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Secret of Evermore

Dragon Snake in the  mud part of the game next to old man house in mud river area

You could call this secret of mana 2 since it is basically the same sort of game story like in most ways overall.

The biggest difference between both games would be evermore is more like how it would be set in like the 1980s for how the storyline is setup overall.

 For example the boy and dog  start of going to the cinema which is very 1980s movie style overall  for how the game starts of then the boy dog runs in and find a science experiment which is the way the evil scientist tricks the boy and dog to go into like the first boss fight but you start with like  bazooka which you fire on the first enemy dinosaur 

Evermore was a very unique storyline since you start of in like the 1990s time period going back into the 1970s in part of the storyline then when you get into the game you start in like prehistoric time of the game where you are with like caveman sort of people once that is done you are into like Middle ages time period then another two time periods in the game. You start a in a town called Poduck .

Dog changes kind of like from each part of the history of the past which is both interesting and kind of smart for example starts of like in the prehistoric mankind where the dog is like a wild dog from prehistoric time who acts like a wild animal which to me makes the storyline interesting and kind of funny for how things work here once you get here you meet fire eyes who is, in reality, someone from the time period or area as the boy and dog which makes it kind of like interesting like side point to the game who is sent here by her gran father but likes it so much she stays for a long period of time but the evil scientist from the real world is causing trouble in both the real world and imagine sort of world too .

You will find your dog chances into like many forms going from like a prehistoric dog to like middle age sort of dog style than into like future sort of dog where he can shot laser out of his eyes so different attacks for each dog type which is very cool.

It has throughout this version of the game more of I guess you could call it adult sort of theme to it or like teenage sort of feel to which I thought was very cool overall and a good way to show the game.

The game is not well known I think in regards to it being made during more less the end stage of the SNES as such not many people know about it which to me is a real shame overall when it’s such as great game don’t really like or dislike ever of the secret of mangas released for the console since both give great storyline and equally fun to play as well.

Magic works here different in this game to use magic you need to collect materials like water and clay to make fire or other resources to create magic which I found quite smart but your magic goes up in levels like your weapons here as well you start with bone which is very weak but as you win against bosses you will keep getting better and better which find I found very smart overall such as when you kill the spider sort of monster you will get impressive ax which is very good sort of attack booter compared to how bad the bone is overall and as you use it more it can become more powerful as well but each weapon does give you a better attack as well which is great to me.

After fight with demonic style of crab monster you speak to fire eyes in her house which says"Well that's great."

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