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Batman Forever Review

 The graphics look good but how they set the fighting style to me is pretty flawed you basically fight using mortal combat logic for one on fight is fine but you are expected to fight enemies who can easy beat you it pretty stupid how such hard setting for sort of mortal combat fighting to me the way they should done game was more like streets of rage works for fighting that would alone make the game much more enjoyable.

I like the Dark style of the game not common in these sorts of games so I did like seeing that dark style in the gameplay you also start with the storyline a sort of batman computer system and also you can pick between robin and batman depending on how you prefer fighting or which character prefer on a personal level .

Batman vs Mad John health bar batman at like 30% health and mad Jon at like 10% health and set into like dark area with a sort of like middle evil feel to the how the sort of castle like structure is designed with batman kicking and mad jon ducking at the moment

If you ever played Mortal kombat this photo should see very similar to style of those games from the 1990s style overall showing a sort of dark feel to it and also someone being called mad Jon sounds like the name Mortal Kombat would use to me as a whole and also how he can duck as shown here is double of fighting style from mortal you could do that very easy as a whole but since it was one on one fight that did not matter since your health be restored every fight .


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