to slow some of the time so make sure you have much items or level as possible to take him on and win when possible.

The animation ins this game for me is amazing delay of looks for 16 bit they really to looks wise blow it out of the park and when you beat this enemy he runs away claiming he's not paid enough to fight you anymore which shows bit of comedy element to the story which I respect here.

The tank can heal itself so be aware of that when battling the Dragon unit here also the best attack here to use against the boss be Cyclone attack from the main character Lucca is pretty weak against him since he's a flame monster like she's a flame human as well.

To win here you need at least level 8 character to me in a lot of ways the boss is kind of unfair to win against for being more like super boss since it has do two strong attacks plus one heal every turn meaning it can restore around 50% of it's health which is a lot for the boss monster to me when it's still at begging of the game to me. When you kill the Dragon head it should allow you to win fairly easy but then you need to focus on the wheel since this released the strongest attack before the battle starts get at least 10 super potions if not you will  probably lose I would recommend 9  level nine if you find it to hard to win at 8.

When the story part here is done you will be followed by the soldiers who chase you until you reach to area with portage where you and the other two ladies go through with you which takes you through to like futuristic area kind of like a terminator bought up the theory in the future a master computer will control the world when destroying humanity.

Going through portals as shown here is a big part of the game play going from the present to the past or future a like

Shows grass with portal which can take the player to the future in this case

Shows a old abband sort of modern destroy base which they live in

When you get through the portal you get to part of the game which does not really have any purpose when you first get there then you next see a Drone shaped object which you go to next which gives you a chance to heal,buy items or weapons or armors which you need for how hard it gets.

Not many SNES games had any of dark element to them since SNES was kinds of always like someone who tried to market themselves as like the kid friendly version of like Megadrive overall.

The monster here contains 300 health but has weak attack but it can steal your health to heal it's health it will not take much work here except some good attacks until it's dead.

Picking items in this area is important such as getting a thunder Sword from the sewers  is important here to make your battle against the boss in the food storage area.

Fishman the monsters here are fairly hard at the start since most take like 3 hits to kill each enemy which is quite a lot when you against 3 to 5 enemies some of the time here and they can perform thunder attack magic towards you .

He looks like mutant form of like caterpillar in the drain area  with water

The boss is not hard to beat but his big attack will take all your health except for 1 health so always have a fast way to heal back to full health when you won that is the area complete for now which is fun and a good boss for it being an easy one .


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