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Dr. Mario Review


Says Stage Clear and says  GO QUIT. Level 00 SPEED MED ReMAINING 00 top 0020000  Score 0000600  Time 02.03.  Brown and yellow colored showing multi blocks coloured in like medicine area to keep drugs instead

Like Super Mario version of like Teties for a lot of people it was considered by many the best version of the gameplay but a lot of it came from the Mario branding attached to it all.

IT starts from being pretty easy then gets harder and harder each level until you may find it to hard to keep playing it the of like Doctor form of it I always thought was pretty smart way to promote this sort of game and give it like a medical fee to it all which always made me wonder how many people bought this game over some interest into the medicine field for the basic of it all coming from like a kids applied to medicine logic for how you could consider how antibody fight bacteria in some cases applying to this sort of logic to me.

It was released on many consoles such as Snes,Gameboy,Gameboy advanced,N64 and was moded onto other things as well.


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