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Bassin's Black Bass with Hank Parker review

 Fishing games on the Snes were incredibly common which always amazed me when so many were super boring this includes ones from the English speaking world or more in Japanese speaking world as well which kind of surprises me when most provide not really any fun at all to fishing idea to me someone would get much more fun going real fishing overall but Bassin Black actually provides a semi fun experience which for fishing games during the 1990s is more less unheard of since so many were programmed very poorly overall.

Says Cast Catch info Quit,shows you island green coloured with blue water and ship next to the top island and also says 64.0p and says open water in the bottom left and the bottom right shows a map of the screen
The game on the display screen gives four options which include cast to try and find the fish then next open is when you try and catch the fishes and info gives you more information and quit stops the area you are at.

see fish in the water  which you try and catch in the water near water pads and man at the bottom as the fisher man

The idea of seeing the fish to me made it more fun and better experience for the player overall and the idea of the strength you see from the fish is good idea plus showing you lure so you can see what works on each one is a very smart idea no other fishing games seem to do this so well for the time period so you could argue this was the best fishing game for the 16 bit era 

You can fish at different locations or different times of the day or use different bait which only works on some kind of fish and different process exist to deal with different kinds of fish which is good idea to make it like fighting game where it requires different methods to  win 


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