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Bubsy II Review


A side-scrolling platformer video game developed and published by Accolade for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis in 1994. It is the sequel to the original 1992 Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind. The player controls Bubsy, a bobcat, as he travels through several levels, each filled with enemies and power-ups. The game also features some bonus rounds in which the player can compete for extra lives. The goal of the game is to collect enough points to progress to the next level. Bubsy II is noted for being one of the few sequels to a platformer game to be released on home consoles.

It is like upgrade  to the first one which makes the gameplay bit more fun or easy since you get more hits but it is still a hard game but I do feel it should be credited more as good game not purely known as simply Sonic or Mario clone as many people class it has many different elements to it such as this one you start in a very Egyptian feel to which is cool seeing the cats or other things from the famous part of Egypt time period.

Shows time 13.33 and also the bobcat in like ancient Egyptian time period with a moving cat as well

Jumping is fun seeing the effect when you hit the effect for the attack looks very pleasant to one's eyes to me.

The bonus sort of like parts of the game where you collect the balls is a lot of fun nothing to complain about here and falling in the water can kill you as well so be aware of that and moving fast around the water has in some cases like racing game effect to how fast things move here which can be a lot of fun and I would say Bubsy has very good facial expressions something I don't think any other videogame mascot ever could do in regards to the 16 bit time period.

If you never played a platformer before then this game is probably the wrong one for you since it's tough one to win at overall but with enough practice, you can win at as they say practice makes perfect like always.

The time limit to me is quite fair in this game overall which is good since a lot of games during the time period give you to little time to complete things easy overall. 

Another reason for the bad reputation of Bubsy games is that the series was marketed as a mascot for the company Accolade, similar to how Sonic was for Sega and Mario for Nintendo. However, the character of Bubsy failed to capture the same level of popularity and appeal as those other iconic characters. This, combined with the game's poor design, made it difficult for the series to gain a dedicated fanbase.

Furthermore, the series was known for its poor sense of humor that often relied on jokes that were not funny or were outright offensive. This also contributed to the negative reputation of the series.

In summary, the Bubsy series of games has gained a bad reputation due to a combination of poor game design, uninspired level design, clunky controls, repetitive gameplay, a poorly designed main character, a poor sense of humor and the failure to capture the same level of popularity and appeal as other platforming mascots.


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