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Daze Before Christmas

 Starts of with like Funky style of Christmas song which I found pretty cool to hear at the start of the game.

score 2950. four santa hats here, 3 Christmas presents, shows santa in cartoon style here in like old style of green house with hearts for wallpaper plus red stair below him allowing him to jump
Very fun Santa style of game where your main attack includes throwing like blue thing to open presents which can contain people you save or monsters which you can destroy this or you have to avoid bomb to stop you from losing lives or health  I find the idea of jumping on chair for extra height pretty smart and I like seeing this a lot `in video games.

Levels sort and fun such as the second level you could complete in like 1 minute fairly easily and you have like 20 levels where each time you complete it will fill in like an advert calendar which I found a very good way to represent the Christmas time period in a videogame.

You can also turn mini where you just see the hat and Santa eyes I found that good design by the videogame designer here.


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   Controls really suck here even getting attack on a keyboard more less impossible to do here you would need a controller to have any fun but I doubt the controls would really get much better. Graphics look very 1990s here but with better controls it could had being like possible competitor to street fighter instead of like cheap rip of here for how it looks to me and most others I doubt it would had any serious fans unless they never played street  when they first got the game or had no other games making it's low quality seem in theory high quality to a small amount of people in some cases. All the moves look very bad display wise to me.

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