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Gamegear Review

The biggest problem of this system was the battery life you needed all the time to play it like a unlimited supply of batterry and it did not help much it took 6 Double aa battery so if you were wanting to play it much you could easily be paying £20 to £100 a month just on batteries you can get cheaper battery now but at the time running it long term was known as an expensive thing when you compare it to the gameboy took just 4 battery and lasted a lot of hours overall around 35 hours. The Game Gear only lasted around 6 hours which was big difference in play time plus needed 2 more battery as well. This was why a rechargeable unit was sold later on since it would allow people to play for a extra 2 hours which when 6 hours was not much time overall compared to the competitor.

It had many impressive games for it such as Wonderboy was at the time a impressive RGP for me one of the overall best RPG I ever played on handheld console story was both fun and interesting to play it as like RPG platformer style of game if you have never played this before you should the creative skilsl behind the game was mind blowing for how good it was you could change from a man to dragon among other character types with different abilities .

Sonic was just as good as Sega Mega Drive which was impressive to be fair for a console at this timpe period since Sonic at the time was one of the most popular games in the world.

IT was one of the first ever colour themed handheld consoles so it was impressive for quite a lot of people since the gameboy was kind of like black and white sort of colour for a lot of the games overall since it could not handle colours as well as the gamegear could so it was the sort of one of only at the time it was made.

Had many interesting add on such as way to make the screen last longer or a way to watch TV on it both incredible add on things for example I used to watch TV on it often when I had it in the past it will not work anymore since technology has changed but it was good in the earlier days.

A lot of people don’t know but a lot of say traveling workers would in the past carry them around to play before meeting often it was in the past a big thing people like Chairpersons would own when they went on trips around the country or world a like so it did in a way have a kind of like secret upper themed client base for it .

It was released in 1991 by Sega the idea behind it was to try and out do what Nintendo did over the Game Boy since it had become runaway success for sales or popularity a like and had 3.2 inch square screen the starting price was around £100 and games would cost between £20 to £30 normally and would be molded into a Black plastic with a rounded style of front for a easy way to remove the game each time .

They released kind of like their own version of Tetris called Columns same sort of idea but it was very cool game to play on the often. It came with blacklight which was very smart idea to allow to play in the dark fairly simply .


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