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Battletoads &Double Dragon Review

 For me by far the worst Battletoads game in normal cases is when you get hit which is when the enemies move to fast is not easy to dodge meaning you should have a way to block or at least get out of it gives you no way to jump or attack but so you just have to wait and take hits which is kind of stupid if it was coded better could be a very fun game and the speed needs to come down a lot and the robot flying one should be scraped to me since they are not fun at all to win against.

Billy from Battletoads&Double Dragon showing him starting the level on like spaceship with space showing around him and him having blonde hair and blue jeans style of clothing all over his body except his hands or left arm and also 3 health hearts show out of 2 missing in black colour .

When you lose health it's like you lost life which again is pretty silly to me . The other Battletoads were classic this one is not is like cancer and the worst game glad I never played this as a kid as my first time or it would make me think all of the games were terrible such the lack of fun or enjoyment in this game to me is very extreme and not worth playing again it has good looking graphics but except for that nothing good to say about it really .


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