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Chrono Trigger Review

 Considering that many people in the world probably the best RPG game ever made so why exactly is this game so popular in both the retrogamer area and newer games a like ?

  1. Storyline
  2. Gameplay
  3. Going through different parts of like history

The storyline of the game is very impressive for a 16 Bit system probably best one in the 1990s time period overall for the 16 Bit out of Snes vs Megadrive for example you start of as boy who who's best friend is like a smart scientist and during this Chrono during this becomes friends with a girl who he does not know is princess so hangouts with her like he would do with anyone else then during it the scientist girl tells  the woman to go into like teleporter area which then because of the Royal family girl having some kind of Jewellery makes her get transported back into the past where she like replaces the princess she is related where you take her roles I guess the idea here is only one person from the same blood line can exist in each time period during it all.
Shows character Chrono,Marie,Frog  and three monsters figthing against them in a forest area

You will also be able to meet other characters which is good for different things the Frog knight character is like the best fighter in the gameplay and how he acts is very smart personality wise for being noble knight who's soul goal is to defend the Royal family or queen from any problems kind of like medieval sort of like time period they play here to me.

You can play in the past, current time period and the future I feel in general for how it changes everything around so well to show you different possible ideas of what different time periods could look here is very smart stroying writing by the people who created the storyline here to me.

Like all Turn based RPG you get the usual boss fight in each area or part of the game which they can be both fun and interesting to see how they look to me which is cool seeing it action here .

The main character is like someone who is both middle for strength and defence and magic he has no real weakness in combat to me overall but his scientist friend she is only really good at like magic not much of a physical fighter overall.

A lot of people asked and asked for number two be made it was never made which still annoys a lot of people but they did make a sort of like number two but it's not direct number two so some people don't consider it number two it was released on the Sony Play station but it was not too popular but still a pretty good game.


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