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Tale of Yandere Dev

Here is where I stand on him his personality first

Socially bad

Can’t manage well

To controlling

Did not understand about branding

Did not understand how big this project would get

Possibly can’t code well

Employ someone to help deal with other people such as 2 to 5 people who just answer questions for him or get involved in the community.

To fix his problems he should had done this

Employ someone to be in charges such as Manager or Chairperson and this person would overrule the creator since the creator to me is person needs someone to tell him to do what to do if not he does whatever he wants which could be good or bad.

Controlling is something which seems to be something he gets possibly from ego area which then gives him mostly self made problems

With how he comes across now finding a business who want to deal with would be hard since he now comes across as someone who’s very higheaded and hard to deal with as such he should had employed some kind of marketing business to try and help make him look good to okay as much as possible.

I am a programmer and I have made a few mini games myself and I have worked in businesses myself as the founder or as actual shop manager so I am experienced to say these things.

Anyone who has programmed or done a business before should know something like this will probably get big so as such he should have planned for this by say employing actual staff or getting volunteers to help him once he decided this is what he wanted to do. Once that was done now contact a business which makes say video games or Angel investor saying something like this”Hello we are developing videogame at the moment please see are screen shots here we are wondering if you would have any interest at all investing in are company or videogame?



The reason I say possible can’t code well by what I saw of his code quite a few problems but that could because of stress or lack of time on his part


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